AISHA SALEM – FIRE OF TRUTH in Johannesburg 9, 10th February 2015

SPECIAL EVENT – Aisha is an awakened being. This event should not be missed. Please help by sending this out to all those who would be interested including meditation circles, buddhist retreat centres, spiritual circles etc.

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AISHA SALEMS – FIRE OF TRUTH (Johannesburg/ Magaliesburg) Evening Satsang on the 9th Feb & 1 Day Intensive 10th Feb 2015
Early bird available R1000 until 15th Jan.

We are thrilled to announce that Aisha Salem will bring her Fire of Truth and Lightning Bolts to Johannesburg on the Monday evening of the 9th February and whole day Intensive in Magaliesburg on the 10th Feb 2015 after her tour in Cape Town. She is an inspirational International teacher of Fire of Truth.

Johannesburg/ Magaliesburg Schedule.

9th Feb – JHB – Evening Satsang R150
Time: arrive at 7pm to register. Cash at the door. Please RSVP. Satsang Time: 7:30 – 10pm
Venue: Cosmic Studio Top Floor of Naturally Yours Health Centre, Corner Main Road and Culross in Bryanston – venue website

10th Feb – JHB – 1 day Intensive R1200 (Early Bird R1000 if paid before the 15th of January.) Email with Proof of Payment

INTENSIVE Time: Arrive at 9am for tea and settling in. Walk the labyrinth.

Start at 9:30am for 10 – 5pm

Venue: Melody Hill Yoga Studio, Magaliesburg next to Back Horse Restaurant and De Hoek Guest Lodge. 1 hour drive from Johannesburg. Accommodation available. On registration and payment i will send and post maps and directions. If stuck Google Black Horse Restaurant or De Hoek for Maps and Directions. Melody Hill is between them on the same side of the road.

All payments upfront.
Please send payments

Sooooo excited.

Aisha is a Being carrying The Keys of Truth for the Ones ready, willing and able to receive and apply them. She travels the world, giving Satsangs and retreats, offering her facilitation in Self-realization and Awakening.

Aisha’s teaching is based on the realisation of Source through 3 dimensions of Being – the Head, the Heart and The Stomach.

The recognition of Truth through the 3 angles of Being, in their merging, leads to the alignment of our Beings with the recognition of Truth surrendered as Clarity, Love and Power.

The Full Embrace of Truth – as Aisha refers to It – is the continuation of realisation, which doesn’t settle or stop, but carries realisation to its Ultimate Potential of Knowing Reality across every cell of the human vehicle – Through all 3 dimensions and into Full Being – as the True Incarnation, which is the embodiment and living reality of Truth in form.

In Satsang, All are invited into the Fire of Being with Aisha. At the outset, Satsangs are question/answer-based meetings, wherein everything from the basics of embracing Truth to deep consciousness transmissions may take place – but basically Anything can happen in the company of Aisha.

Through more than a decade, Aisha’s dedication has brought her Being through the completion of her individual story, into fulness as pure love, onwards to the realisation of Truth beyond existence and back into the emergence as the True Incarnation.

You are invited to Face Reality In an Intimate Meeting with Yourself – surrendering into the Essence and Truth of your Being – as Clear Mind, Pure Heart and your True Incarnation. Consciousness – realization of Truth through the Heart-space

The realization of Truth through the Heart-space gives way for the recognition of The Self (Self-realization) through purification of Consciousness. It is the revelation of Absolute Love happening in the emergence as pure Heart – the Universal Being.

To truly realize and stabilize as pure Consciousness we must fully Die into the Fire of Love. Through the full surrender, realization becomes the revelation of Cosmic consciousness, in the burning away of the rim between our self and The Self. It removes every separation from- and limitation within Life itself. In the total delivery, the Vibration of pure Life-force overtakes the body as the operation of the Impersonal Being of Love.

The Full surrender rewires the body gradually, deleting past and conditioning. Through surrender we enter ever higher states of consciousness, lose the body-identification by expanding our Being deeply into the Universe, and in it pass beyond any human need to the revelation of pure Being’s Immortality. Our Body becomes recognized as the Universal Life-force – pure Presence breathing heavily through the body’s cells.



Venue: 9th Feb – Naturally Yours Health Centre – Top Floor.
Venue: 10th Feb: Melody Hill Yoga Studio, Magaliesburg.
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BOOKING DETAILS – All payments to be made before hand. Please email me with Proof of Payment.

See you in the Dragon Fire.