AMANDA GIFFORD MA Counselling Psychology
Health Professional Council of SA Registered 
MA Drama Therapy California Institute of Integral Studies San Francisco USA 2004. Honours University of Cape town, South Africa 1994.

Amanda is a transformer. A dreamer. An earth angel. A Star Child. A change agent and a sweetheart. She can help people transform as a result of relating to her. She has a sense of her own personal power and has done a good amount of inner and outer work to dive in deep with her clients. She will help you work with the idea of BEING DIVINE ORDER. She works with you to resolve the question Who Am I? She will help you with metamorphosis on a deep soul level. Some say she is “from the future” and far out there in her work bring things from the periphery into your awareness. She is a visionary and a prophet in her work and will help you bring new concepts into your mind and body. She is also good with the Underworld work at the same time as being able to hold the weird and wonderful and she has an amazing sense of idealism and imagination to tap into all potential.

She is Drama Therapist in private practice who currently lives, trains and consults in Johannesburg, South Africa in the North of Johannesburgcropped-cropped-IMG_31061.jpg
.  She has a Masters in Counselling Psychology majoring in Transpersonal Orientation to Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco California graduating in 2003, a BA and BA Honours from University of Cape Town in English and Drama.  Amanda has a private practice in Johannesburg offering sessions for individuals, couples, families, business groups, NGOS and community.

Amanda has a Youtube Channel called geniustv Where you can find out a bit more about her passions

She also offers bespoke training to businesses. Her speciality is inspiration, motivation and innovation. She works with her own unique content that combines many years of training.

Where do I begin? I am really grateful for your workshop. It was full of simplicity and “genius”. In a moment I changed realities. Thanks for facilitating it and providing the time and space for me to grow. Exited for more!” Reality and New Timelines Workshop by Amanda. Elisa Pico-Reig – Isagenix 20th May 2011 USA
THANK YOU for such a brilliant workshop today, I am beyond excited and it was such an honour to have the experience with both of you.” Nancy Hinckyldene ( 1 August 2010)
“Absolutely amazing afternoon! Had an awesome evening communicating … Thank you both for being amazing and allowing the genius to flow!” Grant Williamson Rand Merchant Bank ( 1st August 2010)

Executive Systemic Coach, Drama Therapist and Facilitator of individual and group learnings through creativity and play, Team Buildings, Confidence Building, Assertiveness Training, Power Speaking, Stress management, and more using the latest in leadership learning methodologies with facilitation style bringing in Integral, Interactive & Innovative methods including Organisational Systems Constellations, Psychodrama, Circling & Authentic Relating and Presencing in Leadership work in Johannesburg. Amanda also has a private practice in Johannesburg runs workshops for the public.

Amanda is a qualifed Counselling Psychologist HPCSA Registered Drama Therapist with an MA Counselling Psychology, Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in SF, CA, USA; a Family Constellations facilitator, trainer and Drama Therapist.

Specialties: Family and Organisational Systems Constellations and Drama Therapy Sessions. Innovation Playgrounds, Inspiration and Change.