Galactic Star Family Constellations with Amanda Gifford

Galactic Family Constellations with Amanda Gifford. MA Psych Drama Therapy, Family Constellations. Tapping in and Tuning In to the Morphogenetic Field of Consciousness to connect with Star Family Using Family Constellations.

If you can tap into the presence and energy of your Ancestors on Earth then why can you not also contact your Galactic Star Family and Ancient Ancestors (even the Giants). We are going into a galactic age and it’s time to redefine ourselves as Galactic Citizens.

Do you Know about the Annunaki? Do you know the true origins of Humanity? What is the real Genesis story? Do you come from Beyond the North Star, Orion, …What is your Star Lineage …? Wouldn’t you like to reconnect with your Star Family or remember more of who you are? Based on Family Constellations which was created by Bert Hellinger from a 17 year training in African traditional wisdom working with the Zulus and working with the Ancestors, Galactic Family Constellations is an applied Family Constellation method by Amanda Gifford a drama therapist and family constellations facilitator from Johannesburg of tapping into the morphogenetic field or Knowing Field to make contact with your star family or begin to tap into information about yourself and family beyond earth. We come from the stars. Let’s use Family Constellations to tap into our Ancient Star Ancestors and see what they want to tell us. The constellation process uses images and the body experience rather than words or narrative to tap into the superconscious field that downloads to us all knowing. The first image that presents at the beginning of a client’s process is that of their internal picture of their idea of a star family system. We set and intention and From this image the facilitator can offer a working hypothesis of the family message. This is confirmed or added to by the feedback from the representatives. We have worked with the Adams Calendar Stones for example to let them speak and have a voice through us as well as tap into our personal connection to galactic family. Letting the system move to a flow of love through insight and the multifaceted weave of consciousness. Every persons wisdom in the Constellating adds to the healing, connectedness, insight and wellbeing. As the constellation progresses, the hidden dynamics of the system are revealed, messages are received and your mind is opened. Slowly the process moves toward a resolution where the inner image is one where each member of the family has found a good place in the system. This is measured by the bodily ease and comfort that each representative feels. The resolving image is a new inner reality that the client can take with them into their outer world (Hellinger 1998). For more on Amanda go to To book at Long Distance Session with Amanda email.  I will do one Constellation a day for an hour or two for a group. We can have up to 50 people attend.

For more about the Annunaki listen to my interview with Miceal Ledwith.

Long Distance Sessions available for those who cant attend in person.
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