JULY 2014 with Amanda – Exploring Your “In between” Constellations (JHB) – Apocalypse – Karma Burn ( Online) – Blue Fire Bliss Dragon ( C.T) Workshop, Constellations & Sessions in Cape Town… Up and Coming Adventures in Consciousness

Four Horseman
Hi Beloveds, Its mid winter and I hope the embers of inner bliss and the energies of the dragon are burning strong…bliss, fire, flames.

Johannesburg Workshops
1. ‘In Between’ Constellation (JHB) one day 5th July 2014 – book to constellate. R800.

Online Groups
2. KarmaBurn online group – 14th July R1080

Cape Town Workshops
1. Blue Fire Bliss Dragon Workshop 8 – 10th Aug R1200 before 1st July
2. The Weave of Inner Love – Family Constellations Worshop Systems – Relationships – Masculine & Feminine – Hierosgamous – 16th, 17th August R1500.

Individual Sessions R600 an hour. Skype available.

More details and some wintry soul poetics.

BlissDance with Willem Smuts is my weekly devotion to the dance of the masculine & feminine weave of continuity of consciousness and energy into form, the dance creating the play of form and formlessness and my Online groups and sessions with my beautiful clients, is my other devotional space ( where you are worshipped, your highest expression supported, your deepest core released) to explore and share alchemy of personal transmutation with you as we with love, melt, smelt, reforge, reform you, to as alchemists call it…prima materia – the ultimate you, through fire, water, air, earth, and mind ( ether) as we reinvent our self on the journey back to the core unified fields of bliss and superconductive oneness.

Do join us. They are legendary. Next one 15th July 2014 – The Apocalypse.

Next week i will be heading down to Cape Town for a month or so for a number of wonderful adventures of following the delights of life including a bit of tantra, bliss dance, visiting the world tree, dancing with Bliss Fire Bliss Dragons, running another KarmaBurn Online group with the Medicine Buddhas remedy Karma Burn (starting in mid July), Constellations and Individual sessions and more.

1. For more details on the KarmaBurn Group: We are calling the group – APOCALYPSE – the great unveiling…

Online Interactive 2 week group using Karma Burn remedy with the famous Rider of the Apocalypse, Adamas author of Buddha Brats: a Tale of Modern Enlightenment and Tornado Dragon Rider, Amanda 😉 – Facilitating the Fast track to Enlightenment.

This is a group that will guide you into an intentional alchemical crucible of change to burn off the past, let go of old karma, purify, detox and blaze a new trail in destiny AND WORK with your HUBRIS!

The idea of the Apocalyse as seen in Adamas’ book is the dropping of the veils and so we will work with the idea of unveiling and allowing our own personal revolution and rebirth.

There are daily posts and questions of thoughts, feelings, dreams, and working through karma which you take in conjunction with the remedy called Karma Burn.

This is a powerful remedy. Take my word for it. My ass is still burning from the first bottle. haha.
Anyway, we have had wonderful results and love the journey. We include a few of the alchemies, plus a bit of tantric concepts, dzogchen which is now fondly known as the teleportation vehicle to enlightenment in the Brat pack!

Do join us. Starts 2nd Week of July.
Order your remedies.
The group alone is R1150 (not including remedies)
Karma Burn is R450 not including postage.
So you are looking at R1600 total.
For more on Karma Burn
For more on Amanda Gifford
For more on Adamas
See you soon.
To book email amanda@geniuslab.co.za
Cell: 078 499 6472
Ref: your name.
AMANDA GIFFORD Business Cheque account Number 62471627425 – Branch Code: 220422 … FIRST NATIONAL BANK (FNB) – MELROSE ARCH

2014 Feedback from other Online Courses with Amanda Gifford & Adamas Incendia using Karma Burn:
“I’m very excited to be joining this group! ( Femme Fatale) I did the Fire – Karma Burn group with Amanda earlier in the year and it completely changed my life! My world was literally turned upside down as I was forced to face things (big things!) I had been avoiding (both knowingly and unknowingly) and as a result, all areas of my life have improved, from my marriage to my self-confidence & self-worth, to my business and overall outlook on life. So much was released during that period that I cannot thank Amanda enough for the course and her beautiful support during the process. I say bring on more of this so I can step into myself even more than ever before, with nothing holding me back; and I know that this course will be just as powerful as I believe we all have underlying sexual issues that need to be released so that we can become the powerful beings that we were born to be! If you do this course, I highly recommend combining it with the homeopathy remedies as they are a powerful combination.” Nadine Rossouw April 2014

From the Medicine Master himself
Adamas Incendia “Thanks amanda always a pleasure”
February 25

Catherine Geils: I feel very grateful for Amanda Gifford’s attentive reading and contributing, for your insight and wisdom. And for Adamas Incendia watching over us. And for the experience of sharing in this group. Durban, South Africa 2014.

Bibi Rhode: “Amanda , special thank you for your engaging presence & supporting u tube clips & comments & love . I am impressed with the way you hold this space for all of us. I enjoyed the maturity & openness of that was shared with all you awesome souls . Its great to interact in cyberspace although I felt a warmth and closeness with each one of you.” February 27 at 5:27pm, Johannesburg South Africa.

Brenda Surerus: “What i appreciate most is the opportunity to do this work. This is what I am here to do…. and along comes Amanda inviting me into this group that I just sort of jump into without really realizing what she is up to….kind of an extra boost to make sure I am looking and observing my thoughts, thought patterns….And she further enhances the process by sharing Adamas’ Buddha Brats plus the remedy Karma Burn…..and the youtube interviews including Dr. Miceal Ledwith great interviews and more…absolutely brilliant integration!” … February 28 at 7:02am 2014, Alive and Well Health Studio Rainier, WA, USA.

