SOUL[science] Seminar 22 – 24 NOV 2013 South Africa

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SOUL [science] Seminar November 22 – 24 2013:  Johannesburg, South Africa with Amanda Gifford  On Science of Family Constellations and Reseach Scientist, William Brown, Quantum Biology to Introduce S.O.U.L: Science of Universal Life On Skype to Hawaii, Resonance Institute

WILLIAM BROWN: Research Scientist working with Nassim Harramein will speak on S.O.U.L: THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL and his exciting reseach in Epigenetics, Morphogenetics, Quantum Biology, Science of Consciousness, Epigenetics, Teleportation, Regeneration and much more.

AMANDA GIFFORD:The Science of Family Constellations – Soul, DNA, Family 2013 by Amanda Gifford


ADAMAS INCENDIA: Author of Buddha Brats: A Modern Tale of Enlightenment ( Skype Talk) on Enlightenment, Kundalini, Unfied Fields, Dakini Downloads, Dzogchen and more.

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SOUL [Science] Science of Family Constellations with AMANDA GIFFORD
With William Brown presenting his model of S.O.U.L ( Science of Universal Life) Skpe (PhD Research Scientist) and Amanda Gifford and other guest speakers –
22 – 24 November 2013

Durban Family Constellations Flyer

Exploring Multidimensionality through Family Constellations

‘’Whew, what a weekend it was… Wow, it was powerful… I feel honoured to have worked with each one of you. The power and grace of the collective is mind-blowing. Something very big happened when we all worked together. Amanda thank you for holding the thread that connected us all.’’ Michele. May 2013

For more information and workshop bookings contact:

Amanda Gifford |
Nevorndutt Somaru |

24 – 25 August 2013

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Amanda Gifford and Nevorndutt Somaru invite you to attend a weekend on Multidimensionality and Family Constellations exploring current themes and unfolding synchronicities in our lives including: The flow of love; the journey of the soul; unseen or unconscious dynamics; and unspoken loyalties which may lead to illness in the family system and ways to access new and deeper wisdom. Family Constellations is a powerful method for personal change, so please join us on the 24th – 25th August in Durban


Family Constellations Workshop Details FACILITATED BY: AMANDA GIFFORD AND NEVORNDUTT SOMARU “What you seek is seeking you’’ – Rumi

You are invited to explore awareness and wellness into the many dimensions of who you are with a Family Constellations workshop on Multidimensionality. Family Constellations is a powerful way to work with themes that are arising in your life. You will have an introduction into quantum physics, consciousness, the brain, the body, reality and time. We will also explore the invisible worlds of thought, belief, loyalty and memory, including tapping into and exploring the idea of future memory, future-self and constellating the future. This will be a time for 2014 – 2017 dream boards. You will have a personal experience of a constellation; a discussion of potential homoeopathic remedies that may be useful (if they are indicated); a personal session with Amanda; and you will be invited into the great web of dynamic minds serving the awakening of humanity and the earth. We are growing a network of healers but first: ‘’Physician, heal thy Self’’.

Nevorn will share more about this connectedness to the healing of past traumas and how Homoeopathy can be used to help with the inner transformation of individuals, over and above the healing of physical illnesses, through his exploration into the use of the C4 remedies.

So please consider joining us as we weave into the multi-dimensional web of Homoeopathy, Archetypes, Quantum Physics, Medicinal Plants, Shamanism, Family Constellations and integral ancient wisdoms, and the modern sciences involving Morphogenic Fields, Epigenetics and much more.

This workshop is open to all who wish to attend – and we invite those who have already started the work to join us

as well.


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AMANDA GIFFORD is a HPCSA registered drama therapist and a facilitator and trainer of family constellations and transgeneration systemic work. She is a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and has applied some of the ideas that she has learnt at the school in an integral way in her workshops and practice which she has conducted internationally for ten years. She studied at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco completing her Masters in Psychology majoring in Drama Therapy from a transpersonal perspective. She co-founded the innovation hub GeniusLab in South Africa and is the founder of Mothership – The Institute for Dimensional Mind Training. Her work is largely about linking individuals to ancient wisdoms and modern sciences that reconnect us to our power of health, regeneration, freedom, and the power to be a creative force in the mystical world.

