Cosmo Form Reality Practice at SOUL science 2013 at Adams Calendar

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COSMO FORM reality practice facilitated by Belinda Loudon at Adams Calendar for Amanda Gifford’s SOUL science Seminar 2013 on birthing the new earth – the soul child – letting go of the past – honouring the new – comig together – forgiving the past and letting go – Mother Africa and the Return of the Goddess, and the Goddess of Eden, pouring in of wisdom and knowledge and more. This is a place of initiation. This is a star gate.

One of the features of the fabulous SOUL science seminar was Belinda Loudon who is a Reality Practice practitioner who also owns a natural birthing centre in White River, leading the group in the Cosmo Form Reality practice at Adams Calendar. The intention of the group was to plant seeds of consciousness for the New Earth at the site and to birth the awareness of moving from slaves to gods. We stood on the power source stones at one point and did the Form, transmuting the old powers within and without to the new power of unification each taking their own meaning from the practice.

We also did a Cosmo Form reality practice in a number of different places in the site to honour the energy of the Goddess and to let go of the imbalances of the past. Its not that the Goddess is more important than the God energy – both are sacred, its just that the Goddess energy needs to be honoured too as she rises back to her place. Equality is the Key here to give birth to the New.

It was a powerful experience. I enjoyed lying down on the power stones after the Reality Practice Cosmo Form event and just absorbing some of the energy using it to help me transmute the past and build the future in an unconditional love state.

Thanks to Belinda and Shaun Loudon who i met at the Soulspace conference a month earlier.

They helped significantly with the ritual of birthing of the new earth ceremony which is really the birthing of the new us. Nothing that we do outward can be accomplished without that consciousness first being attained within. I think the simple movement of Cosmo form of lifting old forms and the ‘manifest’ back up to the void or ‘unmanifest’ ( to all potentials), then back to the house of god, refocusing your creation in a triad above your head, and bring down the new intention into our bodies and the earth was just perfect for the essence of the SOUL science seminar. I loved it.

Close to the end of the time at the Calendar on the 22nd November 2013,  the group held hands in a figure 8 around the 2 central stones, just allowing the energy to move between us ( between the polarities – attaining something of a unified field). Each person look their own lessons, mirrors and initiations from this site and indeed there were many as the site does house the story of Creation and the 450 000 years of Creation there. Its quite a site. There were 13 of us on the site in total, including Enos who lead the tour.  13 is the key number to the next dimension. Michael Tellinger was unable to talk at the seminar or lead the tour due to previous arrangements to be in Turkey at the time the seminar was arranged. He was however honoured for his great work of bringing this site to the eyes of the world. Thank you for that Michael.

One of the insights i took away is that the real ‘contact’ with people of the stars is about ‘us’.  We are the star seeds and we are the ones we need to work with to build this new earth and new frequency together. This is one of many lessons i took from this “constellation of the new earth on the calendar!” I remember Belinda being the ‘birth mother’ of the site and showing me what birth is all about. In the end she said to me birth is not always pretty Amanda. I appreciated that too.  Another friend said sometimes there has to be such an opening to give birth that all old traumas have to be pushed through in the process. We certainly had our fair share of that too. They are a fabulous couple. I can’t wait to get to know them better. We will definately be doing more work together in 2014.

Thank you Belinda and Shaun and everyone who came.

Love Amanda.


post SOUL science 2013 reflections


The Soulscience event was a beautiful, rare event that i am blessed to have managed to land and ground. It was an initiation of the deepest order about how to birth to a higher frequency – the new earth – and I almost as a result got plunged into the darkness. I had such a huge amount to overcome to make it happen. Facing fears, owning mirrors, facing abandonment, judgements, speaking my truth, deep deep fear, having to let go of my ego (the ring of power), of control, of some of what and who was precious to me in order to find loyalty to myself.

Once i have recovered from the depth of the initiation, i will write about it more. it was grueling. but love got me through.  In the depths of despair, i let it go, thinking that my dream will never come through, thinking that it would be dangerous to continue, and at the last minute i found love of those who have given to me unconditionally and I found the strength to continue beyond my humanity. I am changed forever.

This site is not only a place of physical gold but a place of the philosophers stone, a place of deep power, and endless lessons and contemplations and personal initiation. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this small but HUGE event to the world. It was my personal dream to celebrate and acknowledge the goddess, the mother of humanity – mami, the sacred feminine, the mother land, celebrate and plant seeds of consciousness of all of us as gods, and that that is planted into the womb of the earth and in doing that, bring balance to a past of deep wounding for women through religeon so that we call all love to a new earth and an unpolarised state. Thank you to everyone who helped look at the path of the initiate and the ability to do things that are greater than ourselves.

Working with the energy of the goddess and the mother brough both death and rebirth. This was a death of ego, a death of control, death of judgement, death of needing to be perfect, death of being able to control outcomes, having to look at what Miceal Ledwith calls the 4 diseases of the mind (need for approval, fear of abdandonment, etc) and I have to go through all of it and through what seemed like impossible odds for me – going through psychic attacks that made it feel like i was going to die, plunged into the archon network of control, and massive resistance and confusion, trauma in the unseen against me being there and this event coming down the pipeline, plus the hardest morphogenetic field of memory in the world to try and transform – somehow unconditional love and forgiveness of self and the knowledge that it’s enough to do our best, plus using the resources – the teachings from alchemy to deeper order from my teacher, Ramtha, who reminded me its not about anyone else – hence letting go of victim consciousness, plus the unconditional love of my mother, my teacher, plus praying for protection from higher beings, friends, to help to bring it all about, somehow it was born – wrinkled and imperfect, but alive and beautiful in its soul purpose – hence the birth of the soul child. Epic.

There is so much to say about all that happened to me and no doubt the whole journey will unfold in time and much will be revealed. I have learnt so much.  I am totally changed from the experience. Thanks to all who helped support this event, friend and foe, for all are the same in the light.

There are many messages here. The one is that you dont have to be perfect to create the future, all you have to do if follow your passion, use what you have, credit yourself for your worth, own your own shadows, and use the Hooponopono mantra alot – I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you for what you gave, i love you.   As we move into this new earth, alot of forgiveness is going to be needed. This place earth, is like a battle field with so much hurt, trauma, confusion and sadness in its history. We got caught in this field and could barely get to just be together in love. This is our task. How can we find a way to pull together as humanity. To rise above it, is to forgive ourselves and others for so much that has gone down in this place.

Thank you to everyone who helped seed and birth this small diamond. Bless you. May it be inspiration to all of you that you dont have to be perfect. Just do what you can with what you have and somehow the way will unfold if its birthed in love ultimately.   Whew. What a journey.
Amanda Gifford