INNOVATION JUMP with Amanda: The Yoga of Time Travel for Business

INNOVATION JUMP TRAINING for Corporate Innovation – with Amanda Gifford presented at Innovation Conference JHB 2013.
Getting on the Timeline of Success
Amanda Gifford, Co Founder Geniuslab,
Presented at Innovation Conference Johannesburg 2013.
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Jump: The Yoga of Time Travel for Innovation –written by Amanda Gifford, Co Founder Geniuslab, Speaker at the Innovation Conference Johannesburg 2013.

‘Why,  “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,’ says the White Queen (Alice in Wonderland)

In order to understand the yoga of time travel we must embrace the Alice in Wonderland story as a tale about the nature of reality. There are two worlds, a linear world and a non-linear world. In the one world there is time, in the other, no-time – only energy, frequency and information. These could be streams of consciousness. One slower, more linear, more physical, and one much faster, where all things exists simultaneously and every potential exists. Like a Quantum Madhatter, you can travel between time and timelessness to enhance your innovation edge. Lets go down this Rabbit Hole of TimeTravel and learn the art of living backwards in time, like Merlin, who said” I…  was born at the wrong end of time, and I have to live backwards from in front! ”

In everyday consciousness we would experience time as one directional i.e. Past, Present and Future. In order to change our reality, we must stand in the river of now and cast a new mind upstream. Reality will reorganise and give you the wisdom of your changes streaming back. Our consciousness can act as a search engine for innovative ideas, surfing potential time-lines and bringing back information from the ‘web’ of Universal Unfixed, Fluxing, Quantum Fields of Infinite Possibility into your Now Consciousness. You are accessing as Rupert Sheldrake calls it, your Extended Mind. Fresh pressed futures to your doorstep. Otto Scharmer mentions it as Presencing the Future.

It takes a while for our dreams and ideas to fully get to us though. They start as just ideas and need to be integrated into the physical world. When innovating, it’s the blue pill or the red pill, we can go upstream (or down the rabbit hole into the Quantum world) in the imagined river of time and in a mesmerized trance state, cast our dream-line in and fish, dissolving into chaotic ideas from the very fringes and distant horizons of our consciousness into the now or just stay as we are. We only get as great as our tolerance for chaos. As soon as we try and control the unknown, we reorganize everything back to the past. If we can’t imagine or accept unknowns, we wont get it. Just as actor and mystic Neville Goddard says, “The future is the imagination in its creative march!” We must live what is not yet here. We are the outlaws. The rebels. The misfits. We are the Changelings. If the idea seems like heresy, we are on the right track. Bringing in a paradigm shift in thoughts and being is at the heart of my Innovation.

Lets Get Our Neurons Time Travel Ready. Look up and see the new ideas floating in the Quantum Field and grab one. Enter the wish fulfilled and totally imagine better than the best you know, simple but no simpler, it, as real now. Go there in mindless madness. You are time traveling. They say the mystic swims in the same river that the madman drowns in and you certainly cant step in that same river once!

Does that make any sense at all?

Einstein says, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” So think of time as a smorgasbord board that allows us to taste and experience every part of life delicacies and if you have tasted this entire table, jump timelines, to one you want to taste and experience.

Let us not be ‘flatlanders’ who have forgotten how to SPIN! FOLD! BEND! If we want a new reality, punch in new coordinates! Carlos Castaneda calls it our assemblage points, which anchor our reality. We the quantum jumpers, who travel in time, must re-organise our assemblage points to stream 5 dimensional holographic, fractal fresh visions. Thoughts have a frequency signature (like a finger print) to them and organize your specific time and space around you like conductors of your destiny- a giant matrix of consciousness that we can infinitely experience.

In a JUMP coaching sessions, we meet your dream-aligned future self on a potential timeline and while your mind is on that dial, you download that information into the now. You fold time and space, Time travels to you.

There are infinite now’s and we experience them based on our perception. So let your perception change. Let your mind be blown! If we don’t change our outlook, we live in the past. Destiny is malleable, not fixed. Infinite potential is moving around us every second according to the reality we hold in our mind. Innovators download new realities. The matrix must be rewritten. Lets teleport, lets live for 1000 years, lets illuminate the void.

With mind- tech innovation, we can neuro-sculpt designer futures! Focus, imagine, make a future memory of it before it arrives, become one with it, code the field with your own mind for that ‘future’ event; create a frequency signature which you can magnetise it into your life – unless you change your mind. Each point in destiny will have its own GPS.

For the scientists, in the Emerson-Wheeler interpretation of quantum mechanics new universes are being created each attosecond, each one representing one of the myriad possible outcomes of any state of a particle or system of particles. However in Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation of quantum mechanics the state of a particle or system is determined by its interaction with a future wave function that propagates backwards in time. So while we are in a sense splitting into myriad possible states of being in each billionth of a billionth of a second, each representing a complete new universe, it is the backward propagation of our future-mind that determines which state we actually experience from the multitudes. Thus collapsing the wave function of the multiverse probabilities of what we experience, or in the case of the brain, what we think or remember in each moment. extract from research on Quantum Mechanics of the brain, William Brown, PhD

So do remake your Future Self this week with open-minded madness and harness the spirit of time travel and the art of flying – like the yogis –the will to adventure. Imagine all the Unknown You’s waiting to be experienced. With a bit of timeline wizardry, we can be the Ninja’s of time who step into the air of Innovation, being prepared to be born at the wrong end of time and live it backwards.

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