Private Practice ( Johannesburg)
Amanda Gifford, MA Psych. Counselling

Therapy Sessions for Individuals

Counselling on any theme including life changes, money, relationship, work.
Group Therapy: Family & Systems Constellations – monthly groups to address various themes.

Amanda offers individual and group therapy influenced by the latest methods and ideas in therapy including my own eccectic mix of drama therapy, psychodrama, developmental transformations, alchemy and family constellations for individuals, couples, families and groups, as well as quantum systems training for family constellations facilitators.

Here is some client feedback.

“Hi Amanda. The weekend had been a profound experience for me…Thank you for the experience. I am definitely interested in further training. Regards. Jeanne Oets – Clinical Psychologist “KZN May 2014

” Dear Amanda Thank you so much for your wise, sensitive, intuitive and compassionate facilitation of a very very special weekend. It felt like a real homecoming to this beautiful work and a privilege to journey with you,..I agree, the work was heart-opening and also healing. My own constellation was very profound and meaningful, and has continued ‘living’ since then- revealing new layers, insights, feelings and offering wonderful support.” Rene S KZN May 2014

“Participating, observing and reflecting of the constellations helped me to experience the healing power of working with systems. It is interesting to see and experience how strangers can connect with the pain, grief and joys of others in a constellation. To be part of the transition and emotional changes of others and myself has inspired me to learn more.” Lucinda.J. Clinical Psychologist May 2014 KZN

What is unique about Amandas approach?

“I believe that each person is able to tap into their own knowing to find solutions. My therapeutic approach engages tapping into the subconscious mind through the head, heart and body actively in the process and incorporates many years of training and experience in diverse fields from psychological and artistic process influenced by various transpersonal, cosmological and spiritual trainings.

At heart I am a transpersonal oriented thinker, using artistic methods to help individuals tap into their own knowing field whilse at the same time also helping them to see things from other peoples perspective.

I work with your thinking, your feeling and your body wisdom to find solutions that empower you in your life. I prefer to help you find your own inner advice and knowing and assist you in finding resources and solutions for yourself – something you often have within you but are unable to access since you are so deeply connected to the problem. In particular, I am able to assist you in shedding light on the recurring patterns that limit you, including those taken on from your family system and previous generations.” Amanda


“Thank you so much Amanda! You are a truly remarkable woman. The experience was absolutely amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have had a very challenging, emotional, unstable past year and I have not done any work on myself for a very long time. This experience was tremendously healing and opened me to positivity and hope once again. It was truly mind blowing to share so much with strangers and feel so safe and with no judgement. Thank you for making this experience possibly for me. The realisation, affirmation, love and acceptance that I received during this experience, It is a gift that I will treasure forever. .” Love Cindy 4th Feb 2014

Systemic Therapy and Family Constellations acknowledge that the human being does not exist in isolation. We are part of a bigger network of relationships of belonging to our families, our cultures, and even our nations. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to break away from our past or the patterning of our families and previous generations. By zooming out, and becoming aware of the bigger picture, it becomes easier to move forward in your own life with a new sense of freedom, resource and strength.

I am registered with the HPCSA and the Board of Healthcare Funders, so you can claim from your medical aid if your option covers psychologists.

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Cancellation Policy for In Person & Remote Sessions

International Clients
Up until 7 days prior to session: fully refundable
7 days prior to session to 3 days prior to session: $25 nonrefundable or R300 is non refundable.
3 days prior to session to 48 hours prior to session: $75 nonrefundable R900 non refundable.
47 hours or less prior to session: nonrefundable