Day workshop.

Keshe technology workshops are quickly becoming the hottest way to learn how to heal yourself and power your life with plasma technology and to build Keshe communities.

Willem Smuts & Amanda Gifford have just finished an amazing 4 day training by Cary Ellis from the USA on Keshe technology and they will share with you how to make GANS (GANS is Gas In a Nano State – Healing Plasma Water) in this workshop. This is an intro to How to Make GANS ( Plasma Water)

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Willem and Amanda will run a series of training workshops teaching different steps of the Keshe Technology.

This is WORKSHOP on GANS making. We will introduce the idea of Plasma Technology and show you how to make it yourself.

Bring and Share picnic/ Lunch Dinner.

For Bookings and Questions Please RSVP to Amanda 078 499 6472 or Willem 082 458 1031 with your name, surname, email address and number of people coming.

We will show you how to make 4 GANS: CO2/ Zinc Gans, Copper GANS, Iron GANS and Zinc GANS. We will demo it.


If you want to make your OWN GANS on Friday night you need to bring: ( Builders Warehouse is a great place for these things)

1. An Old Cell Phone charger which will be opened.

2. Black and White Ever Ready Batteries ( which we will open for Zinc and Carbon rod)

3. Gloves ( garden gloves)

4. 4 Tupperwares – 4 Large Glass Jars – or 4 Empty Cokes bottles with the top cut off. ( or bring a sharp knife)

5. Small Aligator Clips ( its not 100% neccessary)

6. An extension cord to plug your cell phone charger into the wall

7. Sea Salt & a spoon to mix & an empty coke bottle or water bottle.

8. Good Quality Water ( reverse osmosis) We use H2O water its a great supplier of good quality water. There is one in the Pineslopes shopping center near the Spar. Bring about 4 litres.

9. Needle Nose plyers and Newspaper

10. An old iron nail ( not galvinized) look for old used nails.

11. A piece of Copper wire or pipe or Copper Plates or Copper Scrub from Supermarket.

12. Labels and Permanent Makers to put on your jars.

13. Book to make notes.

14. A Box to keep everything in.

15. Spray Bottles ( From Plastic Land next to Builders Warehouse near Pineslopes shopping centre William Nicol and Witkoppen)

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See you all there.

Love Amanda and Willem