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NOVEMBER NEWS: I can hardly believe that its December in a weeks time. Here is a bit of NOV News of where the Bliss Field and Aligning to My Core Resonance has taken me … Willem Smuts and I have had a very bountiful and stimulating collaboration over the course of the last 4 months and its just getting stronger. We have been lead into the inbreath and out breath of existence, the layers of creation, levels of consciousness, discussions about Awakening to Pure Awareness and the process of Enlightenment and much more. We want to offer a group Bliss Retreat overseas next year. Any ideas? Where do people want to go? It will be end of Dec into Jan 2016.

We have had the KZN Bliss Gold Dragon Workshop which was exceptional on the 8th and 9th of November

Hello dearest Amanda and Willem, have been feeling calm in the centre of many whirlwinds since the workshop. It was a profound experience for me, touched some deep and ancient places. It was such an alchemical and beautiful space with an amazing group, and your holding, and I am so grateful for the time spent there with you all…. big big love and gratitude to you beauties. Sylve Sandalls Nov 17th 2014” KZN

Then we had the Golden Spiral Labyrinth Workshop combining Vocal Alchemy, Constellations and Bliss dance on the 15th Dec with LAH, Willem and Myself Participant Lisa Davison said: “Wow, I loved it! Expanded my consciousness so much in such a short time! Buzzzing when I left!” 15th Nov 2014 JHB

On Nov 18th Willem and I started a series of New Earth Resonance chats with Biophysicist, William Brown about Free Energy, Health and Ecstatic dance as a tool to up our frequency state, kick start a heightened state and open some portals of consciousness, Consciousness then reorganises the morphic field which then sets up a field portal in the microtubules of the deepest finest areas of the cells which quantum activation becomes available and we get to download the new information from the cosmos on the different frequency bands… so in a sense, ecstatic dance is a Frequency Exitor and Shifts our State of Consciousness Unlocking DNA unlocking process so that the unified fields of non dual awareness can help reorganise our DNA to its 12 strand energetic potential… full flow of consciousness. In short, You get well, healthy, happy and brilliant, you get your upgraded self.

Then the WITS Drama For Life Research Conference 2015 Workshop on the Power of Trance using Trance Dance and Constellations with Amanda and Willem on the 22nd Nov Participant Insight: “In order to enter an unknown future of mystery I must let go of who I am and what I know.” WiTS research conference 2014 workshop participant, 22 Nov. JHB


Tantra Tuesday: 25th Nov: Tantra Workshop on Boundaries with International Tantra teacher, Pashianti at 7:30pm until 10pm at Cosmic Studio, Naturally Yours Health Centre in Bryanston. R250

Blissdance on Friday nights with Willem Smuts 7:15pm – last class on the 12th Dec. ( My birthday – turning 42!)

6th Dec 2014: Constellating Calibi Yao – Shape Shifting Consciousness Workshop with Amanda Gifford (JHB)



8th11th Jan: Heaven on Earth Blissdance Retreat just outside of Cape Town

Stay Posted for a New Years Eve Blissdance event in Cape Town.


17th Jan: Lucid Dream Dancing 2015 into Golden Existence – JHB

24th Jan: Constellations Workshop: Exploring the Knowing Field – Amanda JHB

27th Jan: 10 Week Drama Therapy Group: Self Revelatory Workshop on Eros of Enlightenment, Taboo and Awakening Living Stories – weekly Drama Therapy process with Amanda JHB

21, 22 Feb: Systemic Constellations Workshop (JHB) Amanda 18 CPD Points


31st Jan, 1st Feb: KZN Bliss Dance with Existence & Let Existence Lucid Dream You into 2015 with Amanda Gifford and Willem Smuts.


21st and 22nd MARCH – EQUINOX 2015 BLISS WORKSHOP at Adams Calendar Stone Circle, Mpumalanga – Blissdance and Morphic Resonance Workshop with Amanda Gifford, Willem Smuts and others. Collaborations and details still to be confirmed. New Earth Activation – A Powerful Place to Plant Seeds of Consciousness for New Earth.


Organisational Constellations and Corporate Moves offering Workshops for those Corporate Mystics and Quantum Executives. We will be working with small and big business to help align flow and bring in the future of business.

28th, 29th Jan: Quantum Executive – Align the DNA of your Company to the Future ( JHB) – please email us for details if you want a Quantum Alignment for your business – we will combine Organisational Constellations and Conscious Movement to enhance business outcomes.


