Unfolding Mystery Blissdance in Magaliesburg 1st Nov 2 – 6pm

The view down the valley
The view down the valley

Unfolding the Mystery through Conscious Bliss Dance calls us out to the Magaliesburg again to dance in Nature on the Sky Deck in the Sima Kade Valley over the weekend of the 1st Nov with Dance facilitator Willem Smuts.

Come Sky Dance In Nature. Fun, Picnics, Community, Waterfalls, Dance and Mystery Unfolding Mvt Workshop.

WORKSHOP FEE: R380.( venue is expensive so this is a community building event). Price includes camping accommodation/ tent space on the Sky Deck. Bring your tent and picnic or stuff to make a fire.

You will have to bring your own picnic, food and tents, sleeping bags etc. for after the dance to feast and sleep under the stars in the Valley. There is cutlery and plates etc there.

VENUE: Sima Kade Sky Deck – Sima Kade Bush Retreat
TIMES: 2pm – 6pm.
Arrive at 2pm at Sima Kade – Dance at 3pm – 5pm and picnic & swim afterwards.

Bring picnic for late afternoon, something like a blanket to rest on, bring swimming costume, raw organic chocolate, coffee if you want it etc. paper and crayons, pillow book or journal.

For more on your facilitators:
Willem Smuts www.willemsmuts.co.za
Amanda Gifford www.amandagifford.co.za

PAYMENT: WILLEM SMUTS NEDBANK Campus Square Cheque Account 1581009 267 Branch Code 158105

Reference: Magalies
Email proof of payment to wjsmuts@gmail.com

Eros of Enlightenment – a talk by Amanda Gifford 28th October 2015

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Tuesday the 28th OCTOBER – TALK ON EROS OF ENLIGHTENMENT – 7pm by AMANDA in Bryanston.

I will share some of my passions of the journey of awakening over the last 15 years of my spiritual path and i will share some of the obstacles on the path, and hopefully with a touch of humour, some of the models i have learnt, cover the theoretical aspects of what could be known as ‘the Dakini Tantras’ in more of the weave of consciousness and energy in the nature of reality. It will be a broadly theoretical talk on a variety of relevent topics that cover science and consciousness including the Ocean of Consciousness & Energy, Quantum Physics, The Implicate and Explicate Order, Alchemy and how that fits in with some of the work with Tantra, some of my own experiences along the path, I will touch on ‘thought’ within the context of non duality and how to make a case for conscious and applied thought as a ‘good thing’ – yes thought as a download of consciousness to ride your merkaba with ( ride your UFO with).. and the same for the idea of the ‘dark’… so somewhat undemonising thought and the dark and looking at how we can reclaim conscious thought and the dark for our own enlightenment. Also a new model for the chakras and the bodies of light.

I will be looking at the ideas of the power of the subconscious mind, the body as resonator, morphic fields, how to navigate our merkaba vehicles, conscious technology, kundalini, unified fields, what happens with Eros and what waking up has been for me and continues to be.

Hope that you join us.

This talk with make up part of a series of talks as there is a lot to cover here and will also be a part of a year long online course i offer next year.

I hope that you join me.
Please RSVP.

7 for 7:15pm Start
At Cosmic Studio, Top Floor Naturally Yours Health Centre, Bryanston Corner Main Road and Culross.

Here is a video of a discussion with Adamas on Dakini Tantras that might be of interest to you on the topic.

Quantum Mechanics of the Brain

Hello Amanda, I am well. I’ve been doing some exciting research into the Quantum Mechanics of the brain, I think its information you would find interesting.

In the Emmerson-Wheeler interpretation of quantum mechanics new universes are being created each attosecond, each one representing one of the myriad possible outcomes of any state of a particle or system of particles. However in Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation of quantum mechanics the state of a particle or system is determined by its interaction with a future wavefunction that propagates backwards in time. So while we are in a sense splitting into myriad possible states of being in each billionth of a billionth of a second, each representing a complete new universe, it is the backward propagation of our future-mind that determines which state we actually experience from the multitudes. Thus collapsing the wavefunction of the multiverse propabilities of what we experience, or in the case of the brain, what e think or remember in each moment.

