By Dr S V Bulatov – registered homeopath

I have known the principles of the family constellations for many years but had never participated.

My first experience with Amanda was very enlightening and empowering although it was not done on me. I just have been invited to assist the group.

I have realized that the family constellations are based on the following principles:

  1. The 11th commandment: “Love one another…” and “Faith without deeds is dead”. Each one of us had the pure intention to help the others and acted on it with truthful words, role play and dynamic movement.
  2. The fundamental laws of quantum physics:

-the least effort creates the biggest ripple effect;

-the one quant of the right energy balances the whole system.

      3. The practical application of Einstein-Podolski-Rosen experiment.

      4. Releasing the bondage created by the sins of the ancestors from the father and mother side and soul ties in present life.

      5. Releasing the negative effects from the morphic field that we have been exposed to during our life.

      6. The tremendous power of truthful words/role play/dynamic movements vs focused thoughts/intentions sent to another person like in hoponopono.

      7. The ease of expression in participants due to the playful, free flow, non-judgemental nature of the process.

      8. The spontaneous connection with the intuition, conscience and inner child without any mind interference.

      9. The instant transformation that takes place.

10. The profound positive effect that is created in the individual, group, community, human population, solar system and all galaxies.” Dr Bulotov

“Being part of the family constellation has helped me realize that some of the problems we experience are not just new issues they are a chain from our  past and some are linked with our ancestors and more importantly I learnt that acceptance and positive attitude is what makes a person be able to address issues. The constellation has healing movements, It teaches deep love towards family and our loved ones.. And mostly it makes us new people. At the end of the day it’s about the roots I’m glad I attended the constellation and I’m looking forward to many more. Thank you.” Zanele (August 2017)