NEVORNDUTT SOMARU is an AHPCSA registered practitioner of classical homoeopathy and has a deep and abiding passion in the potential transformational aspects that this field brings. His understanding and integration of different methods of case taking and analysis from around the world, as well as through his incorporation of a new paradigm of remedies, has helped him work with difficult and unique cases with amazing results. He has an intense interest in the unfolding of the inner sensations, source, archetypes, mythic stories and inner delusions that people live by, and now sees homoeopathy as a tool to engage with the deep archetypal levels where individuals often remain stuck and unable to transform from their deeply held themes in life. He now incorporates Family Constellations and Transgenerational Systemic work into his field in order to more greatly encompass the holistic principles pertaining to the familial origins of disease and illness. He is also one of the very few Reconnective Healing practitioners in Durban and does facilitate Reconnective Healing sessions and ‘’The Reconnection’’ on those who seek it.

REMOTE CONSTELLATION: You are also more than welcome to join us remotely and we will do a long distance constellation for you. We will include you into the energy of the group through intention and hold you as a silent participant as we work with you. You will be emailed the results of your constellation by the group and guided by your facilitators towards resolution. Please note that prior arrangements need to be organized with the facilitators should you select this option.

VENUE: Durban. Botanical Gardens
TIMING: Arrive 8:30am for a 9am start.
SATURDAY: 9am – 5pm. SUNDAY: 9am – 4pm.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL – please let us know if you need a payment plan.

LONG DISTANCE CONSTELLATION: R1200 for those who are ill or who need assistance. Please let us know as bookings are limited.

BANKING DETAILS: For workshop payment please Deposit/EFT money in full before the workshop to Nevorndutt Somaru Standard Bank 062908286 Musgrave Rd Cheque Account Branch Code 042626

Medical Aid claiming in part may be possible. Please email to discuss.

PARTICIPANT COMMENTS from latest workshop in May 2013.

‘’I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to you all for creating a space where it really did feel safe to be vulnerable. Looking back it feels somewhat surreal.’’ Adam Botha May 2013

‘’I loved the experience and look forward to more as I really feel the difference that it has made in unravelling my existence. It heals on such a deep level, that your core is healed, and you simply can never leave that room without feeling like another person. Nevorn was an outstanding facilitator, and I have never experienced such a turnaround in my life under any others care.’’ Shraddha Sirpal June 2013

For more information and workshop bookings contact:

Amanda Gifford | Nevorndutt Somaru |

If you have more questions please feel free to contact Amanda Gifford at: 078 499 6472 or Nevorndutt Somaru at: 083 778 2984

De-Roling & Detoxification

Advice from two world famous Remote Viewers: Courtney Brown from the Far Sight Institute and Lyn Bucchanan from Problems: Solutions: Innovations

HI Lynne – We were in contact a few years ago. I live in South Africa. I have been meaning to ask your advice. You mentioned a detoxification process in your book. I think i need the process in the work that i am doing with Family Constellations .

Could you please send me some details how you teach or suggest remote viewers to detoxify after their sessions?

Hi.  Sorry to be so long in answering.  I get tons of email, and just can’t keep up.

The “detox” process – for Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) – is much easier than it is for other self-created remote viewing methods. The main reason for that is because in CRV, >>everything<< is written down.  It not only makes an official record of what was perceived, when, and how, but it also serves as a tool for the viewer to write the summaries without forgetting things that happened during the session.  People who use a methodology where they don’t write the session information down as they do the session have been shown to 1) forget half of more of what was perceived and 2) in their mental reconstruction of what happened in the session, they jump to conclusions (usually erroneous) as to the meanings of the things they do remember.

Anyway, having set that stage for the explanation of “detox”, the way it is done in CRV is  – after you finish the session and the summary, you then start at the end of the session and go backwards through it in a fashion that “unzips” you from any connections you’ve made with the target.  You start at the very end of the session and go back until you reach the point where you first made contact with the target.   Example:
(The session leads up to the point where you get…….)
(The monitor says: “Describe what this person knows about the targeted activity.”  {This is the point where you first access the target person.}  You continue your session and let’s say that pages later you get…)
“He’s very emotional about it”
“He doesn’t like it”
(example session ends here)
OK.  Next, you do your summary before you get polluted by other things, turn your summary to whomever needs it, etc.  You’re finished with the remote viewing duties – now it’s time to see to your own needs.  It’s time to “detox”.  You start at the end and mentally separate yourself from the target person by reasoning out the difference between your response to the perception and the target person’s.

“He doesn’t like it!”
And ask yourself,
“Is that something >>HE<< doesn’t like, or is it something that >>I<< don’t like?
Well, he certainly didn’t like what was going on, but I could  care less about it.  So— that’s him, not me.”