Beverley Exley February 27 2014: “I resonated with the raw openness we were all able to share. The suggestions and support for what was clearing (for me) was extremely beneficial. Amanda’s ability to hone in on an issue, support, humour, add light to and assist “burn” was megga. What I will you take with me is…The ability to observe where Karma no longer serves and mindfully dissolved and disengage the emotion/energy. Being part of a group defiantly assists in the process. Awareness to observe both thoughts and actions( working rapidly with mega letting go)…I wish to continue this process”. – Beverley Exley 27th Feb 2014 Australia

CLIENT COMMENTS: Beverly Dawn “Amanda….you seem to be really rocking…love your energy… it has mega amplified since last year…loving doing work with you.. real fast and are totally present with everything…I can feel it here in OZ .you just seem to cut through everything!” 6th Feb 2014.

Here are a couple of videos from the course we are busy with on Conquering Your Demons, Death, Taboo and Roulette Wheels with Adamas.

BLISS – Module 7 – August

Exploring the fields of Bliss, Non Duality, Awareness, Presence and Core Vibrations.

“Bliss is experienced when you shift to the version of yourself that is most closely aligned with your core essence. The human translation of the core vibration of reality is the emotions of love, contentment, and acceptance – i.e. bliss. This core vibration is always there, because it is at the core, so it can’t be removed, but it can be filtered through negative beliefs and perspectives – then it appears as fear, hate, judgement, and discontentment.

I don’t think it is so much a resonant field – although the resonance of your field shifts you into the version of yourself that is experiencing bliss. I think that it is a direct connection. Through wormholes. I’ve been presenting how wormholes comprise the fabric of the spacetime manifold, and so we are made out of the myriad Planckian Bridges connecting all of the multiverse together. So our connections through the Living Universal Manifold into the core or reality become active during states of bliss. And this brings – through resonance – closer to the singularity, the One. Bliss is a good thing Bless up – Love – William Brown” William Brown, Quantum Geneticist & Unified Fields Physicist working at the Resonance Institute Hawaii www.williambrownscienceoflife.com

June 2014 – Bliss, Death, Taboo & Roulette Wheels… Up and Coming Courses with Amanda Gifford x

maxresdefaultDear Amanda Thank you so much for your wise, sensitive, intuitive and compassionate facilitation of a very very special weekend. It felt like a real homecoming to this beautiful work, and a privilege to journey with you,..I agree, the work was heart-opening and also healing. My own constellation was very profound and meaningful, and has continued ‘living’ since then- revealing new layers, insights, feelings and offering wonderful support.” R. KZN May 2014

“Participating, observing and reflecting of the constellations helped me to experience the healing power of working with systems. It is interesting to see and experience how strangers can connect with the pain, grief and joys of others in a constellation. To be part of the transition and emotional changes of others and myself has inspired me to learn more.” L.J. 2014 KZN

The best dance workshop i have ever done! ” A.B June 2014 – Bliss Workshop

Some amazing workshops in this last month including Femme Fatale Online – exploring power into sacred sexuality with a small international group- followed by KZN Constellations group with a group of clinical psychologists – straight into the Bliss – Kundalini Dragon Workshop last weekend which was yummy!!!!. Wow. What a whirlwind experience with the added joy of co-facilitation with Stephen Tredrea, Adamas Incendia and Willem Smuts as well as the privilege of helping two Family Constellations trainees finish the last part of their training in KZN in the gorgeous Assagay Forest area…

So as i take the work of the razors edge of ‘battelfield’ bliss, dialogue with disease, ego death, sacred medicines & technologies of africa, cleaning up karma in family ancestry and into sacred purpose, I will be doing more work with the lucid dreambody of death.

Up and Coming is the next online course via FB on

1. Death, Taboo & Roulette Wheels – 21st June 2014 with Salvia Divinorum Remedy or Karma Burn from the Medicine Buddhas.

2. Cape Town Constellations group on 28, 29th June – space to explore themes of Bliss Body, Dreambody exploring Death, Disease, Bliss, Money, Being Love…and Riding Kundalini Dragons to full intergration of spiritual oneness…
3. Bliss Workshops with myself, Rayven & Willem for KZN & Cape Town will be organised for August/Sept/Oct – including Bliss Online FB group in August for more work with sacred masculine & feminine and the sacred weave and the bliss field.
4. Private Practice – individual & couples sessions & supervision will be available both in JHB & Cape Town with myself and for those in Cape Town I am available for sessions (working with Stephen Tredrea).

June 21st Starts another exciting online enlightenment course…

We are running the next online course with myself and Adamas Incendia from Medicine Buddhas focused on Death as a Spiritual Practice…Death and Getting Off the Wheel of Incarnation, living deeply into your life, conquering the realms, facing your demons, dealing with your karma, living beyond death, choosing your reincarnation, following an incarnation, timelines, continuuinty of life beyond exiting the body, the gift of life, death as an illusion, and so much more….

If you are dealing with themes of disease or death – can be ego death, or change… or ( other peoples death), or wanting to clear up your karma before someone dies or even before you die, make sure you dont say OH SHIT… on your death bed… or I wish i had off… Concentrating on an illuminated life, a full life, beyond polarity, living deep into what you wish to completely have owned on your death bed… and if you are DONE here.. really done here… then the bodies of light and ascension become options… all choices. Join us for a journey of making sure you have fully lived, … hearing from Death, facing Death, understanding your AFTERLIFE options…. all these nuances of the Grand Enlightenment Plan… What does death know about you, that you dont know… Speak to death, talk to your disease, go to your future without regret…. Starting 21st June with Remedies available.

Also, if you have any requests for workshops or specific sessions, please let me know.
Amanda 078 499 6472

The direction of my work continues to be bringing spiritual gems to you…