EROS OF ENLIGHTENMENT – Exploring the Science of Consciousness and the NATURE OF REALITY ( Online) with Amanda Gifford

I am still visioning the online courses for next year. I am thinking of combining it with a Systemic Constellations Training – Foundation Module 2015 and making part of the training into a Shamanic Process of working though the levels of the Great Alchemical Purification Process. I dont have a set date yet for that. The idea is to offer Foundational Courses in The Nature of Reality throughout the year and then look at a 3 fold exploration of that including Constellations, Blissdance ( including Tantra Basics) and Buddha Brats Remedies. This would be a year long ONLINE course with workshops and remedies.

Much Love. AMANDA
Please email me for Visioning & Personal Coaching for the New Year 2015 sessions: EMAIL: CELL: 078 499 6472 SMS with name & number if you cant get hold of me.
I am in JHB until end of Dec.

My personal testimonial by Amanda after SOUL Science 2013 Seminar at Adams Calendar

Testimonial of my New Earth Initiation .. From Dec 2 2013 after the SOULScience event at Adams Calendar: Almost a year ago. “The Soulscience event was a beautiful, rare event that i am blessed to have managed to land and ground. It was an initiation of the deepest order about how to birth to a higher frequency – the new earth – and almost as a result got plunged into the darkness. I had such a huge amount to overcome to make it happen. Facing fears, owning mirrors, facing abandonment, judgements, speaking my truth, deep deep fear, having to let go of my ego ( the ring of power), let go of control, let go of some of what and who was precious to me in order to find loyalty to myself. Once i have recovered from the depth of the initiation, i will write about it more. it was grueling. but love got me through. In the depths of despair, i let it go, thinking that my dream will never come through, thinking that it would be dangerous to continue, and at the last minute i found love of those who have given to me unconditionally and i found the strength to continue beyond my humanity. i am changed forever. This site is not only a place of physical gold but a place of the philosophers stone, a place of deep power, and endless lessons and contemplations and personal initiation. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this small but HUGE event to the world. It was my personal dream to celebrate and acknowledge the goddess,the mother of humanity – mami, the sacred feminine, the mother land, celebrate and plant seeds of consciousness of all of us as gods, and that that is planted into the womb of the earth and in doing that, bring balance to a past of deep wounding for woman through religeon so that we call all love to a new earth and an unpolarised state. Thank you to everyone who helped look at the path of the initiate and the ability to do things that are greater than ourselves. Working with the energy of the goddess and the mother brough both death and rebirth. This was a death of ego, a death of control, death of judgement, death of needing to be perfect, death of being able to control outcomes, having to look at what Miceal Ledwith calls the 4 diseases of the mind (need for approval, fear of abdandonment, etc) and i have to go through all of it and through what seemed like impossible odds for me- going through psychic attacks that made it feel like i was going to die, plunged into the archon network of control, and massive resistance and confusion, trauma in the unseen against me being there and this event coming down the pipeline, plus the hardest morphogenetic field of memory in the world to try and transform, somehow unconditional love and forgiveness of self and the knowledge that its enough to do our best, plus using the resources – the teachings of from alchemy to deeper order from my teacher, ramtha, who reminded me its not about anyone else – hense letting go of victim consciousness, plus the unconditional love of my mother, my teacher, plus praying for protection from higher beings, friends, to help to bring it all about, somehow it was born – wrinkled and imperfect, but alive and beautiful in its soul purpose – hence the birth of the soul child. Epic. There is so much to say about all that happened to me and no doubt the whole journey will unfold in time and much will be revealed. I have learnt so much. i am totally changed from the experience. Thanks to all who helped support this event friend and fo for all are the same in the light. There are many messages here. The one is that you dont have to be perfect to create the future, all you have to do if follow your passion, use what you have, credit yourself for your worth, own your own shadows, and use the Hooponopono mantra alot – i am sorry, please forgive me, thank you for what you gave, i love you. As we move into this new earth, alot of forgiveness is going to be needed. This place earth, is like a battle field with so much hurt, truama, confusion and sadness in its history. We got caught in this field and could barely get to just be together in love. This is our task. How can we find a way to pull together as humanity. To rise above it, is to forgive ourselves and others for so much that has gone down in this place. Thank you to everyone who helped seed and birth this small diamond. Bless you. May it be inspiration to all of you that you dont have to be perfect. Just do what you can with what you have and somehow the way will unfold if its birthed in love ultimately. Whew. What a journey.” Amanda Gifford

WILLIAM BROWN Quantum Physicist, Hawaii and WILLEM SMUTS Quantum Health practioner, Johannesburg DIALOGUE ON FREE ENERGY 4 Nov 2014

WILLIAM BROWN Quantum Physicist, Hawaii and WILLEM SMUTS Quantum Health practioner, Johannesburg DIALOGUE ON FREE ENERGY 4 Nov 2014

