“Sometimes in life, you are asked to step out of your comfort zone. You then do this with a feeling of giving. Giving something personal away and of making an effort from your side. Very seldom, however, you actually end with receiving more back and in very rare cases, this comes in the form of personal motivation. Having people around you that wants to know more, that supports what you are doing or trying to do and actually respects and appreciates your effort, has more value than words can ever describe. And yet this is my attempt to say thank you, to you , Willem, your mom and all those who attended. I hope they are all able to see this. A big thank you! Johan” From South Africa Talk at Windrush July 2019

“Good morning beautiful souls. What a day Saturday was for me.Firstly I didn’t think I’ll be able to do such work with so much ease. Wow, I saw another different side of me. It’s so true that we know what we already think we don’t know 🙏🏻😍 Coming to the session itself, I’m blown away, driving back home I kept asking God how is it possible that I’ll find myself in a representative role but reflecting my life as things stand right now. I wasn’t just there for representation but for the healing itself. Thank you ladies for allowing me into your world, while you were healing your own wounds you helped me heal wounds I didn’t even know I had.Thank you thank you thank you 🙏” Porche 19th May 2019

[16:43, 5/19/2019] Marina I’m feeling better and stronger Thank you all for sharing this experience with me 🙏💐

[16:49, 5/19/2019] Isobel: It was an absolute honour to meet a group of like minded, amazing woman like you Ladies… thank you all for Sharing that special loving space… and thank you Amanda for holding space for healing to happen. You are a gem 🥰🦋

[16:54, 5/19/2019] Barbara : It was wonderful.

[17:07, 5/19/2019] Marcelle: I am deeply touched by this amazing experience. Love and lots of hugs to all of you💕🙏🦋thank you so much for a memorable day and sharing this journey of change, healing and recovering.

Blessings to you Amanda for your loving, kind, caring and intuitive spiritual leadership and facilitating this life changing teaching 🤗🦋🙏❤

“I have been working Amanda for almost a year and it has been a beautiful journey of unfolding, unraveling parts of me that were stuck, lost and not looked at..

Amanda has been a constant and strong support, always saying it as it is and hitting the nail on the spot. Her Constellation work has been incredible in terms of understanding myself and where I’ve been holding myself back and not allowing things to flow.. A lot has come to light for me that has helped me work on myself better.
I’m grateful for having found Amanda and for her beautyful light and wisdom that has helped me on my journey.” Reet in India 14th Sept 2018

Daniella Erasmus

1 week ago

5 Stars: When I arrived at my very first constellation, I didn’t know what to expect. By the end of that day, I walked out with such shock of how much was answered in one session. In one session I have achieved more than I have ever done in other therapies. On arrival I was carrying a large burden of anger, and by the end it felt like someone released me of that. I did 3 more sessions after that and I keep joining other sessions as it is such an enlightenment to hidden knowledge. Amanda has steered me into my healing process and opened myself up to start accepting things around me. I had the acknowledgement I needed from the universe and seeing others deal with the same problems makes me feel less alone in the world. I am extremely glad I found Amanda and her family constellation workshops and that I can now introduce others to her.

Cristina Ercoli

2 weeks ago

5 stars: Amanda, Johannesburg’s best kept secret! A truly generous therapist, knowledgeable, professional, wise, playful but deep, will lead you all the way to your truth, your healing! If things get stuck, she’ ll always find a way to ‘open another door’…this is how amazing she is!

Willem Smuts

3 weeks ago

5 stars: I have done many Family Constellations and Constellations with Amanda and I love doing them as she has such a creative style and energy. The effect of her facilitation is profound and I have observed people experiencing huge shifts with her. She has helped me to achieve goals in a very short time that I did not think were possible. She is a true and gifted healer.

5 stars: “My pre-constellation sessions with Amanda, over the course of a month, were beautiful and powerful.  In a flowing, fluid style, with intuitive wisdom and highly effective tools, Amanda helped me to crystalize the essence of what I wanted to heal in myself, and how I wanted to transform.  Her gentle, supportive  approach was a great gift, as was her keen insightful intelligence in understanding and working with what I brought to the sessions.

