Dominic Haarhoff on Ninhursag – for SOUL science 2013

From Dominic

Here is a brief write up of our journey together/what I offered the S.O.U.L event:

In Sumerian mythology, Ninhursag  was the mountain and mother goddess, one of the seven great deities of Sumer. She is principally a fertility goddess. Temple hymn sources identify her as the ‘true and great lady of heaven’ and kings of Sumer were ‘nourished by Ninhursag’s milk’. She is typically depicted wearing a horned head-dress and tiered skirt, often with bow cases at her shoulders, and not infrequently carries a mace or baton surmounted by an omega motif or a derivation, sometimes accompanied by a lion cub on a leash. She is the tutelary deity to several Sumerian leaders. Ninhursag allegedly created and genetically modified the DNA to create a race of lion like beings. She was a chief geneticist – the mother of us all.

Dominic Haarhoff is a Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki teacher and Shakti facilitator. I do workshops on activating the kundlaini and the basics of energy healing. I also do consultations over Skype where I journey with another to the akashic records (where all the books ever written on the earth are stored as are all the life-books of all the people who have ever lived )or the spiritual school nearby the library and assist them with resolving present life trauma, ego sates, past lifetimes, explore possible futures, have them journey though the past life-books of others to learn from and expand their hearts, and explore the galaxy on board my spiritual spaceship. I do work with people (students and clients) from all over the world. I am reachable via my website – a work in progress. If you are keen to work with me you can contact me on

For the S.O.U.L event Dominic has arranged for a ship from Lyra to be present at the event on the 22 – 24th of November -this is where the catlike bipedal beings live and Ninhursag is currently in an incarnation there on the causal plane of existence. Dominic took a trip to this planet with Amanda on a spiritual spaceship where the lion beings as she calls them live. In another session we looked at Ninhursag’s lifebook.  Now at this time with the sacred divine feminine co-ruling with the male element it is crucial to honour her and the earth (who is also our mother). Apparently it is also her Ninhursag’s birthday on the 23rd of November So it is a special time indeed. We did a family constellation session at the akashic records about Adam’s calender and tried to activate the grid and then called to the being who was Ninhursag to assist where the sun came down and restored the grid and many of the negative reptilian beings left the site. It is my hope that all will feel the energy of the divine feminine and connect to our inner parents and rejoice at the coming of a new dawn.

SOUL [science] Seminar 22 – 24th Nov – Piecing together evidence of our Genesis


Genesis: In the beginning, according to Sumerian tablets … Mami ( Nin Ma) made human bodies from genetically engineering the DNA of homo erectus and the DNA of the ‘Gods’ – the Annunaki. She is the ‘mother’ of humanity. She was based in Africa. She could be why we call Africa, Mama Africa. Enki joined her later in her ‘House of Souls’ DNA evolution of humanity genetic project in the Abzu.

Getting ready to present and host this S.O.U.L science Seminar on the 22nd to the 24th of November at Adams Calendar – affectionately named that by Michael Tellinger who did a lot of research on the site after it was ‘discovered’ by Johan Heiner and initially called the Johan Heiner Stone Calendar, has been such an epic task. The story of the Annunaki is incestous and fraught with conflict. In the most subject summary of the situation, which we still see on earth, Enlil, Enki and their half Sister Ninhursag, came to earth for gold for their planets atmosphere. They needed help to mine and create ‘the lulus’ to help them with the labour. This scene almost reminds us of The Island and other Sci Fi stories.

What do you think Sci Fi stories are telling us about cloning etc?

I think The Island was a bit of a rendition of the Annunaki story. Perhaps it wasnt as crude as that.

I can see how the adventure of the soul has taken so many turns since our beginnings here. Trying to summarise the journey is not so easy. The reseach has been multidimensional to say the least. From Genesis to Annunaki to Ancient Aliens  to epigenetics, to star families, to the birth of ourselves into a new species called by some homo luminous.