Load shedding problems, the answer is on its way, and there is also Inner work required. See this exciting excerpt from the conversation Amanda Gifford and I had with leading Quantum Biologist William Brown from the Resonance Project Foundation on Hawaii , I asked him about a Free Energy generating device…:
[09:18:05] William Brown: We are actually building a free-energy device here at the Resonance Project Foundation. There are many devices that are over-unity, and some of them can be built with relatively in-expensive materials. It’s more about the geometry and arrangement, doesn’t necessarily require “exotic” materials, or even complicated engineering. Fractal antennas for instance, which are bountiful in the biological system. The over-unity device being constructed here may have the capacity to generate large amounts of energy, it could be a major breakthrough
[09:18:42] Willem Smuts: Wow!
[09:19:28] Willem Smuts: Is the device dependent on a level of consciousness, Charles Eisenstein felt that these devises will only work once those that are involved with it shift into Free Energy, or Abundance thinking for themselves, as well as those that use it?
[09:24:15] William Brown: That is perhaps a ‘Physical law’ – I believe it is certainly the case. That is one of the reasons that despite having ample opportunities in the past to construct such devices, going back hundreds of years (if you go back thousands of years they had such devices.. think pyramids), the level of consciousness – or more the focus of our collective consciousness was such that a free-energy, or over-unity device was not reflective of the reality we were creating. Now that is changing, through our collective work no less. Interestingly, this device had previously been built in a prototype version, and I have had many interactions with it. Surprisingly, it is very much “tapped” into that fundamental field – which we would call the source consciousness. These devices, as such, may serve as direct interfaces with our higher consciousness, so that they will be an engine, and a “supercomputer”, so to speak, all in one.
[09:27:16] William Brown: Since the source consciousness is synonymous with the fundamental spacetime field – and the curvature of spacetime is what creates the gravitational force – they can potentially serve as gravitational control devices.. i.e. gravitational dipoles. We may one day use such devices for interstellar travel – and our spacedrives will know also serve as the control of the ship – our interface with our higher consciousness – perhaps being the mechanism by which we navigate the vastness of multidimensional reality.
[09:27:51] Willem Smuts: So in a sense the world first will need to be prepared to be in the consciousness of Abundance. perhaps one can start by setting up Spiritual Communities where the device can function?
[09:31:35] William Brown: Willem – yes, I believe you are absolutely right. That is one of the reasons that we cultivate and practice a very spiritual-based community here at the Resonance Project. We have many amazing people that see this very clearly – and have not only directly stated when they feel that there is not proper alignment for bringing this technology into realization, but serve very delignetly to promote that atmosphere here at the project. Nassim is very prescient – and knows how to keep this sort of balance here in a work and living environment.

Quantum Biologist William Brown and Quantum Health practioner Willem Smuts dialogue

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Quantum Biologist William Brown from Resonance Foundation Project Hawaii and Quantum Health practioner Willem Smuts from Johannesburg South Africa dialogue- 4th Nov 2014

William Brown
Willem Smuts

Bodies of Light, Shifting Awareness and Duality/ Non Duality Dialogues….

And here is some more on Biology as Quantum Biologist William Brown from Hawaii Resonance Foundation expressed this morning, ultimately that we are light…:
[08:57:11] Willem Smuts: And in terms of Quantum Biology , what are you seeing ?
[08:59:22] William Brown: Quantum biology is where memory is built, and hence the mind, and dualistic,or conceptual awareness
[09:02:27] Willem Smuts: Are you saying that Biology always has a dualistic experience, the we need to go beyond biology to experience Non-Duality?
[09:04:02] William Brown: Not exactly, it just takes a little extra work to tap into the more fundamental level at which biology is functioning – we can focus our awareness below the level of the biomolecule to the fundamental spacetime fabric, wherein we experience non-dualistic awareness, Oneness, and the eternal now moment
[09:05:18] Willem Smuts: And when we do that, wouldn’t that change the Biology fundamentally, infusing it with light so to speak?
[09:06:52] William Brown: Yes I believe so, and absolutely, at that level not only can we become aware of the fact that we are just light, but we can also feel the body being light.
[09:06:56] Willem Smuts: What about animals, do you think they live in Duality or are they at one , but just without Awareness?
[09:07:40] Willem Smuts: and in a sense the body doesn’t exist then, its just light, and we can then do the miraculous …?
[09:09:58] William Brown: It is a gradation – animals more closely related to, or resembling the level of complexity of the human being will experience a degree of duality, they will have a sense of self-awareness. Fundamentally, the experience of duality is what gives living organisms the “motivation” for survival, however many organisms will exhibit this to varying degrees. So there are animals that have a much more non-dualistic awareness, it is most polarized in humans.
[09:10:59] William Brown: In terms of the body being made of light, and everything else as well.. yes this is again absolutely the case. It can be transmuted, as can everything we experience. In this sense, there is no “solidarity” or permanence. All things can be transmuted, or shifted by consciousness.
[09:11:52] Willem Smuts: Wonderful.
[09:12:30] William Brown: soon we will have our publication available that describes all of this in much greater detail as well.