The constellation, following on from these sessions, was extraordinary.  Amanda encapsulated with brilliant simplicity the subject I brought to the day, and the participants played their roles with an intuitive mastery that took my breath away.  I was invited to take part in the constellation myself, and experienced unexpectedly powerful releases and opportunities to express myself.  I also received guidance for moving forward which has proved invaluable.
Entering the Windrush Studio, for the preparation sessions as well as the constellation, was a gift in itself.  There is a quietude, a peace, and a connectedness to beautiful nature which is balm to my soul, and enables me to move deeply into myself and my process.  Whenever I leave the space, I feel a new energy of relaxation and freedom flowing through me.  It is a rare and wonderful privilege in this city of ours to find a workshop space which transports one into nature in this way.
My heartfelt thanks to Amanda for the richness of the experiences I have had with her at Windrush.” Kerry 17 Jan 2018

“Absolutely intense experience. So many wounded individuals in the world carrying the sins of our mothers and fathers and working through the layers of those who came before us, those we have chosen to experience in this now. This constellation was such an expansion of the self. It was the first time I felt the collective of human hurts and misunderstandings personally. We truly are not alone. The threads that connect us are strong. I had a moment to reflect on the relationships I have with my family and not take things so personally. sometimes, it really is not about me and it truly is a good thing. Thank you Amanda.” Mpho July 15th 2017

Brenda Rust: My Constellation experience with Amanda was truly amazing. Being in a supportive role allowed me to hold space for another person’s constellation and to connect with that person’s story and to see how that plays out in my own life.  My own constellation was a beautiful and profound experience. To see my story from the outside allowed me to step away from it and to have a look at it from a different angle… To see it with new light. And it seems that with the constellations we are able to see the light in our story and not just the shadows and darkness.  Definitely for everyone… Whether you are willing to work with something… Or aware of something that you need to work with and resist to work with it… Or simply when you feel stuck and in your process. Oct 2016

Nick Carter: I got constellated this past Saturday. Watching the different elements of me move in the constellation was moving, painful, and liberating. It stepped up a notch when Amanda asked me to take my role in the constellation, and move with my elements from the ‘problem’ to the ‘solution’. It was much more difficult than my representative had made it seem. Amanda kept a steady flow of encouragement, “Just keep moving”, until I did move, and my elements moved with me. We ended up ‘home’, in a standing, gentle flowing embrace.
It was a privilege to experience. Oct 2016

Willem Smuts: On Saturday 29 October 2016 I attended one of Amanda Gifford’s family constellation session for the first time and I loved the whole energy of the event. I experienced Amanda’s facilitation as very creative and therapeutic. There was so much natural movement , music and inherent song, life-enhancing creative flow and expression happening in the session. I got the sense of deeply accessing our subconscious patterns in a creative and colourful way. Thank you Amanda and the group for such an enriching experience.  Oct 2016

Kim Thornton testimonial: ‘I took my first journey with Amanda about 3 years ago and have returned for several family constellations since then. Amanda’s ability to hold unconditional space, her strength of character and deep empathy mixed with her sense of fun and curiosity all underpinned by solid techniques aimed at deep healing keep drawing me back for self-exploration through individual and group dynamics. I have explored deep spaces with Amanda and always felt held, loved and seen. As I have come to know and trust Amanda, I can say with much heartfeltedness (if that’s a word) that any topic can be approached with her either individually or in a group space and will be treated with true hearing, respect and gentle open palms that have been a welcome support on my continuing inner journey.‘ October 2016

FNB EQ Ninja Participants Feedback 26th March 2015

“Exceptional, very clued up on the topic and they were totally involved in all the activities! Totally different from my expectation & EQ training. It challenges your core & makes you do soul searching. It was worth every minute. It challenged and changed me into a new dynamic person who got to understand who she truly is. I thought it was about leadership skills but I realized it’s about changing me in order to change the next person. Thanks Amanda and Willem… I would highly recommend this intervention to senior management of FNB.” Nondo Motlhala, Premium Client Servicing, 26th March 2015.

