Invitation to S.O.U.L [science] 22-24th Nov 2013 by Amanda Gifford

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An Invitation to the stones, the memories, the Ancient Ones, the Aliens, the Change Makers, Constellators, Sangomas, Lovers, Warriors, Magicians and Sages, Mothers, Fathers & Children of South Africa

To join us for this SOUL[science] at Adams Calendar 22 -24th Nov 2013 adventure and create and plant seeds of consciousness for 2014 and beyond.

S.O.U.L as research scientist, William Brown speaks about it, is the Science of Universal Life and is the alchemical combination of the masculine and feminine forces to bring about the birth of the SOUL child.

This is the transmutation of ourselves. The 7 steps of the Emerald Tablet in Alchemy.

Whose missing? And why are the children still fighting? Who needs to speak? Cant we just get along? Does history just repeat itself?

Its been a huge journey and I cant wait to tell more of the story of how i arrived here.  I am thrilled to say that i will be hosting, facilitating and presenting at S.O.U.L [science] seminar at Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga on the 22nd – 24th November with other amazing genius minds, researching our genesis, the Adams Calendar site and its links to our DNA expression, the Annunaki and Ancient Ancestors of Africa . I do hope that may people decide to join the adventure.

We are staying at a beautiful place called Tranquilitas Adventure Camp for Rock Climbers on a breathtaking Cliff Edge in the Moutains. I had a dream many years ago about myself, Ramtha, Michael Tellinger and many thousands of other people sitting on a Cliff Edge watching as the Earth turned the corder from the brink of distruction. Here we are now, having turned the corner, still though enjoying flight and learning to ride our dragons from the Cliff Edge.

If anyone has watched the Ancient Aliens DVD documentaries on the History Channel with the fabulous Giorgio Tsoukolos and other amazing scholars, you will see the context for this work based on Zacheria Sitchens research and other researchers. It is based on the Ancient Alien theory that our origins as homo sapiens and the ‘jump or missing link’ in the DNA was connected to technically advanced race known as Annunaki ( those ‘gods’ who from the sky came!) who evolved the species from Homo Erectus to Homo-sapiens through a ‘garden of eden’ type scenario which was actually more like a DNA cloning lab or a House of Souls project. Think of all of the Egyptian reliefs with big beings and little beings. Imagine that the various bodies on this earth are the product of various extra terrestrial civilisations offering their DNA to create the human race in all of our many colours and diversities. Could it be that we are star seeds that came from else where into hybridised bodies that were initially built as workers for the Annunaki to mine gold? What is the significance of the split brain? What is junk DNA? Could we have had experiences on other planets before earth? Where do you come from? Who are the Big Ones? Are we the little ones?

Originally from the Void into form, yes. But the eons of time for soul adventure to do what we like, to make the unknown into something new, millions of lives possibly helping build the fabric of this grand unending adventure. What is next on the list of adventures? To become one with all things? To become a Boddhisatva? To experience a full awakening in a female form? Ascnesion? Or God Man/ God Woman? new DNA  ( Adamas) for the male form? Now we get to remake ourselves. With research into epigenetics, we see that information, energy, frequency, awareness, changes the expression of the DNA. It is in fact our own thoughts, words, resonance that can reprogramme our DNA. This is the project now. Remake our DNA by exploring our multidimensionality. Our own intent and signal from our mind body soul coherence will reorganise the expression of the genes. We can remake ourselves. We are the architects now. Who do we want to be? What do we want to experience? “You are Gods!” said Jesus in the Bible.

This is a controversial stand point because it puts into question our religious teachings that God is outside of us and we are the victims and the sinners. However, this old blue print was part of the inheritance from the Annunkai that we have carried and experienced now for hundreds of thousands of years. There is a new message now for the masses.  We are all the Gods, Buddhas, Boddhisatvas – we have just forgotten how to work our technology (mind tech as Adamas would say!)

We are Void in eternal play – this i would say is a better expression of God. We are infinite creators. We have done many things. We are now evolving back to our true eternal self by reintegrating how to do it.

This is the ‘new movie’ on offer for the souls on earth. There are steps in this remembrance. Firstly, learn about your actual history. Secondly, put the fire of new levels of information, awareness and consciousness under your ass and begin the great alchemical smelt. Thirdly dissolve the past, then step 4 – Conjunction is join with the new dream. This workshop is the 4th and the 8th step for me. To have the conjunction – the alchemical marraige of me to my Souls Purpose and begin to give back what i have learnt. To let others remember. To help the earth move forward through each of us. Lets align with what it is she wants to do and needs help with. She is our mother. Or we could say as Inelia Benz says, that its just us that needs to move forward, she has already moved.

We have a rich culture of memories of people saying that they come from the stars. So this is our playground for this event. From the stars, nurtured by starlight, star DNA, become a star!

