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Amandas Therapy Studio has moved to Houghton/ Oaklands area in Johannesburg about 20 minutes from Fourways towards town. Easy off the M1 at Melrose Arch turn off in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Brief Bio: Amanda Gifford is a Health Professional Council of SA HPCSA Registered Arts Therapist ( Drama Therapist)– Registered Therapist ( Johannesburg, South Africa) with a private practice in Fourways Bryanston Area. She has an MA Counselling Psychology in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco USA 2004 and an Honours University of Cape Town, South Africa 1994 as well as a BA UCT 1993 South Africa. She uses Family Constellations as an integral part of her practice. She also trained with Family Constellations Africa 2005/2006 and Family Constellations Africa 2007/2008 with various local and international facilitators. She is busy with her Shamanic Constellations training with Guilherme Barcellos C. Souza ( Gui) from Brazil. She is studying Gamma Wave Healing with Matthew Ryan and she has also been a student at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment for 20 years. Her work is an integration of her 20 years of her spiritual journey and education. She offers a mix of Drama Therapy, GammaWave Healing, EFT and Family Systems and Organisational Constellations work as well as other transpersonal awakening practices.

This can be used in individual therapy, family therapy and couples therapy sessions. It can also be used in business. Amanda also does Remote Viewing through Constellations as well as Awakening the Great ‘I’ Consciousness training.

About Amandas Work

What an amazing conversation Amanda Gifford and I had. The work that Amanda does is groundbreaking for healing and living a conscious life. Family constellations is a tool that can be used to help us remember who we are. One way is the gift of receiving information about our family/ancestry as a whole (watch to find out how family constellations can do this)

The technology and science behind this technique is fascinating. Working with constellations can help us remember the ancient art of tapping into the infinite field of knowing. We all have the innate ability to do this but we have forgotten the ways through a modern lifestyle.. imagine focusing on ANYTHING you are wanting to know and receive the information in an instant. It’s kind of like accessing the internet except this is the internet of the universe😜🌈
Conscious Living & Healing thru Family Constellations with Amanda Gifford by Sangoma Gabriel

AMANDA explains in a 4 part video about the Quantum Self Theory that underpins some of her work.

Click the blog link below to read a testimonial about Family Constellations Therapy from Chelsea May about Amanda Giffords work. 

“Amanda is an open minded transformer, a dreamer, an earth angel, a star child, a change agent and a sweetheart. She can help people transform as a result of relating to her. She has a sense of her own personal power and has done a good amount of inner and outer work to dive in deep with her clients. She will help you work with the idea of BEING DIVINE ORDER. She works with you to resolve the question Who Am I? She will help you with metamorphosis on a deep soul level. Some say she is “from the future” and far out there in her work bring things from the periphery into your awareness. She is a visionary and a prophet in her work and will help you bring new concepts into your mind and body. She is also good with the Underworld work at the same time as being able to hold the weird and wonderful and she has an amazing sense of idealism and imagination to tap into all potential.”
—Kaypacha, New Paradigm Astrology 2018.

“Amandas work is groundbreaking!” Tossie Van Tonder 2018 Wits Conference.

“Just stopping off a little thank you note to say how sublime you are and how impactful I thought yesterday was. I really am in awe of your magic and thank you!’ 14th July 2019, Bella – Organisational Constellation.

Adronis ( Channelled by Brad Johnson) answers a question for Amanda Gifford: 1hour 58 minutes and 12 seconds he answers my question about Future Selves.

Are you feeling stuck? Depressed? Stressed? Need advice or direction? Amanda offers individual, relationship and family therapy, family systems constellations ( a type of Family Therapy based on Zulu cultural beliefs of the Orders of Love) and (arts) drama therapy sessions. She also does long distance therapy sessions and Coaching.

Amanda offers GOLDEN FREQUENCY ATTUNEMENT CONSTELLATIONS: Using the Morphogenetic Field and Embodied Presence to access the Golden Frequency Consciousness level in you.

