DAKINI – 6 week (Online) Course for Women with Amanda Gifford – Gold & Diamond Homeopathic Remedies

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DAKINI ( Dance of Enlightened Embodiment) is a 6 week (ONLINE) Facilitated Journey by Amanda Gifford including a homepathic remedies- Starts 24th August

through FaceBook ( confidential group process or email or whichever way is convenient for you. Email me for more details or to book: amanda@geniuslab.co.za

DANCE YOURSELF HOME with us in this course back to your true nature, eternal play of form and formlessness understanding the weave of enlightenment. Daily questions reflectiing on the ideas of how to expand your nature and enjoy the journey. Drama Therapy, Constellations, Dream Journalling, Personal Enquiry, Coaching, Pillow Book, Dance etc.

Facilitated by AMANDA Starts 24th August. Womans Journey to Enlightenment.

This is a course to explore the archetype of enlightened path of the feminine and is run online with daily posts and reflections, videos and questions for you to contemplate plus a journey with amazing homeopathic remedies.

The Remedies: – 3 bottles – 1. Gold – 2. Burnt Diamond with Noya Roa ( the Flying Tree) and 3. AVC (All Victorious Confidence) which has a wealth and sovereignty and confidence frequency to it. Containing Royal Jelly and other amazing frequencies.

The remedies and courses are really rocking peoples worlds.

Here is the latest testimonial on Karma Burn and AVC feedback from Nadine after the Femme Fatale online group.

Nadine Rossouw
July 22 at 8:27pm · BlackBerry Smartphones App
I’ve experienced some amazing things since this group started and shared them with Adamas Incendia and Amanda Gifford, who asked me to share it with the group, so here it is:
“OK so I wanted to try the AVC because I had such transformational results from your Karma Burn. I took half a bottle of Karma Burn before starting the AVC, and then about a week later I think I started the AVC.
I did not notice anything significant with either of these as I was taking them and kept check for a couple of weeks, then forgot about it.
The last couple of days I took a look at my life and I nearly fell over! I have been doing things that I didn’t have the guts to do all these years in my industry.. am feeling like no mountain is too high to climb…thank you Adamas, I do not know what the heck you have put in that AVC but I tell you, I have never been so confident and driven in my life. I am waking up in the middle of the night with genius ideas flowing and so I”m not getting a lot of sleep from my over-active brain but I am just on such a high and feel UNSTOPPABLE!
So…I’m wondering what on earth would happen if I took another round of AVC…Ha! I will ride this wave for a while and then order some if I’m noticing a decline in my confidence, which at this point seems unlikely.
THANK YOU!!!!” Nadine.

From the Medicine Master himself
Adamas Incendia “Thanks amanda always a pleasure”

February 25 at 7:19am

Catherine Geils: I feel very grateful for Amanda Gifford’s attentive reading and contributing, for your insight and wisdom. And for Adamas Incendia watching over us. And for the experience of sharing in this group. Durban, South Africa

Bibi Rhode: Amanda , special thank you for your engaging presence & supporting u tube clips & comments & love . I am impressed with the way you hold this space for all of us. I enjoyed the maturity & openness of that was shared with all you awesome souls . Its great to interact in cyberspace although I felt a warmth and closeness with each one of you. February 27 at 5:27pm, Johannesburg South Africa.

Brenda Surerus: What i appreciate most is the opportunity to do this work. This is what I am here to do…. and along comes Amanda inviting me into this group that I just sort of jump into without really realizing what she is up to….kind of an extra boost to make sure I am looking and observing my thoughts, thought patterns….And she further enhances the process by sharing Adamas’ Buddha Brats plus the remedy Karma Burn…..and the youtube interviews including Dr. Miceal Ledwith great interviews and more…absolutely brilliant integration … February 28 at 7:02am 2014, Alive and Well Health Studio Rainier, WA, USA.

