SOUL Coaching sessions

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SOUL Sessions with Amanda Gifford – email to book:

SKYPE: mu.gifford

Skype Sessions available $60 per hour or special

$ 8 – $88 for shorter Applied sessions for Fundraising.

Standard Rate
R600 per hour. Special SOUL Space Conference Price R500 ( $50)
In a SOUL Session we could explore topics relevent to your life.


SOUL Initiate Series: Looking at where you are at, where you would like to be and how you can get there – plus initiation into the mysteries of Soul, Science, Consciousness, Awareness, Creating Your reality, Extended Mind and other mystic sciences.

$8 – $88 short coaching sessions on Skype. Fractal money.

SOUL Adept: Working with focused thought, leadership of self, cleaning up body mind, self mastery, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication, spiritual intelligence and being your own guru. Self regulated timing.

SOUL Mastery: Bullseye Training: Moving deeper into the world of service to the planet and others. Raising the vibrational frequency of the planet, expanding your divinity in service of humanity, earth, sentience, beyond our world and much more. Self regulated.

Series offers to the latest paradigms of thought around Sentience, Soul, Consciousness, Awarenes, your souls journey, who are you, what are you doing here, what you would like to complete, resolve, face and create for yourself as part of your souls purpose for this life. My range covers helping souls awaken to the new operating system of reality and can cover any of the following topics.

Waking Up to the Invisible Reality of Thought
The Art of Change, Flow, Family and the Future
Living for your Highest Excitement
Dreaming the Dream – Dream Boards
Tapping into Morphogenetic ( Knowing) Fields and the Mind
Families, DNA ‘Choosing’ our Parents/ propensities
Life Between Lives and Nonlocality
Soul – Science – Frequency Signatures – the Light Review, How the Soul Codes the Brain & DNA
Quantum Physics, Observer Effect, and the DNA
The Souls Journey and the Labyrinth
Epigenetics, Morphogenetics, Quantum Biology and Consciousness
Stargates, Science and Sentience
The Art of Pereption and the Nature of Reality, The Brain, Neuroscience, Neuro-sculpting, Neuro-plasticity
Our origins revisited, Surmerian Tablets – recoding the Soul and its relationship to brain & DNA
with the labyrinth as the symbol of the work – the labyrinth being symbolic of the souls journey, the brains hidden structure, structure of reality unfolding from the void, mastery, DNA

If soul is the eternal and immortal recorder of our wisdom, our book of life, then how do we learn what the soul wants. Lets explore the mystery of SOUL into the invisible world of darkness, depth and wonder.

The Labyrinth is often used a symbol of the souls journey in time. New adventures and a deepening of the labyrinth is available but it requires an introduction to the new information & initiation into the world of the invisible order of thought, mind, consciousness & energy creating intentional reality. The Alchemist always knew that the external and the internal were connected. The Alchemist is a Wizard, a Magician, a Witch and a scientist. Its the alchemical marraige of science and spirit. The deeper levels of transmutation of the prima materia as it moves to ultima materia, happen with intentional mind into matter. The deepening initiation of the soul is an experience for your soul to learn the mastery of time and understand the worlds of illusion, non duality and the laws of creating reality and taking responsibility for your navigation in this invisible order of consciousness.

I feel a strong affinity to Marcia Schaefers sessions work found at BeyondZebra