“Although a novel way, I believe that with further refinement, this course fits well with the innovation orientation of FNB. I am especially interested in exploring “energy’ in the way it was presented.” Heinz Aust HRT, 26th March

“It helped me get in touch with me!” Rochelle Haum

“ I enjoyed the tools provided and will make use of them going forward!” Melanie Le Roux , FNB HRSS

“As a feedback I can say that I really enjoyed your workshop! Somehow you created a space, where we could be very focused on ourselves but at the same time I felt that I was not alone, but part of a group. I think there was a special feeling in this group, which I can not describe. But it was really impressive. I had a lot of fun while this workshop. And it gave me the opportunity to relax, because I just was there in this room and I didn’t think about what I had to do after this workshop or something like this. I could really imagine, how this kind of therapy can help trauma patients. So thank you for this great workshop! Warm regards,  Judith” ( German Exchange Student) WITS Drama For Life Research Conference Nov 22 2014.

“Wow, I loved it! Expanded my consciousness so much in such a short time! Buzzzing when I left! ” Lisa Davidson 15th Nov 2014 Golden Labyrinth Workshop

“Hello dearest Amanda and Willem, have been feeling calm in the centre of many whirlwinds since the workshop. It was a profound experience for me, touched some deep and ancient places. It was such an alchemical and beautiful space with an amazing group, and your holding, and I am so grateful for the time spent there with you all…. big big love and gratitude to you beauties. Sylve Sandalls Nov 17th 2014” KZN Bliss – Gold Dragon Workshop with Willem Smuts and Amanda Gifford.

“Blue fire kundalini dragon blissdance workshop this weekend! What total all consuming utter bliss! Ecstatic today! The liquid fire flow arises through my spine! We did end last night with an outing into the world for sushi and saki that took it to a whole new level! Thank you Willem Smuts, Stephen Tredrea and Amanda Gifford, you guys rock. I am tying you up and keeping you here! If you didn’t do the workshop this weekend, make sure you are on the next one!” Talia Yanate, Blissdance facilitator and tantrika, Cape Town 10 August 2014.

“I joined in with the Equinox Dancing the 2015 dream awake evening. Wow!! I don’t think that I’ve fully translated what I feel about this event into words. The group was small, intimate, but infinitely powerful. Each of us arrived with our individual dreams and hopes for 2015. As the night went on, with information and dance shared, it felt as though we became one. Co-creators of the dreams in each other’s hearts. Community, laughter, love, understanding, ecstatic joy, deepest calm, all masterfully danced into one. I can’t wait to feel what happens next!” Roberta. 22 Sept 2014.

“I arrived at the Spring Equinox workshop with an idea of what might unfold, but within an hour of being in the beautiful space, all illusions and expectations were blasted into the multi-verse!

The combination of dance and dreamboarding was so powerful, amplified by the incredible hail storm. It was like a blessing, refreshing and renewing me into manifesting my dreams for 2015. Thank you to all of you for sharing and dancing with me.” Lisa 22nd Sept 2014

“Thank you, I will. It was an amazing experience, As the time passes it becomes like a lucid dream. I felt so comfortable, so held. We all merged, melted and connected. My body felt free, my ears and heart drank up the sounds that carried us all to places that needed to be visited, energy that wanted to be released  and needed to be filled. My intent was to use fire to burn away stuck heart energy and to nurture it with new love and light. I will see if this will unfold. I had so much fun!!!! I am so glad that I chose to jump off the cliff….my little fluffy pink and purple dragon inside flew  Lotsa love xxx”  Car.
8 – 10 August Kundalini Dragon – Blissdance Workshop Cape Town 2014

“Hi Amanda. The weekend had been a profound experience for me…Thank you for the experience. I am definitely interested in further training. Regards. Jeanne Oets – Clinical Psychologist “KZN May 2014

Dear Amanda Thank you so much for your wise, sensitive, intuitive and compassionate facilitation of a very very special weekend. It felt like a real homecoming to this beautiful work, and a privilege to journey with you,..I agree, the work was heart-opening and also healing. My own constellation was very profound and meaningful, and has continued ‘living’ since then- revealing new layers, insights, feelings and offering wonderful support.” Rene S KZN May 2014

“Participating, observing and reflecting of the constellations helped me to experience the healing power of working with systems. It is interesting to see and experience how strangers can connect with the pain, grief and joys of others in a constellation. To be part of the transition and emotional changes of others and myself has inspired me to learn more.” Lucinda.J. Clinical Psychologist May 2014 KZN