Beverley Exley February 27 2014: “I resonated with the raw openness we were all able to share. The suggestions and support for what was clearing (for me) was extremely beneficial. Amanda’s ability to hone in on an issue, support, humour, add light to and assist “burn” was megga. What I will you take with me is…The ability to observe where Karma no longer serves and mindfully dissolved and disengage the emotion/energy. Being part of a group defiantly assists in the process. Awareness to observe both thoughts and actions( working rapidly with mega letting go)…I wish to continue this process. – Beverley Exley 27th Feb 2014 Australia

DAKINI COURSE online – Via Facebook. Starts around 24th August – with remedies.
Contact amanda@geniuslab.co.za to sign up

This is state of the art remedies and facilitation. Well worth the investment.

Remedies: We will work with 3 remedies R450 each. R1350. Not including postal.

Online Course Prices: R1800 (Payment plan available. 900 x 2)
(not including remedies)

Early Bird R2800 if paid in full on WOMENS DAY the 9th of August 2014 after that
R3150 for the Course & Remedies
There is the option of doing the course without the remedies or just doing one remedy.

AMANDA GIFFORD Business Cheque account Number 62471627425 – Branch Code: 220422 … FIRST NATIONAL BANK (FNB) – MELROSE ARCH

For more information or to book email Amanda amanda@geniuslab.co.za
Cell: 078 499 6472
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A BlissDance of 3 Cities – JHB, CT & KZN – Dates to Diarise Aug – Nov 2014

BlissDancing & more in JHB, CT, KZN … Diarise these Dates…Bliss, Dragons, Dolphins, Constellations, Dancing the Feminine & Masculine ..
MUST RSVP. Amanda 078 499 6472

JHB: with Amanda in AUGUST 2 evenings.
1. JHB: 2nd August ( saturday afternoon) 5 – 8pm Turning Dragon R100
2. JHB: 5th August Tuesday (to be confirmed) 7:15pm Sexuality Process with Psychodrama – Unpacking the Voices – Where are you at with your sexuality, where would you like to be? How to get there. R100.

Venue to be Confirmed. Weleda Centre, Dance Studio. MUST RSVP. Amanda 078 499 6472

CAPE TOWN ( for 7 weeks) 3 workshops.
I will be offering workshops, talks & sessions with the Cape Town community for 7 weeks – attending a Dancing the Feminine Course with Kali linking up with Dancing the Masculine with Rayven in Sept.

Here is what is on between the 8th of Aug – 21st Sept in Cape Town.

1. C.T: 8th – 10th August – (the 8th is open to public) with our evolving BlissDragon Workshop – Bliss Dance, Kundalini & Constellations with Rayven, Willem Smuts & myself in Hout Bay. R1200 early bird.
2. C.T: 11th August: Erotic Arts 4 Monday evening series – Clay, Paint, Constellations, Drama Therapy with Hayley Manson and Myself. R800 early bird.
3. C.T: 16th, 17th August: Constellations Workshop on Relationships – Masculine/ Feminine Dialogue (Prospect Hill Recovery Centre)

CAPE TOWN: Blissdance Community News.
From Rayven:

I am very excited about the Dance of Men and Women starting mid-August – it’s going to be powerful! This is a reminder that the early bird payment date is coming up by the end of this week. For the women, please be in touch with Kali Satyagraha Widd soon (very few spaces left!) or, if you know men who are wanting to do this, direct them to myself Stephen Tredrea). If you pay before Friday this week the cost is R1,650.00
Thank you to those that have already!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
082 578 7154

NEXT ONLINE COURSE for my non local and international friends: 24th AUG – DAKINI – dazzle me with your DNA.

1. Online: With the Medicine Buddhas remedies.
SA. Online Internationally: 24th August – Early October: Dakini –
Online Journey for Women( via Facebook) 6 weeks. R2800 early bird including homoepathic remedies.
2. End September, October & Nov: I will be running a FACILITATION TRAINING for how to run online courses – how to make your own youtube videos etc including with Medicine Buddha remedies. Training with Manuals. More details soon.

Weekly Dances with Willem Smuts – Friday 7pm. JHB

October: 9-13 Oct Dolphins & Bliss WS. Willem Smuts takes Bliss Dance to the Dolphins in Mozambique. Email him for details: wjsmuts@gmail.com

NOVEMBER: in KZN 2 workshops.

