AMAZING Training workshop by Amanda Gifford  with complimentary remedy for RECOVERY…

With Karma Burns Homeopathic Remedy for Rebooting your brain.

“The initiate brain needs to be put into the alchemical fires of paradigm shifting, state- changing labyrinths, causing deepened and unshackled consciousness to bring a deep state of surrender. Then you can mould. Then you can shape…All alchemists know that inner and outer processes are connected. I have to put the hardened, heavy and fixed metals of my fixed beliefs and limitations into the crucible, the dead body of thought on the funeral pyre and let it turn to ash as I meet my spirit over the roulette table. Believe you me, spirit can take you out. That is why the Aghoris in India (who appear in Robert Svaboda’s book, The Left Hand of God) drink so much before they meet the goddess. You need courage because a direct meeting with a deity is terrifying. Timing and temperature of the alchemical burn has to be just right….” quote from Number 7 on the Roulette Wheel ( Amanda Gifford short story)

This one Starts 7th Feb. Come and join.

WHAT IS KARMA? Karma is essentially unfinished business and that can take many forms and be an enlightening journey to think about and even better to complete. KICK START YOUR YEAR – REBOOT YOUR BRAIN – REINVENT – 2014 – FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS – KARMA – DNA – UNFINISHED BUSINESS – SOUL AND FAMILY – CHAOS to DEEPER ORDER.

WHAT DO YOU CARRY? Engage your Roots … Family Propensities and How to Move Above the Wheel..  Constellations, DNA… Karma.

YOUTUBE: Video link on Youtube about KARMA BURNS: Amanda Gifford chats to Adamas Incendia about Karma Burns Spiritual Detox Formula. Brilliant Complimentary remedy to Family Constellations.

 Workshop: Friday – SUNDAY 7 – 9 Feb 2014 (10am-5pm)


We will find knowingness using the knowing field or morphogenetic field (biologist Rupert Sheldrake) and phenomenology, plus Psychodrama techniques and Expressive Arts Therapy methodologies. There is space for 12 people/ open to public and to Professionals. 21 CPD points.

Booking & enquiries: contact or (021) 761 9049

Cost: R3000 which includes…R888.88 FOR REMEDY, ONLINE PROCESS PLUS & R2222.22 FOR CONSTELLATIONS ( WORKSHOP – Payment plans available.

We will start the Karma Burns process AND WORKSHOP for the Cape Town group on the 7th Feb.

Venue: Prospect Hill Recovery Practice, 3 Prospect Hill Rd., Wynberg, Cape Town.


Amanda is a HPCSA Reg. Drama Therapist and


Family Constellations trainer with an MA Psychology, Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco USA 2004. She studied Family Constellations through Family Constellations Africa for 4 years and completed her Family Constellations certification in 2008 and has been using & training the methodology in a variety of organizations and with individuals alongside her Drama Therapy practice in Johannesburg.  She completed the Recovery Coaching course with David Collins at SHARP Rehab and ran Family Constellations/ Psychodrama groups and Recovery Coaching Training groups with David at SHARP in 2012. For more info.

“One of the best ways to overcome despair is to understand the mechanics of the mind!” ADAMAS INCENDIA: BUDDHA BRATS







Karma, Family, DNA, the Body, the Unconscious and the SOULS journey to Enlightenment

JOIN THE BURN 2014 Online Group with coaching, plus remedy  – Your passport to the FUTURE –
the Spiritual Fire  – Personal Purification 2014 group : Starts 31st Jan.
All alchemists need a fire.

I am running a SOULSCIENCE Reflections into Spiritual Fire 9 day group for an international market. – with KARMA BURNS complimentary processes Family Constellations session.


A part of this group is about letting go of old addictions that just dont want to die.

Those who are not here in Johannesburg, we can organise Constellations online and maybe even get the fantastic Dominic Haarhoff to help us in the Constellations room in the Akashic Records Library to be set up for our international group.

For those coming up for this group – i would like you to put aside some time to contemplate who you feel you may have karma with. There are NO SET FORMULAS here in this process. Some may feel their pasts are complete, others may feel they have work to be done on specific things… we allow flow here. Its your responsibility to make this group work for you.

This is all the people you still judge in your life, are angry with, hurt by, old resentments, etc. Draw a big heart and into that heart write down all the people and events that you feel are unifinshed business for you. This mean those who you have emotion over. This can also be those who you felt that you could have hurt or betrayed too. Its a clearing. And we are going to start to look at this with the intention of resolution. In particular, with our mothers and fathers and those people who may take on those roles unconsciously in our lives and visa versa.
Please contemplate a clear intention here for yourself and by next week Friday. Something you would like to achieve here…even if its just to have a new experience or birth something new.