Cool stuff! Hope all is well with you! Aloha!

William Brown

you are quintessence of consciousness/awareness

From William Brown after the Science of Consciousness Youtube Link: Comment on Youtube: On the difference between Consciousness and Awareness

“People shouldn’t take anyone’s word for it. They are the quintessence of consciousness/awareness, we are each the ultimate arbiter of how the terms should be defined – assuming we have actually investigated the difference between the two. The answer becomes obvious once we stop conceptualizing it and do it. Sit down and meditate, find the point of stillness. That occurs when our awareness turns inwards. When that state is examined we find that at the soul of our being is a passive observer – our consciousness. What changed in the state? Our awareness, which turned inwards and became aware of that which is unchanging – our consciousness, the soul. Awareness is an active state – what we are doing most of the day. Consciousness is at the center, watching our awareness shift from one thing to the next. Can you be conscious and have no awareness? Perhaps just experiencing with no internal retrospection, no thoughts of differentiation or comparison? Can you be aware with no consciousness? No you cannot.”

BLOG: Interesting discussions in nature of reality.

Multidimensional Mind Initiation Awareness dialogue with William Brown and Amanda Gifford

Its gonna take a bit of effort to make links between what i know and what you are saying and let the 2 models talk to each other a bit more – i do see ways to frame my understanding as i said with what you are saying. its just a bit of brain gym.

meanderings around this topic.

… interesting is the link between awareness and aware that we are aware – because when i create my day and create myself in the day with presence and awareness its almost like 2 processes are happening Primary and Secondary Awareness ( we call it Primary and Secondary Consciousness or embracing your model it would be Consciousness split into Primary and Secondary Awareness – Which are the two hands of God or Eyes of God or something, creating difference, creating points, experiences or mechanisms of creation experience) leads to greater awareness – observer into my day – so in other words – if i breath, close my eyes and access a state of mind that is unified, deep ( beyond the swing of the light, polarity, body, matter etc) then i can their ‘remote influence’ or ‘create’ and put my mind into the hologram fractal grid of reality… and then greater awareness ( due to the conscious (? my word) creation ) which would be operating at higher band frequencies – within the unified field – so implicate order.

the link between brain, states, and biology as you say – but all that is just a deep rabbit hole… of contemplation. Shew. Might be interesting to try and give examples in our own lives of experiences of different states of awareness…. and what the experience was like… and how consciousness fits it.
I can see the experience of consciousness being divided up by states of awareness which are accessed at different frequencies…which open up the awareness.
I am however still interested in understanding how creating reality happens in the awareness model.

What i could see being a way to apply what you are saying to the model that i know… might have to see if i can remember it all… i may not have it exactly right… but here are a few of the basic ideas.

Which is Consciousness unfolding from the Void starting at Zero point and coming down in 7 levels of frequency to Zero point down to Hertzian frequency ( earth) at the base. ( Base Chakra>…. We call them 7 Seals like the Tibetans do! and we work with the body with 7 seals not chakras but same idea but different model.)

7the Seal: Zero Point ( god head) out of the Void – the unmoving eye – linked to pituitary – processes infinite unknown ( processed through subconscious mind ( reptilian brain) jade cushion…
6th Seal: Ultra Consciousness at frequency of Gamma – 6th Seal Gland: pineal – Pinks and palest Rose
5th Seal – Super Consciousness at frequency of X ray – Throat and its glands… Colour Gold Realm -Gold Body
4th Seal – Bridge Consciousness – at frequency of Ultra violet Blue in the Heart/ Thymus Colour UV Blue – beyond duality – pre light – Blue Body – the Blue Print – Mapping
3rd Seal – Conscious Awareness – at visible light frequencies – process in the Neocortex – Yellow
2nd Seal –  Sub Conscious – Infra red frequency – processed in midbrain – colour Red. Sending and receiving – signal
1st Seal: Base – Unconscious – Grounding bring to group – colour Brown – earth  ( Mass/ Matter)