1. KZN 21 – 23 Nov – BlissDance & Constellations.

For those on my email list in KZN who enquired about the BlissDance & Constellations/Kundalini Dragon Workshop and Evenings – We will be bringing that to KZN on the friday evening and sat sun full days 21st – 23rd Nov. Costs: R1200 early Bird if paid before the 1st Nov – after that R1800.

1. KZN 14 – 16th Nov – Constellations Training Module.

I will also be bringing a Constellations 3 day training module to KZN 14 – 16th Nov. R3000 R2700 early bird. 1st Nov. Basics in Facilitation. Quantum Constellations – Working the Timelines & Probabilities to Awaken the Dreamer.

Here is more information about the DAKINI online Course. A great treat for any Woman in your life who may need a little adventure, support, self nurturing or time to love themselves deeper into their journey. Gift this to an amazing women for Womens Day.

DAKINI – ONLINE COURSE – Facilitated by AMANDA Starts 24th August. Womans Journey to Enlightenment.

Diamonds ( A Diamond Mind) are a girls best friend.

Get your DNA DIAMOND STUDDED & DAZZLING – swing a sword with your diamond mind, spin your Golden Wheels & open the path to enlightenment with this 6 week Journey Online starting late August which would be an exploration into heart and mind of the journey in the archetype of DAKINI ( the enlightened embodiment of women) – we will cover love, relationship, self, enlightenment and more – with a special homeopathic remedies (The homeopathic range is called Storming Heaven and uses someting called Omni Tech (which investigates the frequencies and archetypes of burnt diamond, burnt gold, Flying tree tattooed dazzling DNA.)

Investigation of new frequencies in you!!!!

Through Direct Knowing Path… i.e.: personal investigation we will explore self and sexuality and pathways to enlightenment with the help of 3 Storming Heaven remedies.

GOLD: We will explore the pathways of Alchemy and the frequency of essence of Gold and all of its gifts for embracing and working through issues and themes around the inner father, the energy and operations of the Sun – letting go around old patriarchy – religeous models etc.

DIAMOND: We will explore the pathways of Burnt Diamond and the Diamond Mind and Diamond Dakini/ Warrior with a special plant essence included called Noya Rao which helps to link to heart and root…

SALVIA/ Or AVC: We will explore the essence of AVC or Salvia Divinorum depending on which frequency you feel more drawn to explore with.

The path of to enlightened embodiment through spiritual practice – a journey into your Enlightenment…

We will explore the path of frequency…
Sacred Masculine: Quantum Physics
Understanding the Links between Frequency and Consciousness.
Alchemy of Gold.
Introductory Theories Behind Tantra

And Sacred Feminine: …
Experiences and Exercises and Remedies for the Embodiment of your Experience.
Taking Back some of the lost frequencies into our body and restoring Lost Knowledge…


▪ and explore where you are at in your journey to your inner feminine ..on her journey to enlightenment. Drama Therapy, Constellations, Poetry, Arts, Foods, Dance. ALCHEMIST ( Facilitator) – AMANDA GIFFORD ALCHEMIST: ( Medicines) – ADAMAS Adamas Incendia: Homeopathic remedies including the DNA Tattooing – Storming Heaven products including 1. Omni Gold, 2. Omni Burnt Diamond & Noya Rao, 3. AVC/ or Salvia by Adamas plus (possibly) a special Bliss Remedy and more will be included in the journey.

This is state of the art remedies and facilitation. Well worth the investment.

Remedies: We will work with 3 remedies R450 each. R1350. Not including postal.

Online Course Prices: R1800 (Payment plan available. 900 x 2)
(not including remedies)

Early Bird R2800 if paid in full on WOMENS DAY the 9th of August 2014 after that
R3150 for the Course & Remedies
There is the option of doing the course without the remedies or just doing one remedy.