The best dance workshop i have ever done! ” Annelize Brecht June 2014 – Bliss – Dragon Workshop – Bliss Dance & Drama Therapy( JHB)

“I’m very excited to be joining this group! ( Femme Fatale) I did the Fire – Karma Burn group with Amanda earlier in the year and it completely changed my life! My world was literally turned upside down as I was forced to face things (big things!) I had been avoiding (both knowingly and unknowingly) and as a result, all areas of my life have improved, from my marriage to my self-confidence & self-worth, to my business and overall outlook on life. So much was released during that period that I cannot thank Amanda enough for the course and her beautiful support during the process. I say bring on more of this so I can step into myself even more than ever before, with nothing holding me back; and I know that this course will be just as powerful as I believe we all have underlying sexual issues that need to be released so that we can become the powerful beings that we were born to be! If you do this course, I highly recommend combining it with the homeopathy remedies as they are a powerful combination.” Nadine Rossouw April 2014

From the Medicine Master himself
Adamas Incendia “Thanks amanda always a pleasure”
February 25 at 7:19am

Catherine Geils: I feel very grateful for Amanda Gifford’s attentive reading and contributing, for your insight and wisdom. And for Adamas Incendia watching over us. And for the experience of sharing in this group. Durban, South Africa 2014.

Bibi Rhode: “Amanda , special thank you for your engaging presence & supporting u tube clips & comments & love . I am impressed with the way you hold this space for all of us. I enjoyed the maturity & openness of that was shared with all you awesome souls . Its great to interact in cyberspace although I felt a warmth and closeness with each one of you.”  February 27 at 5:27pm, Johannesburg South Africa.

Brenda Surerus: “What i appreciate most is the opportunity to do this work. This is what I am here to do…. and along comes Amanda inviting me into this group that I just sort of jump into without really realizing what she is up to….kind of an extra boost to make sure I am looking and observing my thoughts, thought patterns….And she further enhances the process by sharing Adamas’ Buddha Brats plus the remedy Karma Burn…..and the youtube interviews including Dr. Miceal Ledwith great interviews and more…absolutely brilliant integration!” … February 28 at 7:02am 2014, Alive and Well Health Studio Rainier, WA, USA.

Beverley Exley February 27 2014: “I resonated with the raw openness we were all able to share. The suggestions and support for what was clearing (for me) was extremely beneficial. Amanda’s ability to hone in on an issue, support, humour, add light to and assist “burn” was megga. What I will you take with me is…The ability to observe where Karma no longer serves and mindfully dissolved and disengage the emotion/energy. Being part of a group defiantly assists in the process. Awareness to observe both thoughts and actions( working rapidly with mega letting go)…I wish to continue this process”. – Beverley Exley 27th Feb 2014 Australia

CLIENT COMMENTS: Beverly Dawn “Amanda….you seem to be really rocking…love your energy… it has mega amplified since last year…loving doing work with you.. real fast and are totally present with everything…I can feel it here in OZ .you just seem to cut through everything!” 6th Feb 2014.

CLIENT FEEDBACK:  FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS WORKSHOP “Thank you so much Amanda! You are a truly remarkable woman. The experience was absolutely amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have had a very challenging, emotional, unstable past year and I have not done any work on myself for a very long time. This experience was tremendously healing and opened me to positivity and hope once again. It was truly mind blowing to share so much with strangers and feel so safe and with no judgement. Thank you for making this experience possibly for me. The realisation, affirmation, love and acceptance that I received during this experience, It is a gift that I will treasure forever. Thank you for sharing the photos and you absolutely welcome to share the photos.” Love Cindy 4th Feb 2014

“With the winds of adventure blowing against my back, I jumped down the rabbit hole and joined Amanda Gifford’s Family Systems Constellations this past weekend. Well, what can I say – a profound experience indeed. Imagine turning your hopes and fears into people and having intellectual conversations with them. It was kind of like that but so much more. Almost impossible to put the whole effect into words. At times I felt energy flowing freely through my body as I became part of the channeling process. It was a very powerful group. Thanks to all who shared and absorbed. Much gratitude to Amanda for holding such a safe space. Your facilitation was gentle and nurturing, yet very very strong. People walked in surrounded by darkness and left with light emanating from their beings. Watch this space for what Amanda will have up her sleeve for Soulspace 2014. Much love Jean Martins ( Director of Soulspace Festival) 3rd Feb 2014 MUCH LOVE & GRATITUDE!”