Consciousness that is Golden Frequency of Consciousness can be accessed through intention.

Amanda offers PAST AND FUTURE LIVES CONSTELLATIONS: Looking at probably timelines into the future.

Anything is possible in a Family Constellation as the Constellation is just access to the morphogenetic field of infinite mind and infinite potential. We can tap into the eternal self of possibility… and the many probably selves.

Putting Down your ANCESTRAL BAGGAGE CONSTELLATIONS: Leaving the past behind, washing the ancestral memories, updating the field of consciousness in which you reside.

She also OFFERS: CONSCIOUS DYING for those who are transitioning and for the families that may need insight as to what that being might need to leave in a complete and whole way.  As well as CONSCIOUS BIRTHING for those who are wanting to be conscious mothers


  • Health Professional Council of SA HPCSA Registered Arts Therapist – Registered Therapist ( Johannesburg, South Africa) in Fourways Bryanston Area.
  • MA Psychology Drama Therapy California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco USA 2004
  • Honours University of Cape Town, South Africa 1994
  • BA UCT 1993 South Africa.
  • She also trained with Family Constellations Africa 2005/2006 and Family Constellations Africa 2007/2008 with various local and international facilitators. She is busy with her third 2 year training in Shamanic Constellations training with Gui

Healer, teacher and leader

Amanda is a healer, teacher and leader. She uses a mix of Arts Therapies and Family Constellations methods in her private practice. She has been in the healing field her whole life.

Individual Therapy
Couples & Marriage Therapy
Family Therapy
Transpersonal & Family Constellations Sessions
Executive Coaching
Communication Courses, Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence

some of the ISSUES she addresses

Divorce and impact on children
Affairs – coming clean
Open versus Closed Relationships
Being Gay – Homosexuality and Relationship in Family
Diversity and Transformation –
Death and grieving
Clearing the Ancestral Baggage
Learning about self love
Managing Money
and much more….

Confidence Building
Stress Management
Conscious Relationship
Marriage and Divorce Counselling
Death of a Loved One
Grief Counselling
Alziemers/ Dementia and the Family
Animal Communication
Sleep Issues
Dealing with Illness
Depression & Anxiety
Life Planning
And more…

Business training – INTUITIVE BUSINESS

IMG_4469She also offers bespoke training to businesses. Her speciality is inspiration, motivation and innovation. She works with her own unique content that combines many years of training.

Where do I begin? I am really grateful for your workshop. It was full of simplicity and “genius”. In a moment I changed realities. Thanks for facilitating it and providing the time and space for me to grow. Exited for more!”
— Reality and New Timelines Workshop by Amanda. Elisa Pico-Reig – Isagenix 20th May 2011 USA
THANK YOU for such a brilliant workshop today, I am beyond excited and it was such an honour to have the experience with both of you.
Nancy Hinckyldene ( 1 August 2010)
“Absolutely amazing afternoon! Had an awesome evening communicating … Thank you both for being amazing and allowing the genius to flow!”
—Grant Williamson Rand Merchant Bank ( 1st August 2010)

Join Amanda’s monthly Family Constellations groups with a difference.

Private practice in Johannesburg

_37A0108Amanda runs a practice in South Africa in the North of Johannesburg. She has a Masters in Counselling Psychology majoring in Transpersonal Orientation to Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco California graduating in 2003, a BA and BA Honours from University of Cape Town in English and Drama.  Amanda has a private practice in Johannesburg offering sessions for individuals, couples, families, business groups, NGOS and community. Amanda has been in 15 years of practice.

She also offers transpersonal healing sessions, retreats, therapy, coaching and training. Her speciality is inspiration, motivation and innovation. She works with her own unique content that combines many years of training.