AMANDA GIFFORD Business Cheque account Number 62471627425 – Branch Code: 220422 … FIRST NATIONAL BANK (FNB) – MELROSE ARCH

For more information or to book email Amanda amanda@geniuslab.co.za
Cell: 078 499 6472
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The Turning Dragon 2nd August 5 – 8pm ( JHB) Talk & Mini Workshop with Amanda Open to the Public

The Turning Dragon (2nd August – 5 – 8pm)- with Amanda ( JHB) OPEN TO PUBLIC – Time to Awaken.

Recently (last Thursday, 17 July 2014 on a cold, wet and stormy winter’s evening) I had one of these cataclysmic, life changing experiences that has catapulted me into a new ‘dimension’! I went to a Sacred Winter Women’s Circle at Kali Widd where Amanda Gifford shared some of her vast knowledge with us about dragons and then gently led us into a meditative space where we could meet / encounter / awaken to our ‘own’ dragon essence / energy.” Lauren Le Grange
For more on that experience…

Some of this workshop will make up the content in my saturday Mini Talk and Workshop in Johannesburg for those interested in Spiritual Energy Activation.

DATE: Saturday August 2nd
TIME: 5pm – 8pm
VENUE: To Be Confirmed. Hopefully Weleda Dance Studio in Bryanston ( JHB)

..Twilighting with the Light Codes… Activating the Turning Dragon Within I am going to share some of the evolving Dragon work with more on Quantum Physics and the Kundalini in JHB before going to Cape Town.

Please RSVP: amanda@geniuslab.co.za or on the FB invite.



THEME: Twilight Languages, Dakini Downloads, Ancient Wisdom, Quantum Physics, Alchemy, Kundalini, Dragon Archetype Workshop. With Amanda – stories & making the energetic connection to your subconscious through the body.

TWILIGHT: Ancient Pathways to Enlightenment Stories, Constellating the Dragon with Amanda – Moving Power to full enlightenment with Dakini Dragon Downloads Symbology of the Dragon Exploring the Uninterrupted Infinite Weave – Accessing Your Ancient Fire

Time to Dream the ReAwakening.


Amanda Gifford, a Drama Therapist and Constellations expert, as well as a student of the Great Work for 15 years, will be sharing her stories & experience of our Multidimenstional Nature, Riding the Light Fantastic, the Dragons turning at her base, Kundalini Pathways, Liquid fire clearing the past calibration of self, repositioning the ‘I’ ( eye) and the significance of the Dragons archetype in activation of the Light Body and access to unpolarised states in the path of Enlightened Embodiment.

She will share a similar structure that she shared for Kalis Womens Winter Circle in Cape Town.


“being a dragon… is like becoming smoke… like fog, .. it breathes you. Several times im my life i have felt “breathed” in … and other times, I breathe them in. Circulate them and be circulated. It is a vibration, a state of being, how you vibrate …there are so many forms to discover and play with….Yes, i resonate with the dragon.” NasaNate.

The Dragon is the Energy of Source moving from the manifold or manifest back to the void or the unmanifest. Its energy moving back from form to formlessness uses a path of fire. In the Ancient Scriptures when a Goddess is seen riding a dragon, she has raised her kundalini and mastered the power of her energies. Her power has moved to full enlightenment.

Dragon is form returning to formlessness.
Dragon brings fire and liquid light as it turns at your base on its pathway home.
Dragon is Kundalini
Dragons are from a matrix beyond human thinking
Dragons possess great mastery over light and fire.
The Dragon Awakens.
The Dragon Emerges.
The Dragon Reveals.
Dragons are one of the most loving, gentle, and powerful species in the entire Macroverse. Dragons are considered the way-showers for us all, illuminating the path of most harmony and directing light energy toward that destination.
Dragons are what you might call essences with active light bodies.
Power, or the ability to manage and direct energy, is accessible to those whose frequency has reached a point of harmonic evolutionary atonement. This is a fundamental principle within the Peace Realm. So with this beautiful and inspirational power comes the responsibility to direct energy only toward compatible resonant energy fields.
enter infinity from the light and the waters within.
Dragons are Masters of “wavelengths” and so they can become the wavelength’s reality or realm they want to be.
Surf this huge wave of Transformation, now taking place on Earth… and into this unprecedented Shift of Consciousness… by the letting go of the old paradigm of fear, doubts and limitations… and up into this Aquarian age of Expansion, a major innovative quantum leapp in awareness with All That Is, even infinite fields of the unknown and unseen.

