Executive Coaching in Johannesburg – Fourways at Windrush Studio. Welcome to Bullseye! and the Realm of Personal Mastery .
Look beyond the Bull * t to hit the Bullseye.

Make this year a year of Personal Mastery with expert advice, guidance, planning, ideas and strategy and creativity.

Be Aware and Awake.
Be at the top of your game.
Become the Best you can Become.
Life a Inspirational Life.
Communicate with Impact.
Work on Yourself.
Open your Thought horizons.
Achieve to the maximum of your potential.
Focus your life, your words, your thoughts and your actions.
Develop Emotional Intelligence.
Hone your self image or brand.
Clarify and achieve the goals you set for this year
Understand how your thoughts create your perception of reality – mastery.
Learn the latest in reality paradigms.
Be ahead of the game.
Understand the quantum science of the future and of the mind.
Confront your fears.
Set goals and make a plan.
Embrace Consciousness & Energy Models.
Learn about the Brain, the Mind and Reality.

These sessions will boost your self confidence, improve communication skills, develop leadership skills, improve your relationships at work , broaden your understanding of the system you work in, help your performance at work, open your mind and help you achieve your goals.

COST: R2200 per session.

4, 8 or 12 session packages.

Your personal mastery trainer will be Amanda Gifford an expert in the field of Self Mastery.

To book your coaching sessions please email amanda@geniuslab.co.za