Emotional Intelligence Workshops

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Emotional Intelligence Workshops for Business

Neural research is showing that we can create new Neural circuitry and new pathways through accessing a feeling and visualisation state where we “rehearse” how we would like to behave and the emotions we would like to feel when we are as an example, part of a highly functional team. 


EQ Ninja is an innovative approach to Emotional Intelligence which uses a combination of experiential learning methods including role play and conscious movement within the context of an Emotional Intelligence workshop run by two experts in their field, one who is a drama therapist and constellations facilitator and the other who is a conscious movement expert to help participants with self awareness, expansion of creativity, self regulations, thinking out the box, self development, tools for coping with stress and much more to create an energised state around a shared story and vision, which creates inspiration and confidence in a team. 

EQ Ninja with Conscious Movement and Experiential learning methods is a custom-designed facilitated free movement, business constellations, innovation EQ tools and role play experience suited for emotional intelligence training, team effectiveness, leadership development, and as a fun and energising community-building activity for the participants.

Through embodiment and movement, participants start to create new neural pathways, which are critical to enhanced decision-making and innovation.

How does Conscious Movement teach us about EQ in the workplace?

It creates neuroplasticity in the brain
and touches on the following:

Stress Release
Emotions and Body Mind Connection

Neural Pathways, neural plasticity, humans designed to move – helps emotions to move and clear.

Music and movement has a powerful therapeutic effect with the following:



Body Armouring



Emotions and Emotional Patterning stored in subconscious

Accessed through deeper states of relaxation – power of music – frequency – emotion

Molecules of Emotion – Dr Candice Perts Theory

Body as Seat of the Subconscious

Awareness as backdrop.

EQ Conscious Movement for Emotional Intelligence.

Research and Background on the Neuroplasticity of the Brain and how to bring about New Behaviour.

Some of the breakthrough research on the Neuroplasticity of the Brain is showing that is possible to create new Neural pathways in our brain and that these new Neural pathways will lead to new behaviour.  So it is possible for team players to become more effective contributors to a team by harnessing their strengths and effectively focussing on the behaviour and skills they would like to have as a member of a highly functional team.

Neural research is showing that we can create new Neural circuitry and pathways through accessing a Feeling and visualisation state where we “rehearse” how we would like to behave and the emotions we would like to feel when we are as an example, part of a highly functional team.  When we have created new Neural pathways, and we are focussing on the attributes we want in our lives that are creating these new pathways, the pathways are continually strengthened by Neural Growth Factor that is released in this neural network, in order to strengthen these specific pathways that are receiving our focus.  This happens when we are giving focused attention to and when we repeat new behaviour that we want to generate. 

One of the wonderful things that happens in this process is that the Neural circuitry that was contributing to old unwanted behaviour and negative emotions that has blocked our ability as a team player, that this neural circuitry is pruned away from the brain as it isn’t receiving blood, since the blood is flowing to the new circuitry that we are creating in our Feeling State process. However, we need to intervene in our system if we want this change to happen, if we do nothing, if we simply continue with our existing behaviour without intervening, the existing less functional teamwork  pathways stay as they are.


A further driving force of change is effected by Neuropeptides.  In her ground-breaking research on the link between emotion and the health of our cells, NeuroScientist Dr Candice Pert found that when we go into a deep feeling state, we release specific Neuropeptides related to the emotion we are feeling. 

So, if we feel anger, then Neuropetides of anger will be released all over body.  These peptides are not only released by the brain, they are also released all over the body, in the ankles, the toes, the muscles, everywhere. Each cell in our body has receptors to receive these Peptides, and once the peptides have connected with the receptors on our cells, they program the cells in a specific way related to the emotion we are feeling.  So if we are angry, the neuropetides will program the cells to be “angry”, or in other words our cells become inflamed.  Also if we are feeling harmonious, neuropeptides of harmony and flow will be released, programming our cells to be able be in harmony.  This then will enhance our ability to be an effective team player.

The EQ Ninja Movement process we are using will give participants this experience of feeling and expressing aspects of themselves they may be unfamiliar with in order to become effective and constructive team participants. Our process will help them to release the Neuropetides that will enable them to experience in their cells and in their whole body what is required of them in order to make themselves and the team thrive.  Through our 5 Element 5 Emotions process, different and new aspects of themselves can be experienced and strengthened, which in turn can help them to become constructive team players.


The Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton’s breakthrough work on Epigenetics clearly shows that our cells and Biology switches into either “Growth mode” or “Protection mode”, depending on how we perceive our environment.  When we are in “Growth mode”, we are relaxed, we function optimally, the Biological system thrives, our intelligence is heightened and we have the ability to be creative. 

On the contrary, when we are in “Protect mode”, we are stressed and our Biology switches to survival mode, the blood flows to the peripheral muscles in order to either fight, freeze or flee.  In this mode we have less of our Intelligence available, the Immune system isn’t functioning as it should and creativity with multiple possibilities doesn’t feature.  The quickest most known way is generally chosen in this mode.

Our response to and perception of the environment is hugely influenced by our beliefs, and mostly our beliefs arise from the sub-conscious mind.  The beliefs in the sub-conscious mind are mostly the result of programming and patterns that we received before the age of 7.  These beliefs are often not functional for our modern society and current way of living and often not functional for a successful team player.

Change of these beliefs in EQ Ninja 5 Element  5 Emotion Process

How can we change these beliefs? By creating new Neural Pathways through feeling, experience and focused repetition of the feelings and images we have of the desired new abilities we want in our life and work-life.

One of the most effective ways to create new Neural Pathways is through feeling how we want to function in the new set of circumstances.

Our EQ NINJA 5 EMOTIONS 5 ELEMENTS experiential process will do exactly this for participants by generating the feeling and experience for each participant of the aspects in themselves that are needed.

EQ Workshop for Corporates