Dragons are the Keepers of Treasures…

In China, a sage who has fully awakened the Kundalini energy and has mastered it, is represented by a person standing and riding on a dragon. This is why some paintings depict Bodhisattva Kuan Yin in this manner.

To book: email Amanda
078 499 6472 ( sms with name)

AUG WORKSHOPS – Bliss, Dragons, Kundalini, Unified Fields, Erotic Arts & Love


The outcome of following your bliss, is more bliss and the outcome of working with dragons is learning to face your fears and ride your power thru love. And the Cape Town dragon delights are many. I have been enjoying the wonderful company of the bliss dance community, the cape town tantrikas, the medicine buddhas, the buddha brats, the beach, expressive arts therapy conference, the ocean, coffee and wine at Truth Coffee in town near to ‘The Bank’ where Sean Penn & Charlize are apparently hanging out, …. in short, Cape Town is cooking!

Although that is the least of it.. I have been running an online group on Personal Apocalypse with some brave individuals who wants to unveil, … as well as driving up the mountain to Hout Bay to meet ‘the legions’ as Tania calls them …(listening to Marilyn Manson at full tilt with Adamas telling me it calms the atomic fires) on the way to a Entheogen Indaba to unpack the punch of iboga, salvia and other plant medicines whilst enjoying wonderful Medicine Buddha Dzogchen, Tantra Left Hand Path energies and receiving some new an exciting remedies including a Shamanic Six Pack with Adamas’ s tinctures that have a variety of plant frequencies in to explore in the future.

Plus enjoying facilitating & engaging the dragon energy with Kali’s Widds Winter Circle on Thursday night with a powerful group of 12 women.

It seems that the whole of August will be in Cape Town where i will be running workshops and offering individuals sessions.

Up and Coming Activities

1. Erotic Arts 4 x Monday Evenings – exploring themes of sexuality and power with Drama Therapy, Paint, Constellations, Meditations and Clay with Amanda and Hayley Manson, ASTAR facilitator.
Starts 4th August weekly.
R1000 or early bird R800.
2. Bliss Dragon Weekend – Cape Town (womens day weekend) Moving energy to Full Enlightened Power. Bliss Dance & Constellations 3 facilitators, Willem Smuts, Rayven and Amanda.
Dates: 8 – 10th August – Friday night, Sat, Sun.
R1800. Early Bird 1200.
3. Love Workshop – Dance of Masculine & Feminine – Relationship – Unmasking Your Dynamic Constellations Workshop with Amanda in Cape Town
16th, 17th August.
R1800. Early bird R1500.
4. 3 week Online Group called Bliss – Healing through the Ecstatic Arts – exploring the Numinous – Intro to Bliss Dance, Tantra, Non Duality Meditiations – Dance of Relationships, Your Body, Unified Fields and Dearmouring through Aawareness, Alchemical Fires and letting go of past patternings. R1600 for group with Bliss Remedy R450. Starts 18th August.


The Dragon is the Energy of Source moving from the manifold or manifest back to the void or the unmanifest which is what happens in a Kundalini Rising. Its energy moving back from form to formlessness uses a path of fire. In the Ancient Scriptures when a Goddess is seen riding a dragon, she has raised her kundalini and mastered the power of her energies. Her power has moved to full enlightenment.

Here are a couple of Youtube Videos that i have made that cover some of the topics coming up this month.

Bliss Dance
Dragons, Kundalini & Unified Fields


AUGUST 16th, 17th – Cape Town – Constellating Masculine Feminine Dance with Amanda


Movements of the Masculine & Feminine Dance with Constellations expert, Amanda Gifford in Cape Town 16th, 17th August.