This will also be an introduction to the work that i did at Adams Calendar at the SOUL science event and how it ties into the Karma Burns work. I will post the links here for people to view and tell as much of the story of the learnings and lessons as i go along. The essence of this journey here is making known the unknown. So what i mean by that is that i will share with you my own lessons and learnings of what i have learnt this last year and the amazing learnings that it has brought to me, and i would like you to all make moving into the unknown and having new experiences part of your agenda for yourself for this year.

The reason why adventure is such an important part of life, especially now at 2014 is because with trying new things, opening yourself to new experiences, we are dead. We are zombies living in our own recycled past. The call here is that we must be prepared to move into new experiences – even if they are rough. This group will present you with many opportunities for new experiences and i will be running these groups monthly with opportunities for the group to grow and expand and try out new things together and apart. There will be amazing things born from this work. This group is the result of taking many risks, of crashing and burning, of moving through deep fears, facing terrors, facing death and mortality. This is a place of rebirth. The intention of this group is to plant seeds of consciousness that will take us to the new earth.

The new earth is a vibrational frequency. its a state of mind, its a place vibrating at a unified state. This is the frequency and the paradigm of being creators. So the work here is to move through our past, out of victim, victimiser, rescuer and into being creators. Gods. Boddhisatvas.

This group is a call to take our power back to being on the New Earth – Being the New Self – Fucking Fantastic – Illuminated – Enlightened – Sexy – Feeling Fabulous – Super Wealthy – Mega healthy and just having a really good time…whist making a contribution to new earth.

its a call to greater self worth – speaking our truth – taking full responsibility for our lives – communicating clearly – with particular respect to learning to become masterful in our minds and with our beings. I have learnt so many things over the last few months even and i will do my best to share these lessons and learnings with you as well as the vulnerabilities of the new adventures…and i hope that you will do the same.

SPECIAL PRICE R888.88 – This package is worth R3500
Email: to book.
Cell 078 499 6472

SOULscience 2013 Reflections: Spiritual Fire – Personal Purification 2 week Group starting 31st Jan 2014


SOULscience 2013 reflections – Out of the Past and into the Now

We will review some of the videos and learnings from the SOULscience seminar at Adams Calendar and do Family Systems Constellations on Birthing the New Earth… as well as working with letting go of the past. Available online.

The weekend 31st – 2nd Feb will combine videos and personal process as well as starting the Karma Burns homeopathic remedy from Medicine Buddhas. We will explore the idea of external and internal alchemy and what it takes to get to the New Earth ( a state of mind and a frequency).

Videos include Dr Miceal Ledwith on Rethinking our Origins and the 4 diseases of the Mind – Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan on the Power of the Subconscious Mind – Adamas Incendia on Tiamut – the Dragon and the Kundalini – Edwin Nel on the Power of God Mind, Amanda Gifford on Making Known the Unknown, William Brown on the Process of Awareness in the Brain and much more.

Get Your SPIRITUAL FIRES BURNING to get to the New Earth with a Personal Purification and Spiritual Detox Process

Within the operations of alchemy are also the traditional stages of initiation neccessary to become and alchemist. From the first teachings and purification of the initiate in the Outer Court, through introspection lessons of the Inner Court, … to the Crown work, eventually we become adepts. I am starting a 2 week Spiritual FIre – Purification and Spiritual Detox group on the 31st Jan that will explore how to get your inner alchemical fires burning in your favour to burn off the limitations and old structures and memories. There will be lessons on Alchemy and processes to complement the fire stage in your personal transmutation process, mantras and multilevelled detox work.

We will combine Family Systems Constellations, Movements of the Soul processes, Dream Journaling, and Psychodrama Processes and homeopathic remedies in a light review style round table process of inviting those that you still have karma with ( holding onto emotion around) to clear out the past. Facing our fears and looking at ourselves is half of the battle won. Looking to our soul contracts and making sure that we are cleared of our karmic ties is part of spiritual path towards freedom and living ‘above the wheel’ without needing to recarnate to sort out what you refused to look at in this life. Its a really important process if you want enlightenment – light within.

We will also be using a Homeopathic formula called Karma Burns to help with the Spiritual Detoxification Process. I am running a special for Jan that includes the course plus an online Coaching session over Skype (unless you are based in Johannesburg) for R888.88 or $88 for those in the USA. Please let me know if you are interested in joining. Thanks. Amanda – I would love my international community to join in. The process will focus on burning off old addictive and unconscious patterning and throwing the “ring of power” into the Fires to melt down the image/ ego that holds power over us and remake ourselves. We will also explore the symbology of Lord of the Rings and the tools to help us be on the New Earth. Space for 12.

To join please email me.