Creative Leadership, Innovation Training Facilitator, Material Design, Systemic Coach, Voice Coach and Drama Therapist

fullsizeoutput_1030Amanda facilitates individual and group learnings through creativity and play, Team Buildings, Confidence Building, Assertiveness Training, Power Speaking, Stress management, and more using the latest in leadership learning methodologies with facilitation style bringing in Integral, Interactive & Innovative methods including Organisational Systems Constellations, Psychodrama, Circling & Authentic Relating and Presencing in Leadership work in Johannesburg. Amanda also has a private practice in Johannesburg runs workshops for the public.

A creative & spiritual approach to a wide range of Psychological Services

Specialties: Family and Organisational Systems Constellations and Drama Therapy Sessions. Individual Empowerment, Change, Innovation Playgrounds, Inspiration and Change.

YouTube Channel

Amanda has a YouTube Channel called geniuslabtv Where you can find out a bit more about her work and her passions.

Galactic Family Constellation Healing the Masculine and Feminine

SCIENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS free flow conversations about the universe….with William Brown. 2013.

Bespoke Creative Leadership, Innovation Training Facilitator, Material Design, Systemic Coach, Voice Coach and Drama Therapist

Amanda is a qualified  Psychologist HPCSA Registered Drama Therapist with an MA Counselling Psychology, Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in SF, CA, USA; a Family Constellations facilitator, trainer and Drama Therapist.

Specialties: Family and Organisational Systems Constellations and Drama Therapy Sessions. Innovation Playgrounds, Inspiration and Change.

BLOG: By Chelsea May

BOOK FOR A Deep Cleanse Healing through Family Constellation Therapy with Amanda Gifford

March 12, 2019 Chelsey May

On the 16th of February 2018, my Step Father Leon Orsmond went missing in Kigali, Rwanda. Through sources, it was discovered that he was arrested for being politically expressive about his opposing political views. Police had no records of his arrest and government institutions were of no proactive assistance, even to this day.

Hovering in darkness, grief and confusion I was extremely grateful to Amanda for offering a constellation space for me to digest this unnerving experience. Through a specific embodied structure, the family constellation space offers an opportunity to become conscious of and break patterns connected to ancestors and current family members. Inspired by Zulu wisdom and structural beliefs around family, Bert Hellinger developed this multi-dimensional group process to guide one towards healing unconscious family wounds that still play out through us on a daily basis. Members of the group are ‘enrolled’ as representatives of one’s family, while the therapist guides you towards recognizing and confronting these wounds.

The beauty of this therapy is that you never know what you’re going into, yet you come out with peace either way – so there really isn’t much to fear if you approach the process with courage. During my constellation, Amanda effectively guided me towards connecting with the energy of what was going down and what could be done to move forward in the situation with Leon. My initial ‘goal’ was to find out what happened to him and what to do to find him but that’s not totally how it works, although there was strong reason to believe that he either did not want to be found or he was already dead. As Amanda weaved us deeper into the journey, I was rolled into a profound understanding and awareness of how I was holding onto deep pain from Leon living in another country for the past 8 years. I also gained a new awareness of how this pain had been negatively playing out in my life – specifically through my career and romantic relationships. All of this was plenty of new ‘stuff’ to digest so the session ended at this point. Had I chosen to go deeper into the process I would have likely gone into broader ancestral patterns calling for healing. I definitely recommend several sessions to deepen the cleansing.

I have been part of several constellation sessions with Amanda where I was a representative for others diving into the entanglements of family wounds. Overall, with her own grounded cosmic wisdom, Amanda brings an expanded mindfulness of the broad possibilities of where a wound is sitting in the family line and what needs to happen to confront and heal this wound, for the sake of the individual and their descendants. Amanda’s use of elements (such as water) and various medicines placed in the space as representatives adds extra support and power to the process. If you’re brave enough to do this work, I highly recommend Amanda to hold you through it. With her magical and grounded feminine presence, you’ll be sure to experience subtle, yet mind-blowing breakthroughs.

If you are keen to get in touch with Amanda for a constellation, here are her details: Whatsapp – Telegram 0784996472, Email – Visit her website –