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Immortality Is A Vibrational Remedy Alchemised From The Frequency Of The Immortal Jellyfish

Immortality is the core vibrational remedy that forms the center piece of The Immortal Trinity. It takes you on a jounery of complete regenration and radical rebirth.

It reverses the ageing process as it activates stem cells returning not only your skin to an earlier version of itself, but your entire body. It miraculously works through your entire being clearing unconscious cellular memory and trauma from where ever it is stored in your body, freeing your from the dis-ease states this creates. 

As it is regenerating new stem cells it is realigning you to your natural innate blueprint, and as this happens, old pains, old injury’s, dis-ease states have the ability to subside from the body as it receives the message to return to an earlier healthier version of itself.

Immortality is created from the frequency of the Immortal jellyfish which has the ability to completely regenerate its structure when it gets old or injured, returning to its younger self. This message to the cells of regeneration activates undifferentiated stem cells that can then be used to regenerate any part of its structure, returning it to a healthy version of itself prior to injury or disease.

This miracle of nature has been captured in a form our bodies can understand and is now available as immortality the vibrational remedy.

No Jellyfish are harmed, and the ingredients are frequency based, there are no stem cells in the remedy, the bodies own stem cells are activated and are creating miraculous results as the body regenerates itself.

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