Awakening the Dreamer 2015 with Amanda and Willem 21st Feb 2015

with Amanda and Willem

Whats it about….for how you look, or how you think your life should look or how awakening should look… just come loves. Come!!!

Here is a bit more of an explaination about tomorrows workshop.

Dancing your Awakening 2015 workshop with myself and Willem.

“We won’t be using Aishas work … just making space for people who may have been on that workshop to use our workshop as an integration space if they needed it.

Feeling Confused? Lost? Depressed or Angry? Need to do a bit of work…..Come ….We will be doing some conscious movement work with constellations and personal process work and then some more conscious movement….The idea is that we want to make space for where you are at to emerge and to look at where you would like to be… what is emerging in you or awakening etc… opening the centres, what Aisha calls the heart, the gut, the mind… clearing out the past etc and letting energy move freely … honing your intuition inner listening and that deep invitation to life and self love.

We will make space for the working through and the intergration of where you are at…. inviting your personal next steps of your joy, bliss, awakening, wealth whatever life is inviting you to surrender to.

Best way to describe my intuition about it now is that its a a deep and heartfelt place if you need it. A sensitive process of opening and listening with creativity too.

Alot has been shifting after the Aisha event… alot of energies moving and reorganising… so we are doing our best to just surrender and stay in tune at the same time.

We will be together in this deep field of awakening with music and trance and presence… and listening within.

Bring water, clothes to move in, journal, pens, something to lie on and a cushion.

Hope to see you tomorrow.
Love Amanda and Willem
Just come.

Saturday the 21st Feb at 2pm until 9pm.
Naturally Yours Health Centre
Top Floor/ Cosmic Studio
Banking details available after you have booked.
Come and listen deeply to the Invitation to Love.

Whatsapp with your name and your details.

Amanda Gifford Email: Whatsapp 078 499 6472
Willem Smuts Email: wjsmuts@gmail.comWhatsapp 082 458 1031