Letter from Dr Nevorndutt Somaru

Greetings everyone

I just wanted to inform you all of a Family Constellation Workshop that will be running here in Durban on the 24-25 August 2013 and the 19 – 20 October 2013. I will be co-facilitating with a very special and dear friend of mine, Amanda Gifford, who does amazing work through her incorporation of the many aspects of quantum physics, future-self, timelines and the principles of manifestation all in combination with Family Constellation work. Amanda has been kind enough to provide a student discount for those students who wish to attend this workshop (so please refer to the attached workshop flyer for further details). I would also ask that this email be forwarded onwards to others that may be interested. Please note that space is limited and so I would advise you to book as early as possible to secure a place over the weekend of the workshop.

For those of you who do not know what Family Constellations work is about:

Family Constellations and Systemic work is based largely on the observations made by Bert Hellinger, the originator of this work. Hellinger observed that each family has its own conscience which is made up of all the members of the family. A family system normally consists of parents, children, grandparents, the siblings of parents and even the siblings of grandparents. The underlying principle of this work is that if any member of the family is forgotten or rejected from the system, that member will be represented by a later family member, mostly a generation or two later (sometimes several generations later).

So who are these ”forgotten ones”? Forgotten members of a family can be aborted or miscarried children, those that died young or those that have been forced out of the family. For example, when there is the death of an infant, and the child is not mourned, a sibling or even a child from the following generation will represent that child in the family. These representations can take the form of carrying the unacknowledged feelings of the grieving parents or the feelings of the dead child that feels excluded from the family. When a child that has died is not given a proper place within the family, it is neither with the dead, nor with the living, and therefore belongs to no one. The one that represents this child can clearly feel this, a deep sense of not belonging.

Another example of representation of ”forgotten ones” can be: the former partners of parents who are unacknowledged; rejected aunts and uncles (or even grandparents) due to social stigma’s attached to them; loss of a twin sibling etc. These identifications can also apply to victims and perpetrators of past events. For example if a great injustice has been done (murder, ill-gotten gain, the Holocaust, African Slavery, Anglo-Boer War etc) and the “guilty do not own their guilt or are never brought to justice, someone of the next generation will carry that guilt, maybe even become aggressive themselves, or repeat the same pattern. This is also true of the victims of such actions; they too can be represented by future generations.

When a Family Constellation is set up, these hidden truths come to light and such identification with the excluded is clear and visible to all who experience them. It is also through this process that attempts can be made to ”dis-entangle” individuals from being bound to the fates of those that came before them. In this way, individuals can then be able to live their OWN lives and fulfill their own destinies, whatever that may be.

Amanda will probably highlight more on Dr Rupert Sheldrakes work on the morphogenic field, which is said to underpin much of constellation work – but I would just like to say that the morphogenic field is said to be a field of conscious energy that binds all members of a family, race, nation or tribe together. In Family Constellations we attempt to tap directly into this field through simple intention. As each representative stands in their place, they are often able to feel the emotions or feelings of those who they represent. This work is truly amazing to experience, and it is my pleasure to be a part of it.

Warmest regards
Dr Nevorndutt Somaru

Durban Multidimensionality Family Constellations Workshop – 24th-25th August 2013

P.S: If there are further questions on the subject matter or on the workshop itself – please feel free to contact either Amanda or myself via email or our mobile numbers (both of which are located on the attached flyer).