We have some phenomenal speakers contributing from the USA online VIA SKYPE to this event including…

JZ Knight, William Brown, Miceal Ledwith, Lyn Buchanan as well as wonderful local contributors,
Amanda Gifford, Adamas Incendia, Edwin Nel & others.

This is a very prestigious line up of speakers to help make the new blue, gold, pink, silver, black print. We are CONSTELLATING THE NEW DNA of the ‘ADAMAS’ aligned to the new Earth at the CALENDAR 22 -24th Nov – the land of Adams Calendar is on. It is a sacred site used by Traditional Medicine & Sangoma’s initiation for thousands of years according to Baba Credo Mutwa.

If you visit Credo, you will hear his stories of extra terrestrial visitations, see his paintings and look at the wonderful technology that he received for healing.  He has also spoken recently of wanting to hand his legacy to 12 woman. I think that from a few sources saying the same thing, the Adams Calendar area could have been the site of the House of Souls where the First Mother worked to bring in souls from other realms by genetic engineering. She, the first mother, is known as Mami or Ninhersag according to the stories of Zacheria Sitchen and the Sumerian Tablets. We will be working with this energy over the weekend. Omega. The Goddess. The mother. Even Tiamut – the Dragon – Mother of Life – the Kundalini principle perhaps having reached the base and now turning. Maybe the earths kundalini is raising and we are helping as we raise our own energy.

The Movement of the Souls, links to the Stones, Stones, Circles and Souls, from pre-origins on this planet – Genesis Constellations at Adams Calendar and other sites around that area. Please join in this phenomenal SOUL[science] adventure in the third weekend of November 2013. The soul is the ultimate traveller and truly the end of the last era 21st Dec 2012 and the beginning of the new era of 2013 has been an adventure of note.Very tumultuous but we have made it and what a year it has been.

I am very excited. I would like to use it as a Star Family Systems Constellations workshop where the energy and dynamics of us, our history, the land are looked at and realigned so we can move forward letting go of what is not ours to carry. Everyone has their place. I would like to find out who is missing, who is not being acknowledged, how can we work with our mother wounds, inclredible gifts and make peace, let go, embrace, take our power, take our place and create a new field for the SOUL children ( our futures through them) of the future. I would also like to explore the role of the evolution of us and money in the system, the evolution of the master and slave dynamic, own our shadow and see what we want to create and overall just transmute the victim energy into the continent of Africa by reminding people that they are divine beings and show them how to make that technology work again. However, i cannot do this alone. Do join if you feel pulled to make the connection. To ride the dragon.

For more details you can look at my website
We will be clearing our our old memories, letting energy raise, remapping our memory, reseeding the earth where it all began. Place of Origins. Cradle of Civilization. Adams Calendar and Mother Africa.

I see it as very symbolic for myself. What kind of a parent would i like to be? What is Conscious parenting? Who are the new children? What is the New Earth? What is my greatest future? What is freedom?

Our full circle return and new beginnings. Clearing out the old WOMB, making sure we make our contribution to the new beginnings there and letting the motherland be seen and acknowledged for its worth. Time for restoration.

I would like invite you to join us. If you can’t make it in person stay posted, i will be making the talks available online. But i would love the help to have you shake the old grid loose in us, love the mother and bring in the new.

Please send this out far and wide. I need help with advertising and to get 30 people minimum to make it financially viable and to continue to build this energy gate here for those who want the frequency of the ancient african ancestors to be more easily accessed.

Jenny Gifford is the person to contact. for bookings and info for accommodation.

I personally would like to make that contact with the deep ancient ones of our land. The old ones – deep in the mountains, in the centre, and on the other side of the black hole. Those that love us deeply. The Watchers. The Original Architects. Perhaps they have something to offer us, if we sit in the mountains of our origins and listen, a greater story might be told.

Please put this invite our on your newsletters or to your friend.

I would appreciate getting some help with momentum into the Sangoma community too if that is right or feels right for individuals. We all need to do this work together to remember, awaken, acknowledge the female line, mother, the daughter, the feminine, the body, the soul, the darkness, the shadow, Africa, and the male line and make the new earth for the new children.

Please help the energy move here and to make what needs to happen here, happen.

Take it and run with the energy if you feel drawn, make it your own SOULS journey too.
Let us know if you want to be involved, learn, contribute, tell your stories, collect stories, bring the shadow, bring the archetypes, bring alchemy, bring the money, anything will do, find out more of what is needed, make your own wish for your dream womb of the future.
Lets see what this family of genesis really looked like?
All colours to be sure.
At the moment, the ground crew is all pink looking.
I would like to change that and get a fuller picture.
Any thoughts as to how to change that and add a little colour to the story?
I mean what about the fact that we are in the land of the Lions?
Is there is link to that, galactically?
Have you heard of Lyra? Agatha? Arcturus?
What a labyrinth.
The future is what we make it.
What do you want it to be?


Amanda and the SOUL science team.


PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE ( subject to change)
There may be other speakers who contribute.