“My goal was to experience a flow of creativity specifically related to developing a concept paper for my PhD. After constellating this in Amanda’s workshop I continued to stutter along with the concept document, picking up one person’s brilliant ideas after another, and going round in circles, as was represented in my constellation. I was also aware from the constellation that there was an obstacle to achieving this flow. I tried automatic writing, writing from the perspective of the obstacle. All I got was the words, ‘I am who you THINK YOU ARE’. I continued to mull on this issue at the back of my mind and the breakthrough came in the early hours of a morning while reading David Tacey’s ‘Jung and the New Age’. I recognised then that my obstacle was my own ego, and that as an instrument of God, I should let the ‘Holy Spirit’ work through me. What followed was a dream of a clear image of my narcissism, and the next morning I experienced the intense pressure of energy wanting to flow and to express itself. This flow has continued since. Thank you Amanda for facilitating this process.”  – Cathy Geils, Clinical Psychologist Durban Training May 2013.

Great Workshop! Kim Thornton July 2013
Feeling great. Steven Glen July 2013
I feel like a heavy rock has been lifted from me. Deborah Bell, artist July 2013

I would like to reiterate that this weekend was truly profound for me. I felt I connected to everyone on a soul family level and I also felt very supported and supportive. I would very much like to explore staying connected as a group! Kim Thornton May 2013

I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to you all for creating a space where it really did feel safe to be vulnerable. Looking back it feels somewhat surreal. Adam Botha May 2013 author of ‘I Walk Awake’

Whew, what a weekend it was… Wow, it was powerful… I feel honoured to have worked with each one of you.  The power and grace of the collective is mind-blowing.  Something very big happened when we all worked together. Amanda thank you for holding the thread that connected us all. Michele W. May 2013

“I support your work Amanda!” Michael Tellinger May 2013.

Many thanks for your enlightening presentation…great stuff! 8th April 2013 Geoff Tibbitts from the Theosophical Society: after Amanda’s presentation on ‘Enlightenment, the journey!’

I really enjoyed the workshop! I thought the experiential work was great; I really walked away with practical application…Well done for a very stimulating session!  Romy Koffler,  Drama Therapist. April 2013

Hi Amanda Just to say thank you again for your workshop at Life Line. Your talk was extremely interesting and I am fascinated by the workings of the brain so I found it stimulating. The experiential part was most helpful and to look at life from different perspectives was useful. Being able to see a very personal moment/s in the form of art, drama, movement etc… helps see things from such a wider perspective.  The workshop has also added to the way in which I can think of doing my own work in music therapy. Thanks, Regards Kathryn Morgan, Music Therapist. April 2013

I am still processing, unpacking and developing what I learnt with Amanda in a short space of time. I find the constellation work to be a perfect complement to my work with Ayahuasca as it is fundamentally shamanic and therefore allows access to the same spirits that one might encounter through the medium of Ayahuasca. It has allowed me to deepen relationships with spirits I had previously met and gain more information from them, thus accelerating my personal evolution. Thank you Amanda! My deepest gratitude! Thank you for your work and your being! From: Dean Kontominas from Ayahuasca Foundation in Peru Sent: 08 April 2013
“I think Amanda does great work!” Feb 2013 David Collins, CEO Sharp Recovery Centre and Founder of Recovery Coaching, Oaklands, Johannesburg. David Collins from Sharp

“I think you are one of the best family constellations facilitators in South Africa. You should run a training!” Compliment from my friend Oran Cohen from Geniusworks:

“Recently, I had an opportunity to work with Amanda and her unique fusion of therapies. She gently guided me in a family constellation to resolve a challenge I was experiencing. The sessions were intense at the time, and emotionally empowering now that resolution has come. The thing I loved most was when she said “now that you’ve done the work, let it be. Do nothing and watch it dissolve”. That is exactly what I did and movement followed shortly after. Thanks, Amanda, for reminding me that our minds are non-local and that we can resolve issues long forgotten.” FB Message from Lona Pool, Yelm, WA USA, April 2013.

