COURSE COSTS: FNB banking details. on request.
Cost of Course R17 000
Special Deal: R500 per day if paid in full for the whole course before 10th of Feb
17 days of training for a Foundation Training in Constellations & Remote Viewing with Amanda Gifford
Q Lab 2022 Intro to Knowing Lab Constellation & Remote Viewing 17 Day training with Amanda Gifford

Watch the intro video below to the training to find out more about the training.



Q LAB 2022 with Amanda Gifford Course _ Everything you miss will be recorded.

Day 1 & Day 2: 26th, 27th of Feb 2022

Q LAB DAY 1: SAT 26th FEB 10 – 6pm (7 hours of training)

10am: Welcome and Orientation and Requirements.
11am: Group Introductions: Who are You?
12pm – 2pm: A short background and some basic theory on Family Constellations and Remote Viewing
2pm – 5pm: Family Constellations Orders of Love Intro & Experiential
5 – 6pm Closure

Q LAB DAY 2: SUN 27th FEB: 1 – 5pm ( 5 Hours)

1 – 5pm Free Flow Q Lab Space Learning Lab – The Morphogenetic Field

Amanda Gifford,
1.) You are going to be required to have a personal practice that encourages stillness and deepening and conscious to subconscious mind relationship. That can be meditation, candle focus, breathwork, Stillness Practices.

2.) There will be an Embodied practice like Yoga, Tai Chi or some Conscious Dance like Biodanza.

Day 1 & 2: 26th, 27th of Feb 2022 ( 13 hours in total)
Day 3 & 4: 26th, 27th March
Day 5: 17th April
Day 6 & 7: TBC.May
Day 8 & 9: TBC June
Day 10 & 11: 16, 17 July
Day 12: TBC August
Day 13, 14: 17, 18 Sept
Day 15: TBC Oct
Day 16: Nov
Day 17: Dec

Follow Amanda on youtube and via Zoom for the training.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GeniusLABTV

Email: theinnovationplayground@gmail.com

Telegram Channel for the Course. https://t.me/+4NndO0fN4mgxN2M0