Sacred Sexuality – Awareness, Non Duality & Core States.. The Journey Continues

Hi Beloveds

Christmas is coming. Exciting & Opening times we are having…!!! Just had an enlightening conversation with William Brown and Willem Smuts on some fabulous topics of the nature of reality and consciousness… We will let you know when that Skype conversation is ready. Have you put your wishes clearly onto the wishing well of the Quantum Field for 2015 yet? Quantum Zero Point Manifestation Infinity Tree of Life? Come do that with us in our workshops.

SESSIONS WITH AMANDA available to work with your hidden dynamics and unconscious patterning,  Coaching – Constellate Your Business, Your Work, Your Future and let yourself Live your Dream. I have 8 spaces available for a 12 week journey of Self Revelatory  Group Drama Therapy process which will start in mid to end January next year. Let me know if you are interested.

What happening in NOVEMBER

YOUTUBE Interview coming up …

.. a fabulous Youtube discussion between Myself ( Amanda Gifford) with leading Quantum Biologist William Brown in Hawaaii & Quantum health practioner Willem Smuts in South Africa. We are going to talk about the Nature of Reality, Consciousness, Awareness, Non Duality, The Body, Multidimensional Awareness, Consciousness Technology, Free Energy, Community and More.

Follow my Youtube Interviews on my Youtube Channel for those posts.

SESSIONS, TALKS & WORKSHOPS- Exploring the Weave of Existence

JHB: 4th November: SACRED SEXUALITY and Tantric Touch work by Tan Trix ( Roberta) tonight at 7pm for 7:15pm in JHB, Cosmic Studio, Naturally Yours Health Centre, Bryanston. R150.

JHB: 15th Nov LABYRINTH WORKSHOP ( Saturday morning workshop) – with Lauren Amy Hofmeyer, Willem Smuts & Amanda Gifford – Labyrinth Sound Journey, Blissdance & Constellations Workshop from 9am – 12pm. The Labyrinth is the structure of the self, the soul, the brain, inner and outer realms.


JHB: 25th Nov – with Pashianti – TANTRA WORKSHOP ON BOUNDARIES with international Tantra teacher.

7th Dec: AVATAR Workshop – Try on Your Avatar self. Listen to the whispers of the finer Weave of Existence.



DURBAN: 8, 9th Nov – BLISSDANCE – GOLD DRAGON Workshop KZN – Wirikuta – Creation, Existence, Kundalini, Awareness, and Unified Fields.


12 – 14th DEC: HEAVEN ON EARTH – GOLD BLISS DANCE RETREAT at Shamballa Centre, Cape Point, Cape Town.

Constellating and then Dancing 2015
Willem Smuts – Amanda Gifford.

CAPE TOWN DANCING THE DREAM AWAKE 2015 – CAPE TOWN – Dates Pending… February 2015

ONLINE COURSE – 1 YEAR –  EROS OF ENLIGHTENMENT & ENLIGHTENMENT OF EROS – which will include a monthly package with a remedy, online coaching, courses etc.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Online Course Begins in January with AMANDA GIFFORD & Other Co- facilitators during the year – 1 year course. What is the Nature of Reality? What is Enlightenment – WHAT IS Eros – What is Consciousness? What is Awareness? How does Tantra fit into that?

Some of the modules and topics will include.
Alchemy – Burn – Fire – Water – Bliss – Femme Fatale – Karma Sutras – Dakini Journey – Death – Rainbow Bodies – Bodies of Light – Levels of Frequency and Consciousness – Science of Universal Life – SOUL – Light Coded Matrix Unlocking DNA – Family Constellations – Listening to the Voices of the Characters including Body Talk – Connecting to a self chosen Timeline from Multiple Timelines – Sacred Fires – Monthly Modules, Science of Consciousness Online Course, Wisdoms & Practices -with Adamas’s DNA Tattooing Homeopathic Remedies from Medicine Buddhas, Karma Burns, Frequency of Gold, Flying Trees, Iboga Journeys, plus other practioners bringing in Bliss Fields, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Female Archetypes, Alchemical Chocolate, Cacao and Abundance much more.

I am opening this year to include the course of flow of abundance, drifitng, plus synchronicity and following your own joy and how to follow that path to take you to abudance as part of the course too. I want to know how to make this course affordable. Not sure what to price it at yet. If you are interested let me know. We can chat.