Then you go up to the previous perception and do the same…
“He’s very emotional about it.”
And ask yourself,
“Is that his emotions or mine?  Well, sure!  I get emotional about the target activity, but >>MY<< emotion is out of principle.  >>His<< emotion is because he’s right in the middle of it.  So that perception is of >>HIS<< emotional response to the situation, not mine.”
Then you go up to the previous perception on the paper and do the same, same, same, until you get back to that point in the session where you first accessed the target person.  By “unzipping” yourself in this manner, you walk away from the session clean of any personal garbage you may have picked up from that other person.

It is a simple process, really, but can be very time-consuming.  Take the time.  It is a lot better than rushing through it (or not doing it at all) and finding out much later that something of that target person’s emotional, spiritual, political, etc. makeup has attached itself to you without you knowing it.

Anyway – I hope that helps.  Good to hear from you.  I hope that things are going well for you down there on the winter half of the planet.  Here, it’s around 100 degrees fahrenheit (38 Celcius), dry as a bone, and not a breeze to be found anywhere.  Got any extra snow lying around that you could spare?

Lyn Buchanan, Executive Director
Problems Solutions Innovations
37 Camino Ranchitos, Alamogordo, NM 88310
(575) 437-8285
Please visit our website at
It’s your mind.  Use it or lose it.
The ultimate oxymoron:  “Holy war”
Making a living is determined by what you get.
Making a life is determined by what you give.
Performing miracles isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, but Man!  It sure takes a lot of practice!!!
The surprising thing about “thinking outside the box” is how much different the box looks from the outside.  You suddenly see it for what it really is.

  • Conversation on FB between Amanda Gifford & Courtney Brown

    Hi Courtney – Hope you are well. Can you please give me some advice on the process of detoxification after remote viewing? I need it after my work with Family Constellations.

  • Friday
  • Courtney Brown

    What in the world are you doing that would require detoxification?

  • Amanda Gifford

    i do applied Family Constellations – the method using a similar process to remote viewing where you tap into and clear out past lineages or go forward in time etc… i have recently done two quite powerful pieces of work around themes of clearing out old lineages of trauma and abuse, lines or ancestory that may have gone back to ritual abuse etc. dark stuff. You can look up Family Constellations if you want… i do an applied version of it because of my understanding of cosnciousness… so in doing this work i really need to get clean after the Constellation so that i dont soak up other peoples shit and end up carrying secondary trauma etc. any ideas?

  • Amanda Gifford

    I run groups. So i work with groups on clearing if that is what is needed. I do have one client with sexual abuse and incest from her father that i think went back quite a few generations. I just want to make sure i am not taking any of that stuff on.

    and the words detoxification has been calling me.

  • Amanda Gifford

    have you got a suggestion for simple detoxification that you could explain to me by any chance?

  • Friday
  • Courtney Brown

    Hmmm. Unless you are a trained psychotherapist, I think you should not be doing this. You are inserting your mind in their vibrational state, and the only way you can do this is to sync with their vibrations. What you are asking me regarding detoxification is actually the realization that you are beginning to vibrate as they are vibrating, and you don’t like how it feels. I don’t blame you. If you continue to vibrate the way they are vibrating, you will put yourself in a state similar to their own. Then the law of attraction takes over and you attract things that are compatible with that state of vibration. The best thing to do in situations like this is two-fold. First, meditate twice daily, never missing, morning and evening. Meditation is the best way to release unhealthy vibrations. If you want ongoing help with meditation, I suggest that you find an official instructor of Transcendental Meditation (TM). It is specifically designed to release stress like this. The second thing you may want to do is to stop doing this energy work that places you in with all these unhealthy states of mind. Here is a video that is helpful.

