2022 Q Lab Family Constellations & Remote Viewing Basics Training with Amanda Gifford

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Q Lab Family & Systems Constellations & Remote Viewing through Constellations Basics Training Curriculum with Amanda Gifford 2022

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What’s New… Amanda will be starting a Quantum Embodiment Family Constellations training which will be 17 days over 12 – 17 months 2022/23.

Spooky action at a distance.

INTRO DAY FOR CONSTELLATIONS: To Be Confirmed. Family Constellations Workshop and an Intro to Family Constellations. First Constellation of the year.


Our first event here will be a Family Constellations Quantum Embodiment Foundation Training with Amanda Gifford on the

1.) 17th, 26th & 27th of Feb 2022 Foundation Course Module 1: Intro to the Knowing Field , Quantum Science, Consciousness and Practical

2.) 17th, 26th & 27th of March 2022 Foundation Course Module 2:  Basic introduction to Constellations Systems Theory, Image Theatre and the art of embodiment and externalizing the system, Psychodrama, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and phenomenology, Remote Viewing.

3.) 17th April 2022

4.) All Dates still to be confirmed based on availability of participants.

This Foundation Training does NOT make you a facilitator but you need to complete it to go onto the ADVANCED modules for Facilitator Training.


Choose your advanced track qualification from attending Constellations Workshops throughout the year.

17 days of training over 12-17 months .

You can make up your training from the Family Constellations workshops Amanda runs throughout the year as well as others highly skilled trainers. You must attend some international facilitator trainings as part of your training 4 – 6 days.

17 Days of Family Constellations Workshops direct experience
4 – 6 days with other international Family Constellations facilitators
(price not included in training)
25 hours of self organised peer group sessions
2 mentoring sessions later in the year
2 days group supervision


You need to have a personal embodiment practice like yoga or dance and meditation practices to work with your intuition and 3rd eye. ( inner site)

4.) International Training Modules: with Gui, Stephan Hausner, Tanja Meyburgh can be done in your training

In take starts in Feb for the Foundation Course.
Please email theinnovationplayground@gmail.com or phone 078 499 6472 to find out more.

Foundation Training (maximum 17 participants)

102 hours (17 days over 12- 17 months) contact tuition & experiential learning

The structure of this foundational training will incorporate the basics of Family Constellations Training listed below largely guided by African Constellations training and trainings will be provided by a variety of trainers for electives and will be aligned to International Qualification standards and to Systems Constellations Association of South Africa.

The idea of Constellating the Future or Potential Futures, Creating the Future in the Field, Remembering the Future and the Science and ideas behind this will be explored as a large part of the training in some of the electives. This method will look at the science of Innovation, Time, Quantum Physics, Consciousness Models, the latest in Neuroscience, the Morphic Fields by Rupert Sheldrake and epigenetics by Bruce Lipton and much more….

Over the course  17 days of training modules with Amanda Gifford – over 12 – 17 months you will cover in no set order…

1. Basic introduction to Constellations Systems Theory, Image Theatre and the art of embodiment and externalizing the system, Psychodrama, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and phenomenology, Remote Viewing.

2. Contracts, Boundaries, Preparing the space, Safety, Group Rules and Follow-up
3. International history and background of Constellations and cross-disciplinary theoretical influences
4. Fundamentals of Constellations
• Orders of Love
• Intention Setting
• Belonging, Balance and Order
• Conscience
• Healing Sentences
• “The Knowing Field”

5. Ethical considerations and code of conduct
6. Resources: identifying and working with
7. The interview: questions, issue, outcome / miracle question
8. Genograms, relevant info, people and events to include – the idea of unfinished business
9. Working with representatives (including how to set up, the role of representative, coming out of role and aftercare).
10. The Bow – honouring and surrendering in a Constellation.
11. Different Approaches: Classical Constellations, Movements of the Soul & Movements of Spirit-mind
12. Assignments cover student’s own family research, construction of family genogram and research topic based on personal family entanglements.
13. Specific themes presented by student’s based on research topic (ie, adoption, addiction, illness)
14. Contra-indication for constellations
15. The role of the facilitator
• Facilitator Role: as Coach; Shaman; Guide; Mentor etc
• Centering and Presence
• Self-care
• Seeing vs interpretation
• Knowing vs not knowing – the role of knowing
• Checking with the client. Client Centred.

16. Constellations in individual therapy (visualization, figures, papers)
17. Practical Experience constellating one on one
18. Peer group technique
19. Supervised group constellation facilitation

Prescribed Reading:
Lyn Buchanan – The Seventh Sense
Roahl Dahl – The Wonderful Tale of Henry Sugar
Love’s Hidden Symmetry – Hellinger
No Waves without the Ocean – Hellinger
In my mind’s eye – Franke
FC Basic Principles and Procedure – Schneider

Recommended Reading:
Art and Practice – Ulsamer
Even if it costs me my life – Hausner
Images of the Soul – van Kamenhout
Peace begins in the soul – Hellinger
Farewell – Hellinger
Invisible Dynamics – Horn and Brick
The River Never Looks Back – Franke