Amanda Gifford is a Gamma Wave Level 1 practitioner trained by Matthew Ryan from Gammawavehealing in Taos.

A Gamma Wave Healing session would include:
Checking-In: accessing energetic information about the client and then starting with a clearing process.

Muscle Testing: Muscle testing is based upon the natural energetic field of the human body. It can be an effective tool to corroborate the information that you receive while working. It is also highly effective in assisting you to make decisions and choices by testing whether or not something is in your Highest Good and Greatest Joy.

Body Scans: Scan a person’s Energy Field for Distortions. This could be perceive this energy in many different ways. Once she has identified the Distortions, she will clear the distorted patterns that you encounter, sending them back to Source for Transmutation.

Reset and Clear Energetic Connective Chords: She will identify, reset and clear Energetic Connective Chords that are imprinted with a negative frequency as a result of Relationships and Traumatic Experiences. She will identify Chords between people as well as connected to Past Lives. This is very valuable in situations like ending a relationship, closing a business or identifying how another person’s energy may be draining your energy.

Facilitate Channeled Readings: She is an active Channel, allowing you to access very detailed information outside the scope of your ordinary consciousness. She will apply this technique with the use of Constellations and sometimes with the help of other modalities like Tarot / Angel Cards, bringing you detailed information like you never have received before. You will also contact Spiritual Guides (Angels, Star Beings, etc) bringing in specific information for the partner you practice with.

This work is to help you accelerate your awakening process.