While doing some of my research about the site, i found out that the  Annunaki landed on Mars and set up their project and base both on Mars… as Laura Magdalene Eisenhower talks about, and on earth in two places originally. Africa and Cresent Valley – Iraq. The group that was more technologically based, situated themselves in ABZU – Southern Africa – and according to my sources it was the Goddess Ninhursag who started the DNA – House of Souls project for the evolution of life on earth after being encouraged to help create the ‘lulu’s or slave race to help mine the lands.

The DNA of homoerectus was spliced with the DNA of the Annunaki in a divinely orchestrated event. According to other sources, the event was initially pure evolution for earth, it is only later that it became more malevolent in its nature. This Genesis Project was arund 255 000 years ago even though the Annunaki had already landed on earth 455 000 years ago. The beings were known as the Annunaki and according to a variety of texts, the house of the Annunaki ( Those who from the Sky came) was divided. Enki loved humanity and his brother Enlil did not. There have been many epic dramas – some very sad – in the history of the earth.

We are now in a place where we are ready for another huge leap.

What kind of DNA would you like next?

The next part of our development is partly to realise that we are star beings with diverse star family. We are in the galactic age now and its time to start remembering where we came from and to piece together the real origins and history of our beginnings on earth. I loved hearing about the Annunaki in 2000 at an RSE event from  Dr. Miceal Ledwith who will be contributing from Tenino, WA for this event to give us some of his brilliance.

Bashar shares a wonderful clip about the Shalanaya – saying they will be the first to make contact. And they will be the ones to tell us our actual history. This i would describe as something of a soul retrieval experience. After i heard this part of history – it was almost like logic returned. This made sense. The God of the Bible gets mixed up with its endless rewritings… God – Jehovah – was a jealous man with technology – he was not THE GOD. Just a god. Like we are also a god. Divine creators now being offered the opportunity to wake up and go beyond the ‘slave’ mentality.

Ramtha has a brilliant little book called Waking Up the Forgotten Gods. He also speaks about Mami basing herself with others in Africa to create the DNA – Homo sapien -evolution project.

In this workshop, i am going to draw attention to the story of the Goddess – Mother of Humanity – Ninhursag – NinMah. She was known as the Lady of the Mountains, of Fertility etc.

We will also touch on other teachings that use the methaphore of the Gods jumping into the ‘waterfall’ of time ‘falling’ into the plane of physicality. This journey – this epic  journey – will be addressed, looking at its clues for ways that we can come full circle and move forward – having remembered our pasts and found a way to change the DNA of the bodies that we are living in now.

According to the book Innanna Returns, we the Annunaki, have occupied the bodies of our children in order to evolve the genes. With the study of epigenetics, looking at the impact of consciousness and awareness on DNA, we see that as our awareness grows, so can we express more multidimensional genes. We dont need to cut and paste physically, we can do it with a change in our awareness… with massive paradigm shifting downloads of knowedge!

William Brown who is a research scientist working at the Resonance Institute in Hawaii will be our Key Note Speaker from Hawaii on some of these topics – with specific relevence to the quantum ability of the DNA – the Living Matrix and S.O.U.L – the science of universal life. I have had the pleasure of many enlightening conversations with him over the course of this year.

I am excited to say that this seminar is the ‘inception’ of the dream of all my learnings from this years journey, into your mind. 🙂

The workshop will be a learning journey. We will be doing our own phenomenological research through Systems Constellations and tapping into the morphogenetic fields of sites, ancient ancestors, star families and more.

Edwin Nel will talk about Quantum Living – ‘loosing your mind’ and the masters of the far east – including his own journey.
Adamas Incendia will share about his work with the Kundalini of the Earth and other stories from his book Buddha Brats.
Jz Knight will be sending information for us about the Annunaki, DNA and the role of RSE.
Miceal Ledwith will give the ‘backstory’ of the Annunaki, Religeon and the Real Issue.

Lyn Buchanan will be sharing on line information about Controlled Remote Viewing and his journey as a Psychic Spy for the USA government.

Amanda Gifford will be sharing her insights into initiation, self mastery, the technology of our divinity, soul, stargates, stones, science of morphogenesis and star family constellations.

Plus a very special guests bringing The Cosmo Form – helping us decode the site and bring some blessings to the Calendar, The Earth – the Mother and ourselves.

Do join us on this amazing unfolding.
Details on the website.