    David Lynch Foundation: Changing Lives With Meditation Since 2005 the David Lynch Foundation has shared Transcendental Meditation with our most stressed populations. If you ar…
  • Saturday
  • Amanda Gifford

    Hi Courtney, I am a trained therapist with ALOT of training in the deeper states of mind, creating personal reality etc. I have an MA Psychology from, i have 4 years of Family Constellations training and more importantly i have 14 years of deep and involved work with consciousness & energy creating the nature of reality at Ramthas School of Enlightenment. I am no beginner to this work. I do however enjoy being able to reach out to like minded souls to ask for help and guidance when i need it because my work with Consciousness is Applied. Thank you for the resources and the advice, i do a 90 minute meditation that we call at the School the Golden Egg which is hard to explain in such a short time, but it does help clear out and get my frequency up again. I will pick up at night though. i think that is important. I am not sure if you are familiar with Ramthas work but its progressive & linked to the science of creating personal reality & much more. We have done a lot of remote viewing training and focus into manifestation work for years and years. I just sometimes need to consult someone in the here and now such as yourself with this expertise. I cant always get what i need straight away from the teachers and remember Lynn Buccannan speaking about detoxification. i know its important. Blessings. Thanks for being a resource to me. x

  • Saturday
  • Courtney Brown

    Hi Amanda. It is not a remote viewing thing. It is an issue of accumulating stress, from whatever source. I don’t know the mechanics of your Golden Egg meditation, but if it is “guided” or uses the conscious mind in any way to direct the process, it may not clear the mind and remove the stress. This has to be done by a different process, which is why I recommended TM. Lots of therapists use it for the same reasons you write about. But follow your own intuitions on this. Good luck with this. Perhaps you just need a vacation!

  • Amanda Gifford

    xx thanks courtney much appreciated.

  • Courtney Brown

    Head to the beach!

  • Amanda Gifford

    good idea.

  • Courtney Brown

    Do you surf?

  • Amanda Gifford

    i can give it a try.

  • Courtney Brown

    Be safe. Wear a sun suit. Tumble about….

  • Amanda Gifford

    sounds perfect.

Seen Sat 4:44pm

2013 August – Dec Workshops

PINK – Unleashing Suppressed Energies in DNA – Family Constellations

“I am the sex of human that has consumed the fruit, the snakes offering and no, i am not guilty. and yes, i am naked. and no, i am not ashamed…” from Reveal, sacred manual for getting spiritually naked by M. Watterson.

Greetings everyone,

We are continuing our Kali Ma and Lilith Pink Series Family & Systems Constellations with some great workshops coming up in the last quarter of 2013. There is a workshop in the Botanical Gardens in Durban on the 24th & 25thAugust – Magaliesburg on the 7th & 8th of September – then 12, 13 October in Cape Town exploring the story of money in your Family – then 23& 24 November in Magaliesburg for a continuation of the work ; and a Return of the Ancients: Adams Calendar Constellation in Mpumalanga pending for 12 – 15 December 2013. Let us know if you are interested.

This comes after an intense workshop with Amanda Gifford & Nevorndutt Somaru recently in Magaliesburg focused on liberating Dark Goddess energies, acknowledging suppressed & hidden ancient DNA lineages, allowing information about our ‘birth’ to be acknowledged using the morphogenetic field to reorganise our family stories. Inspired by Nevorn’s homeopathic research into the power of pink and his book on Pondering the Imponderables, plus a good dose of processing & synchronicity, we started the work with the field of mothers & the morphogenetic field of ‘Pink’ tapping into Lilith & the Garden of Eden & Ma Kali as ancient Mothers. These Female Energies have often been misused as tantric deities for dark ritual and control under patriarchal & religious systems. It seems that when given a voice, these ‘ancient female ancestors’ deep in the ancestral field have a message of awakening for those brave enough to let them be seen and heard. This is an exciting new way of using Systemic Constellations.

If you feel the need for old thought processes & paradigms of mother energy to be released or healed and new mother energies to be initiated or even if you are wanting to become a mother, do come and join us to explore your recoding your ‘pink’ print.

We will continue to explore our Origins in a new ‘pink’ light engaging & honouring the place of dark feminine, mother, the motherland, the original mother, the influence of thought, perception & state of mind of the mother on DNA, epigenetics and the reactivation of the full capacity of the human DNA and brain. So if you feel drawn to any of these topics – Return of the Ancients – Remembering our Origins – Mammy, the geneticist – First Women Lilith – Second Woman – Eve – Mammy, Mother of the Human Body – Constellating Origins – God as Source versus Us, the Gods – Gods & Goddesses of Eden – Ancient Feminine wounds – Sekhmet’s Fury- inheritances – mistakes – evolution of DNA from our first parents – Mixed Message – Slave Race or Gods? – Forgotten & Suppressed Ones – Acknowledging Suppressed Feminine Energies – releasing wounds of religion in your System – Do Join us for the workshop. Email: for the KZN Constellations and for the Cradle Constellations or phone 078 499 6472Kali Breast Feeding Shiva