So when a person is working on Mind Matters – its from the 7th Seal/ Chakra ( born in the mind of God) and bring it all the way down to Matter – 1st Seal – Earth – grounding – materialisation – body. BROWN. ( like your name)

enlightenment and possibly even ascension would be 7 into 1 and 1 into 7 and all levels coherent and integrated.

So what i am saying here is is that there is a way for me to understand what you are saying about awareness as the regulator of the level or frequency that holds a certain domaine or coded field of information that is frequency specific to that level of awareness ( you could say)… so in other words, it would be CONSCIOUSNESS – ( for the sake of this argument) broken into 7 levels of awareness… created even by COSNCIOUSNESS ( the ONE) being aware of itself in a new way!) thus creating a new realm of awareness – and so on and so on… Hence the birth of the 7 levels or domaines of reality that we can understand in a number of different ways.

What of course turns the WHOLE thing on its head, and why so much education is needed, is the idea of the viewpoint… So what i mean is that if we are in our bodies – things seem to be a certain way… and we think about life in a certain way… but you might call that state of mind or state of awareness – BODY Herz frequency awareness – dull, slow, physical, dense, material etc… even asleep. Its like Consciousness experiencing itself at the awareness of the Physical… so 7th seal awareness (God Consciousness) being at Level 1 frequency – Hertzian ( ground)…God experiencing itself as earth as matter as body as asleep. So you could say awareness – BODY, – SURVIVAL –

So now what happens when we move out of this level of awareness – SURVIVAL – asleep – into a new lens or experience of (CON)SCIO(US)NESS – Knowing the Science of Us Ness ( 😉  – its a whole different ball game.

But people have forgotten how to shift and have a way to get out of survival aspect of consciousness ( oneness)… We could say their lens of awareness is small/ limited and the information about other experiences of (oneness) needs some opening and some updating… and some education and initiation and rewiring the brain and redirecting the mind etc etc.

then their observer ( God within) will look at this new information coming in which will bring a new level of awareness, which would then take them to another level or experience of oneness ( consciousness)…

Would than be a good way of phrasing it?

Because this would then link to the idea that each Domaine or Level of experience in Consciousness, could be accessed and traversed by new kinds of information – not meaning just cognitive but dimensional information – like if you are playing in infinite known… don’t be surprised if you cannot access any information at all about your BODY’s awareness –…
However, i think if we are still in our body and doing this traveling and we want to remember these travels in our daily life, what state of awareness do we need to be in to do that? Because in a way, when we travel beyond the light ( through the donut hole to Deeper Mind Awareness)  its always nice to be able to bring it back and log it into the Neocortex – Conscious Awareness – that we are Conscious or Aware of it enough to be able to access it when we are awake. We just have to build neuron pathways in the brain that create bridges between conscious and subconscious states of awareness. ( not sure how you would reframe that with awareness)

anyway, i am learning and stretching and jumpstarting some neurone’s i haven’t fired for a while so all good – makes me feel well. Helps me hold the state i am happiest in.
these are my contemplations for today.
It would be nice to keep a log of our discussions on a blog or something.

What do you think?

On 28 Sep 2013, at 10:10, William Brown < wrote:

You’ll have to give those guys a big thumbs up from me! lol. Yes it gets very interesting when you start thinking about the state of anaeshesia – especially the molecular dynamics of what occurs at the cellular level. That is actually one of the best ways to see what is producing our physical awareness at the cellular and molecular level. It seems to involve the Plasma Membrane, the Microtubules, and the mitochondria. That is where you see a marked difference in functionality under anaeshetics. Very interesting 🙂