Dr Rodrigo Online Training 9th July via Zoom

Hi All, 
So exciting. We have a fabulous training with Dr Rodrigo on Sunday. He’s a great teacher. So passionate. There will be time for Q&A at the end but Dr Rodrigo has asked for NO medical questions for this workshop.
Looking forward to the workshop on Sunday. Some of you will not be online on Sunday but we will send you the video afterwards. We will open the Zoom call an hour before the workshop to help you all get in on time and maybe even to introduce ourselves to each other a bit. Please note that if by any chance you don’t have a good connection or can’t get in, we will send you the link afterwards. Please make sure you know the platform of zoom and once the workshop has started it might not be so easy to help you at that point. 
Here is another platform for us to communicate via Facebook ( if that is your thing) as we are not all from South Africa if you are on Facebook and want to be a part of this online support group for the workshop please send me a friend request asking to be in the group and I will put you in the group. If I have already put you in and you don’t want to be in, please let me know.

This is a support group for the international group that is gathering for Dr Rodrigos 3 hour Online workshop via Zoom on Sunday the 9th of July at 8am Pacific Time or 5pm South Africa time.

We will use this space to be a community, support you technically although if we can all use the WhatsApp group that would be good and to share information. Please also note that we have a whatsapp group for technical support. We will be starting the Zoom call at 8am PST (West Coast of America time) and 5pm South African Time on Sunday the 9th of July. We will be available for an hour before to make sure everyone is able to get online. If you cant get online we will send you a download of the training afterwards.

Please join this Facebook group if you are on Facebook or send us your cell numbers ( with international dialing codes on whatsapp and we will add you to that group. We will have people on different time zones.

Willem Smuts is technical help and you can reach him via the whatsapp group or here in this group if you need help.

This workshop will be 2 hours of teaching by Dr Rodrigo and an hour of Q&A. No medical questions.

If you are paying from South Africa, please make sure you have paid Amanda Gifford


AMOUNT: R660. FNB BANKING DETAILS AMANDA GIFFORD Business Cheque account Number 62471627425 MELROSE ARCH Branch code 254405 REF: RODRIGO please use my cell phone for proof of payment 078 499 6472

and if you are paying from the USA please send $50 via PayPal please: rvildosola1000@hotmail.com

For other questions Amanda Gifford :

amanda@geniuslab.co.za or whatsapp me +27 784996472

or Willem Smuts wjsmuts@gmail.com or whatsapp +27 82 458 1031

Thanks so much.

See you Sunday.

Dr Rodrigo Online Workshop 9 July 2017.pdf