“I have worked with Amanda Gifford as a drama therapist since July 2005.I first met her in a group environment during a drama therapy workshop she held, but over the years we’ve progressed to ad-hoc personalised individual therapy. During all our work together I have found Amanda insightful, caring and creative in her approach to my emotional development. Her therapeutic process is constantly evolving, and therefore as I have grown so these grown in support of me. Thank you for all your kindness and insight, Amanda. You have been key in my healing process.” From: van Reenen, Andrea Sent: 27 January 2013 04:23 PM To: Amanda Gifford Subject: RE: Client Testimonials – Reflections on 2012 work with Amanda Gifford

“The staff and I have been doing family constellations regularly at SANCA since this. We all did our own family’s constellations. It was an amazing course because of the impact it had on my family dynamics.” Social Worker. From: Debbie MCcall [] Sent: 31 January 2013 08:44 AM
To: ‘Amanda Gifford’ Subject: RE: Family constellation training

“I gained so much self-awareness from your SHARP Addiction Recovery Centre staff training. We learnt about ourselves – and we laughed together! I got completely carried away with my Dream board; it’s a sort of guideline for the rest of my life! The Future self mask work has proved invaluable in helping both me and my clients with self- esteem/ personal affirmation work. Amanda, you are an insightful, empathic, caring trainer/facilitator and I loved your SHARP sessions!!” Judith Gordon-Drake – Nov 2012. Social worker; Treatment professional: National Responsible Gambling Programme. SACSSP 1026842


I loved our session!” Busi Mthali Head Therapist at SHARP Rehab: Social Worker Sept 2012.

There are no words. It’s impossible to give a short summary. I need to write a book!” Nthato Halfway House – SHARP
Thank you for sharing your genius I really enjoyed being the witness in the last constellation, which is quite funny since I have been doing a lot of that work in my life with the Integral Spiritual Practice I have been doing… And I connected with my soul, just sitting there being present to my soul, which was subtle, but really good, just a quiet presence and communion, acknowledgement, honouring – so beautiful and so calm. … felt incredible … Anyway, that was the start of the constellation for me, it was awesome. “Grant Williamson, RMB, Comment 25th Jan 2012

Hi Amanda, thank you – I heard awesome feedback and that the group really valued their processes…. your feedback is always awesome!!” Conscious Transformation Workshop by Amanda: Feedback from the group by Lorraine Mitchell –Head of Counseling Dept. Life Line Norwood 1st Sept 2011

“Where do I begin? I am really grateful for your workshop. It was full of simplicity and “genius”. In a moment I changed realities. Thanks for facilitating it and providing the time and space for me to grow. Excited for more!” Reality and New Timelines Workshop by Amanda. Elisa Pico-Reig – Isagenix 20th May 2011 Yelm, USA

Amanda, I think that the areas of exploration and development into which you are bravely leading people are most essential and wonderful. I send you my support, admiration and love”. Maryse Barak, Barak and Associates Cape Town June 2010

THANK YOU for such a brilliant workshop today, I am beyond excited and it was such an honour to have the experience with both of you.” Nancy Hinckyldene (1 August 2010)

“Absolutely amazing afternoon! Had an awesome evening communicating … Thank you both for being amazing and allowing the genius to flow!” Grant Williamson RMB ( 1st August 2010)

“Amanda, I really enjoyed this. I found you created a very relaxing environment to work within and your relaxation and openness really allowed us to feel comfortable and share. I can see that you have grown a lot in this work. I find you very intuitive and attentive in the way you work and your wisdom of working in the field is obvious. I also loved your courage to challenge us and to say what you thought. It was very valuable. Thank you for a very insightful, nourishing and revealing time.”  Louise Dennyschen ( The Cottages) (29 July 2010)

Amanda is superb! Amanda is a very approachable person. You just feel comfortable and relaxed with her and her explanation is exquisite… very good. I did not know what to expect but it was beyond what I imagined”. ~ participant.  Personal Mastery Workshop run by Amanda Gifford Old Mutual Business School: Johannesburg 20/21st June 2007

Enlightening, thought provoking and uplifting ~ OM Solutions, Sandton
I feel inspired by Amanda. She is a person with whom I can connect very easily. I recommend this to everyone! ~ Old Mutual International Group