22nd November FRIDAY:

Meet at the Stone Bistro at 9:30am

AMANDA GIFFORD: Science of Family Constellations: Exploring the Invisible Order, Soul, Alchemy, DNA, the Brain, Quantum Physics, Morphogenetic Fields, Downloads, Consciousness, Change, Surfing Timelines, Future Self, Windows of Perception, The Brain, Consciousness and Nature of Reality – Plus WORKSHOP (10 – 1pm)


ADAMAS INCENDIA author of Buddha Brats: a Modern Tale of Enlightenment will speak on Enlightenment, Kundalini and Unified Fields – (2 – 3:30pm)

TEA: 3:30 – 4pm

EDWIN NEL will talk about Quantum Living –  4 – 5pm

LYN BUCHANAN – INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER – Remote Viewer -a special guest (ONLINE) from the USA, author of The Seventh Sense, who is a famous Remote Viewer will speak online via Skype about Nature of Consciousness and nature of reality & science of consciousness with Drinks in the evening at about 6pm on Friday night and an official welcome. 5 – 6:30pm

FRIDAY NIGHT DRINKS 7pm – 8pm Cheese and Wine at the Stone Bistro.

23rd November SATURDAY:

ONLINE TALK BY JZ KNIGHT: 10 – 11:30am: Pre-recorded specially for this conference. Topic to be announced.

Surprise Guest: Talk on the Annunaki 12 – 1pm


2pm – 6pm: AMANDA GIFFORD to lead a Annunaki based Family Constellation with the group.

ANCIENT ANCESTORS: STAR FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS: Exploring the Family Constellation of the Annunaki – workshop by Amanda Gifford

There will be space for individuals to do a few different pieces of direct inquiry around the idea of their origins, the Annunaki, Goddess Ancient Mother themes, as well as our futures through Family Constellations. Themes will also include the flow of money, power and the future. Please let me know if you want to personally constellate a theme.

DINNER: 6:30 – 7:30pm


8 – 10pm: WILLIAM BROWN: KEY NOTE SPEAKER: We will have an online (Skype) key note address from Biophysicist and Research Scientist from the Resonance Project Foundation, the brilliant William Brown on the Saturday night from Hawaii. He will speak about S.O.U.L – the Science of Universal Life.

5am: Adams Calendar for sunrise, picnic and onsite exploration – lunch at Waterval Boven and closing cirlces & goodbyes at 3pm.

My Million Dollar Dream FABULOUS WISDOM for ALL

IMG_0661shiva shakti and ganesha

So what would i do with a million dollars.?.. i would buy land and build a beautiful artistic nourishing delightful space for myself, family, friends with a lot of space for community. I would write and publish stories and books on my journey and my wisdom, i would make amazing DVD’s and movies about Consciousness, Manifestation, Reality that helps educate people about the Invisible Order of Thought, Mind, Reality Creation. I would create an alive hub that supports people to find the most progressive technology for healing, health, abilities, amazing future technologies for planetary change, bringing in the future, helping people remember that our thoughts CREATE…and that we are one with the GODHEAD ( one with the void dancing in and out of FORM) that we are free with special reference to the sacred technologies of applied consciousness – i would host international conferences here in South Africa with those people with extraordinary consciousness, abilities, who have had contact, who are changing the world.

I have an dream for a Conference for next year called CONTACT [science] 2014 – 2017 RIDING THE WAVE and my dream is to have an abundantly funded conference to bring out people like Inelia Benz, Bashar, JZ Knight, Nassim Harramein, William Brown, Giorgio Tsoukolos from Ancient Aliens, Laura Magdelene Eisenhower ( who is president Eisenhowers grand daughter – he was famous for the contact treaty in the USA gov ) some of the famous Remote Viewers like Lyn Bucchannan and Psychic Warrior … David Moorehouse), and some of the other big guns who have extraordinary and enlightening contributions to make and are not bought or tied up by people who forbid them to talk about Contact or anything else for that matter.

I will tip the scales of consciousness and wealth, abundance in my life and just contribute without worry about where the money is going to come from for my creative expression. I would travel around the world to the sacred sites and open my heart and soul up deeper to love and the unknown. I would meet the shamen that sit in the mountains of ‘elsewhere’ and who have attained a state of immortality and i would work on my own awakening until i am strong enough to make a really unwavering contribution by being an example of the ability to manifest out of the void. Sharing the journey, information and the stepping stones to enlightenment is what i will be doing with my million dollars and having a huge party as often as possible along the way with those i around me. Bliss, Love, Joy, Abilities, Infinite Surplus, Enlightenment, and Free Resources and Information to all.

And it was. So Be it.

SOUL[science] 2013 Online Seminar


SEEDING THE DREAM – this online conference is the beginning of a dream for me of bringing an online platform that deals with telepathy, teleportation, regeneration, abundance, remote viewing and much more to the world in an interactive and supportive way to bring in the NEW DREAM and the NEW EARTH.

Details coming and links