Movements of the Soul is a method in Constellations that looks at patterns and tendencies that need to be remapped in order to find the new dance, the new pathway, the new experience. Individuals tell their stories about where they are at in their relationships and then they choose representatives to represent those aspects. The representatives tap into the field of their ‘aspect’ and move it intuitively. The client witnesses this and together with the therapist, they look at this ‘dance of intimacy’ and how to move it towards a desired outcome.

We are delighted to have Amanda Gifford in Cape Town back with us focusing on shifting patterning around relationships and the balance of the masculine and feminine. If you ready to make a shift, take this opportunity to use this powerful space. Early Bird Discount of R1500 until 31st July. 18 CPD points available. ~ Katie Menel Owner of Prospect Hill Recovery Centre

For more info visit: http://www.prospecthill.co.za/events/exploring-love-breaking-codependence-family-constellations-workshop/

Unmasking – Opening – Becoming Aware – Moving Out of Co dependence.

Using Movements of the Soul to look at your relationship to your partner, children, parents, inner masculine and feminine… and find the resolution that matches you desired outcome, working with family dynamics to resolve unseen or unspoken dynamics.

The workshop will be an interactive, systemic therapy based on the teachings of Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations.18 CPD points available WHAT IS A FAMILY CONSTELLATION?

Family and Systemic Constellations is a therapeutic and healing method developed by German psychotherapist Burt Hellinger. Constellations make visible through embodiment the flow, entanglements and dynamics of elements of a system, whether they are family members, members of an organization, internal sub-personalities or ego states, or dream figures.

According to Tanja Myburgh, an experienced family constellation facilitator and trainer in Cape Town, energy flows from the Source of Life through each generation. Like a river, its natural flow is in this direction and we receive the gift of life from our ancestors, via our parents. Within this flow, Hellinger found there are natural laws and that all members or elements of a system must have their place. Entanglements interrupt this flow, as do excluded parts of the system, such as forgotten family members or aspects of the self.

Mandy pic AMANDA GIFFORD: Amanda is a HPCSA Reg. Drama Therapist and Family Constellations trainer with an MA Psychology, Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco USA 2004. She studied Family Constellations through Family Constellations Africa for 4 years (did a double training) and completed her Family Constellations certification in 2008 and has been using & training the methodology in a variety of organizations and with individuals alongside her Drama Therapy practice in Johannesburg.  Amanda runs online courses and groups, and offers Family Constellations training modules as well as train the trainer courses for her unique methodology. For more info see website. www.amandagifford.co.za


“I found the weekend amazingly powerful and I am incredibly excited about using this work and continuing on the process of learning…I am using the work already on a daily basis and both myself and my clients are loving it.   On a personal level I have integrated the work and am beginning to see a shift in myself…” Renee Shearing, Cape Town 2013, Constellations Workshops with Amanda

“Thank you so much Amanda! You are a truly remarkable woman. The experience was absolutely amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have had a very challenging, emotional, unstable past year and I have not done any work on myself for a very long time. This experience was tremendously healing and opened me to positivity and hope once again. It was truly mind blowing to share so much with strangers and feel so safe and with no judgement. Thank you for making this experience possibly for me. The realisation, affirmation, love and acceptance that I received during this experience, It is a gift that I will treasure forever. Thank you for sharing the photos and you absolutely welcome to share the photos.” Love Cindy 4th Feb 2014 Johannesburg.

“With the winds of adventure blowing against my back, I jumped down the rabbit hole and joined Amanda Gifford’s Family Systems Constellations this past weekend. Well, what can I say – a profound experience indeed. Imagine turning your hopes and fears into people and having intellectual conversations with them. It was kind of like that but so much more. Almost impossible to put the whole effect into words. At times I felt energy flowing freely through my body, as I became part of the channelling process. It was a very powerful group. Thanks to all who shared and absorbed. Much gratitude to Amanda for holding such a safe space. Your facilitation was gentle and nurturing, yet very very strong. People walked in surrounded by darkness and left with light emanating from their beings. Watch this space for what Amanda will have up her sleeve for Soulspace 2014 and for Constellations in your Area. Much love Jean Martins (Director of Soulspace Festival) 3rd Feb 2014