Family Constellations Workshop

Family Constellations Workshop with Amanda
Date: Saturday 26th Nov
Time: 3 – 7:30pm
Cost: R800 to Constellate ( 1 Place left)

Next One will be in Bali at the New Earth Haven – Constellating the New Earth Jan 2018

I got constellated this past Saturday. Watching the different elements of me move in the constellation was moving, painful, and liberating. It stepped up a notch when Amanda asked me to take my role in the constellation, and move with my elements from the ‘problem’ to the ‘solution’. It was much more difficult than my representative had made it seem. Amanda kept a steady flow of encouragement, “Just keep moving”, until I did move, and my elements moved with me.__We ended up ‘home’, in a standing, gentle flowing embrace.It was a privilege to experience. Nick

My Constellation experience with Amanda was truly amazing. Being in a supportive role allowed me to hold space for another person’s constellation and to connect with that person’s story and to see how that plays out in my own life.

My own constellation was a beautiful and profound experience. _
To see my story from the outside allowed me to step away from it and to have a look at it from a different angle… To see it with new light. And it seems that with the constellations we are able to see the light in our story and not just the shadows and darkness._

Definitely for everyone… Whether you are willing to work with something… Or aware of something that you need to work with and resist to work with it… Or simply when you feel stuck and in your process. Brenda

On Saturday 29 October 2016 I attended one of Amanda Gifford’s family constellation session for the first time and I loved the whole energy of the event. I experienced Amanda’s facilitation as very creative and therapeutic. There was so much natural movement , music and inherent song, life-enhancing creative flow and expression happening in the session. I got the sense of deeply accessing our subconscious patterns in a creative and colourful way. Thank you Amanda and the group for such an enriching experience. Willem Smuts

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