When Amanda works with couples she uses a basic format which will discuss where the couple is at now, where they want to be and then there will be a few more creative techniques to help them explore ways to get to where they want to be. They will then have their road map which can be broken down into smaller steps.

It’s a process of learning about self mastery and self awareness as well as values and communication as well as accessing their own KNOWING about the best way forward.

I feel role reversal is a key in dealing with couples issues. This is seeing something from the other persons perspective. Often couples get stuck in their own perspective. They need a place to hear each others point of view. There may also be a wound from their own upbringing that is being repeated. For example a feeling of not being valued. Then they have to learn to value themselves. Couples also have the answers to their own situation. They just need help finding it.

Because Amanda is a trained and registered Therapist with a specialisation in Drama Therapy ( Use of Theatre techniques like role reversal, narrative, drawing, mapping the road forward etc) she will use a few psychodrama techniques with the couple including role reversal. She will also use a few techniques that tap into Family Constellations methods. Family Constellations is a therapy method that draws on Zulu Traditional Wisdom and what is known as the Orders of Love. The individuals need to be each seen and honoured for where they are at. In the case of an affair, the person needs to be included in the system and honoured for their role ( not cut out).

I will send more about that if you are interested.

Amanda Gifford
MA Counselling Psychology, HPCSA registered Arts Therapist Practice Number 0266663
Cell: 078 499 6472

‘Be who you are say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind’ – Dr Seuss

Find your Zen Zone.

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