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When man and woman have forgotten who they are, Ix Cacao will return!
Since we all know the role of Chocolate and the subconscious mind as Lyn Buchanan points out in the book the 7th Sense, we are going to include some more Chocolate Workshops for all of u. 
We have two Workshops coming up this month to help us find joy and bliss in times of major Awakening.They are both introducing you to the use of Cacao better known as Chocolate.
1.) The first workshop was already online and there will be another one 5th June 2021 and is an introduction as to how to make Cacao – A bit about the History of Cacao, the ingredients, how they work for you as superfoods, different ways that they can be prepared, preparation temperature, attitudes, intentions and more. The first Workshop costs R300 or $21 via paypal.
2.) The Second workshop is ZOOM workshop for people internationally, this will be a sacred space where we will use the blissful upliftment of the Embodiment of our Journey through the layers of ourselves towards the Void where we can dream our reality enter the new dream. We exist beyond visible light, and so as we journey to the point zero in the Labyrinth, we move past our seen and our knowns into an unwavering, deeper than visible light set of frequencies linked in consciousness to deeper states such a Super Consciousness, Ultra Consciousness, and Infinite Unknown ( God Consciousness). As we drop into Quantum States of Consciousness we leave what is visible behind us and we move into the infinite and the tiny invisible orders of consciousness which live in a state of potential until we as Divine observers begin to quantum collapse that reality into a new sacred blue print.

WORKSHOP 2: Beyond the Rainbow, Labyrinth, Constellations Workshop ( Healing with Chocolate) UPGRADE YOUR DNA & HEAL YOUR SOUL Saturday the 22nd May  ZOOM – Space for 12. Time: 12:00 AM – 4PM ZOOM – FULLY BOOKED!
Much love Cacao Kuchina’s Amanda & Gabriel
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